Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 10 “Not Well Yet” Recap & Review

Not Well Yet

Episode 10 of Not Dead Yet begins with Dennis and Sam talking about the previous night and how Nell partied like a true rockstar. Lexi overhears their conversation and Sam apologizes for not inviting her. Lexi feels left out and wants to make sure Sam and Dennis think she is fun too. She asks if the drinking from last night is why Nell is late and wonders if Nell is feeling hungover. Sam and Dennis laugh off her worries and tell her that Nell never gets hungover.

Technically, they’re right; Nell is not hungover but actually has the flu. She shows up to the office looking a mess and barely able to keep her head up. Dennis asks her to take a day off but Nell insists that she wants to finish her latest assignment; the ghost is driving her crazy. Lexi steps in and orders her to leave the office before she infects everyone. Nell leaves and works on her assignment from home.

Edward comes home and finds her sick and asks her to quarantine in her room. Nell doesn’t think it is fair but Edward doesn’t want to catch the flu too.

Back at the office, Dennis shares with Sam that he is having trouble asking Lexi for a raise; the last time he got a raise was two years ago. As they talk, Lexi comes in and invites them for lunch at one of her favourite fancy restaurants. Sam thinks that Lexi is trying to prove she is fun so she tells her there is no need, they already know she is.

Dennis takes Lexi’s offer and is hoping to finally talk to Lexi about the raise. Sam is outnumbered though and off to a fancy lunch they go.

Meanwhile, at Nell’s home, Edward catches the flu and demands that Nell take care of him. He doesn’t care that Nell is also feeling sick and needs rest. He wants to be taken care of and has strict guidelines that Nell should follow to make him as comfortable as can be.

After completing all of the outrageous demands for Edward, Nell goes back to bed but is disrupted by the appearance of a ghost couple. This is Suzie and Bill, married high school music teachers. They were crushed moving a piano on a flight of stairs.

Nell calls Dennis to complain but he asks her to rest and submit the assignment later when she feels better. Sadly, it is hard to rest when you have ghosts singing in your ear.

Nell concedes and decides to start the assignment and get it done as soon as possible. She asks the couple to tell her about themselves and they gladly fill in the details for her. After, Nell says that she will email a few of the couple’s friends from their old days to get a quote but Bill is against it.

Elsewhere, after a long lunch made up of 16 courses, Sam is ready to call it a day and head back to the office. Unfortunately, Lexi has other plans and Dennis is still trying to muster his courage to talk about a raise. He also has developed a British accent because of his anxiety.

Lexi suggests they head to a bar but Sam insists they call an Uber and head to the office.  Instead of an Uber, Lexi orders a party bus and intends to hijack Dennis and Sam and take them out. Sam thinks that Lexi is acting out of character. While on the bus, Lexi calls Nell to ask how to be fun and keep the party going. Nell tells her about a time they went to Las Vegas and Lexi decides their next stop is Vegas.

Sam calls Nell to complain about Lexi but Lexi cuts off the phone call. Sam loses it and confronts Lexi and tells her she is done with all the fun adventure. Sam tells Lexi that she already has a Nell and she just needs her to be Lexi

Back to Nell’s dilemma, she learns that Bill kept a secret from Suzie because he wanted to protect her. It turns out that Bill was offered a spot on the London Symphony orchestra but he turned it down because they only wanted him. Suzie is hurt and they get into an argument. Nell also gets into an argument with Edward and tells him that it is his fault he has no other friends to take care of him.

After being abandoned by Sam and Dennis, Lexi visits Nell and tells her that she is in the middle of a divorce. She wanted to avoid being alone in her home and was scared to tell Sam. She thought Sam will think of her as a loser, in particular, she wants to know how Nell pulls off being vulnerable all the time. Nell advises her to simply be honest and trust her friends to be there. She asks Lexi to try and tell the truth to Sam.

After overhearing the conversation between Nell and Lexi, the ghosts make up and so do Edward and Nell.  They decide that since they both have the flu, they should take care of each other. Nell finishes the assignment and finally gets to rest. Dennis also has a talk with Lexi and she agrees to give him a raise.

Unfortunately, Lexi also caught the flu but refuses to admit she is weak and goes to work.

The Episode Review

It must be draining living like Lexi, always worried about what people will say or showing any weakness. I hope she learns that vulnerability is not always such a bad thing.

It was immature of Edward to demand Nell’s help when she was also sick but I am glad Nell set him straight and stood up for herself. That is how it should be!

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