Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 11 “Not Feeling It Yet” Recap & Review

Not Feeling It Yet

Episode 11 of Not Dead Yet begins with Edward getting irritated by Nell’s eating habits. He is also anxious about writing a dating profile that is 100% the epitome of him. After what happened with his ex Charlotte, he no longer wants to hide his real self. Edward also feels like Nell should start a dating profile since things have been slow for her in that department. Nell thinks that is a horrible idea, and is not in a rush to get into a relationship.

She later goes to the office and tells Sam that what Edward said struck her and she wants to get into a fling. Sam is all for it but warns her not to fall too fast, like she usually does. Sam then proceeds to tell Nell about something that happened with her husband. Nell feels sad for her since it looks like Sam is not getting some intimate moments with her man.

Dennis interrupts them and informs Nell that her next assignment is on a dog. Scott is a rescue dog; a real hero who has saved many. Nell is happy to write an obituary for Scott and starts talking to the dog’s ghost. She is interrupted by James, the temporary new employee who used to be a war correspondent. With James being a certified hottie bound to leave soon, Nell sets her eyes on him in an attempt to get her fling on. Sam approves and asks Nell to update her on how the James quest will go.

Dennis, on the other hand, is hoping that Lexi will give him a chance to be a TV presenter after James leaves. Lexi is hesitant and immediately makes a fake call to leave the awkward situation. Dennis doesn’t give up and tries his best to convince Lexi, who makes him do an impromptu test which he fails.

As the day unfolds, Nell works on Scott’s obituary whilst trying to to flirt with James. Using the help of Scott, she shoots her shot. James is receptive and they seem to have a great flirty vibe between them. Things soon escalate and they end up having sex in the office.

The following day, Nell updates Sam on the successful fling quest and she’s super proud. James invites Nell for a few drinks and Nell casually accepts which makes Sam jealous. Nell invites Sam and her husband to join them and have grown-up conversations away from the children.

Elsewhere, Edward seeks the help of Cricket to finish his dating profile. Cricket advises him to take a page out of Nell’s book and go with the flow.

The dinner and drinks go well but unfortunately, a child emergency forces Sam and her husband to leave early. Nell and James are left alone and she suggests they get busy. However, James was hoping to get to know her better and wanted to finish the dinner. He confesses that he likes her and Nell is stumped on how to let him down easily.

The next morning, she tells Dennis and Sam what happened at dinner and how she faked a bad reaction to the cheese plate and fled. As they talk, they see James put flowers on Nell’s desk and Nell decides to finally talk to him.

They head out to a cafe and she tells him that she didn’t want a serious relationship, just a fling. James is a bit hurt as he was hoping to have someone who can help him settle in one place. Nell confesses that she is coming out of a long relationship and is not feeling anything yet. This is worrying and she decides that she needs to look closely into that. James advises her to try and find herself again, and they end their fling on a good note with no hard feelings.

Later, Nell goes home and finds Edward excited that he got one match on his dating profile and is going on a date. Nell heads out to say goodbye to Scott and he leads her to a restaurant where she sees her ex Phillip working there. She is shocked and suddenly starts feeling again.

The episode ends with Dennis finally getting his wish after James suddenly leaves. He does amazingly well which makes Lexi happy.

The Episode Review

A fling was exactly what Nell needed but James was not the right person for that. They are in different places in their lives and that is okay. I am not sure how I feel about the return of Phillip. What is he up to and why is he back? I guess we will find out in the next episode.

On the other hand, I feel for Sam and her husband, they need to find time to reconnect but they are doing great. Lastly, I am happy for Dennis and Edward, they go what they were looking for in this episode.

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