No One Will Save You (2023) Movie Review – Close encounters of the home invasion kind

Close encounters of the home invasion kind

This latest movie from Spontaneous director Brian Duffield stars Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, a creative and resilient young woman who has become isolated from her local community because of a terrible act she committed as a child.

Shunned by the people around her and living alone after the death of her mother, she spends her days by herself in her rickety old home, creating a model village that appears to be an idealized version of where she wants to be.

Not long into the movie, Brynn is awakened by strange noises in her home. Could it be an intruder? Well, yes, but not of humankind. After bravely getting out of bed to investigate the source of the sounds, she discovers an alien has broken into her property. What follows is a battle for survival as she hides and then strikes back against this extra-terrestrial menace that has the power of telekinesis to lift both her and the furniture that she hides behind. 

Unlike Brynn, the alien isn’t alone as there are others of its kind in her town. This is a full-on alien invasion that Brynn has to tackle head-on as there is nobody around to help her. A wise-cracking Will Smith doesn’t turn up with the Men In Black and no government forces swoop into the town to save the day. It’s just Brynn vs. the aliens in a mostly wordless movie that features some excellent special effects and plentiful scenes of intense horror. 

The first alien Brynn encounters will instantly be familiar to you. It’s consistent with the “grey alien’ type of lifeform popularised by UFO obsessives who have shared images of the wide-eyed, big-headed aliens that are supposedly languishing within the confines of Hangar 18. 

But while this alien’s look will be recognizable to anybody with an interest in the existence of ETs and sci-fi in general, director Brian Duffield doesn’t stick to this creature design for his movie.

Some of the aliens we see are small and spider-like while others are taller and spindlier, like giant Daddy Long Legs that are truly terrifying to behold. This variety helps to maintain our interest as we’re never quite sure what types of aliens Brynn will have to deal with next as they try to thwart her attempts to leave town.

The creatures she encounters are agile and able to climb walls and scale buildings with ease. They can hold their victims in place with the aid of their TK powers and spaceship tractor beams. And once their victims have been captured, they can produce a parasitic creature that takes over the minds and bodies of the unwilling hosts. 

Needless to say, Brynn doesn’t have an easy time of things when she finds herself in the middle of this alien invasion. That being said, she’s no easy victim. As she is well used to fending for herself, she has the inner strength to survive against these creatures, even though her resources are limited. 

Kaitlyn Dever gives a brilliant performance as Brynn, which is a good thing, as she is upfront and centre throughout the movie’s runtime. We don’t spend a great deal of time with any other character so it’s up to Dever to hold our attention as her character battles for survival against the alien onslaught that is threatening her town.

Duffield’s direction is excellent too, ably dialling up the suspense as Brynn runs for her life from these otherworldly beings. Terror comes from the clever use of CGI that brings these aliens to life but Duffield doesn’t rely on special effects alone to scare us into submission. He also builds tension through the eerie sounds emanating from the aliens and the blasts of noise that occur whenever harsh beams of light strike Brynn’s home. As the movie is often silent due to a lack of dialogue, these sounds do much to startle our senses whenever they occur.

No One Will Save You is a guaranteed nail-biter for two-thirds of the running time but events take a strange turn during the last chapter. After many scenes of Brynn running and taking shelter from the invading aliens, something happens to upend our expectations during the movie’s finale. There will be no spoilers here but don’t be surprised if you’re baffled by the final few scenes that contrast sharply to the events that have already happened on screen.

The abstract nature of the movie’s ending dampens its overall effect and it will likely prove divisive amongst viewers. Don’t let that put you off watching No One Will Save You, however. Strange conclusion aside, this is one of the best sci-fi horror movies in recent times, far more tense and terrifying than Birdbox and its sequel, and more exciting than A Quiet Place 2 which failed to be as suspenseful as its predecessor. 

No One Will Save You is an action-packed, nerve-jangling suspenser that will satisfy anyone looking for a few scares. No one can save you from the oddly constructed ending but if you can excuse the strangeness of the final few scenes, you should enjoy your close encounters with this alien invasion movie. 


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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