Noryang: Deadly Sea Ending Explained – why does Junsa stay with Yi?


Noryang: Deadly Sea (2023) Plot Summary

Noryang: Deadly Sea is the third movie in a series exalting Korea’s most infamous military hero, Admiral Yi Sun-Sin. Taking place at the end of the 1500s, Korea, then known as Joseon (which encompassed both North and South Korea at that time), partners with the Ming Dynasty, as the Joseon Peninsula is a helpful barrier between Ming China and marauding Japan (known as Wa or Wae in China and Korea during that period). The Battle of Noryang was the final major sea battle during the Imjin War (1592-1598) and a distinguishing period for Yi.

While the film is about the battle, its compelling feature is the portrayal of Admiral Yi’s compassion and determination through the war. And because of that, the allegiance he earns from peers and soldiers alike, even that of a Japanese soldier who changes alliance, following Yi through the balance of the War.

Why does Chen Lin go along with Wae’s request?

Chen Lin agrees with the Wae envoy, that this is the end of the war. He’s keen to preserve his men rather than throw them into meaningless slaughter. At the same time, he’s ok with letting Wae leave, not seeing the future danger that Yi envisions.

Why does Deng Zilong jump into battle?

As well as admiring him, Deng Zilong agrees militarily with Yi and seems like he’s seen it all on the battlefield. He’s in it to win it, anticipating Wae’s next move.

Why does Junsa stay with Admiral Yi, even when he allows him to go home?

He chooses to change sides to follow Yi because he sees his own Admiral using his men as a shield, while Yi protects his men. Even with that chance to leave, Junsa says he’ll stay until the war is done.


Does Junsa ever make it home?

He does not, he’s killed on ship and plunges into the sea. We don’t see whether he’s pushed or pushes himself, but it seems like he’d rather stay in Joseon’s sea.

Why does Admiral Yi insist on driving Wae out rather than letting them leave peacefully?

On one hand, he believes peace is not his job. On the other, he completely believes that if Wae is not defeated, they’ll return. And – making a leap here – by then, Ming forces will have sailed home…


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