Normandie – Dopamine | Album Review

Track Listing

Flowers For The Grave 
Blood In The Water 
All In My Head 


We often, as humans, shy away from our problems and try to place them behind facades, while driving our minds to breaking point. Peace is often ripped to shreds as these times of our lives are dragged into the unknown, while we eat, sleep, and fade. This record by Swedish duo Normandie is a collection of songs that shows the decline of mental health, and the darkness shrouding out the light.  

This duo is talented, there’s no doubting that, and Dopamine is a fine compendium, pushing them to the edge. The songs do not collect dust or become monotonous, as there’s enough variety. From the beginning to the swansong, the songs have the power to guide, startling in their progression.  

‘Overdrive’ starts the record off. There’s some guitar influence, and the vocals are clear and decisive. The monster is ready to break out, and the chorus brings it all together.  

‘Blood In The Water’ begins with echoes and an apparent drumbeat. Yet again, the chorus melds it all together, and the lyrics tell us that everything isn’t fine. The duo hurt, and paradise has become this cursed base.  

‘Ritual’ is beautiful, and the chorus is a wonderful segment. The duo bares their souls, and the song just works as a ballad. It cools everything down, sending shivers down the spines, as the instrumentals act as a bed for all the intensity.  

Normandie breaks conventions with this release. Every song deserves attention and every word counts.        

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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