No One Will Save You (2023) Ending Explained – Is Brynn dreaming?

No One Will Save You Plot Summary

Currently streaming on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in other territories is No One Can Save You, a thrilling sci-fi horror movie about a young woman named Brynn whose quiet life is upended when her home and town are invaded by aliens. 

Brynn does her best to survive the invasion which is no easy feat as they are faster, larger, and more powerful than she is. Still, survive she does, or so we can assume.

At the end of the movie, she is happy and dancing with the other townsfolk. Is the town now free of the aliens? Or is Brynn dreaming?

It could be assumed that she is dreaming for two reasons. Firstly, Brynn has been shunned by the community so why would they celebrate with her? Secondly, Brynn has a dream where she is free of the aliens at another point in the movie. As such, she might be dreaming again!

Let’s take a closer look at the movie and the final scene. 

What do we know about Brynn?

Brynn has been living alone since her mother died and she has been isolated from her local community. Most of her time is spent at home writing to somebody called Maude and creating a model village. 

Her alone time is interrupted when the aliens attack. After surviving her first encounter with an alien, she goes to the police station for help. While at the station, the police chief and his wife walk past her. The wife spits in Brynn’s face. Why?

It’s because Brynn killed their daughter Maude when the two girls were very young. Brynn and Maude were childhood friends but during an argument, Brynn hit her friend with a rock and fatally injured her. 

This is the reason why people in the community, including the police, don’t talk to Brynn. It’s also the reason why she writes to Maude as her letters are a way of dealing with her grief. 

Does Brynn escape the aliens?

After realizing the police aren’t going to help her, Brynn gets on a bus, with the intention of heading out of town. But her escape plan is thwarted when a passenger, who has been taken over by an alien parasite, attacks her.

Brynn leaves the bus, closely followed by the possessed guy, and heads back home. During her journey, she spots residents of her community staring up at the alien spacecraft in the sky. They seem to be entranced by what they see. Have they also been taken over by the aliens? It seems likely.

What happens to Brynn?

After a few more “close encounters” with the aliens, Brynn is caught up in a spaceship’s tractor beams. While frozen in place, an alien pukes up a parasite which is then transmitted into Brynn’s mouth.

It’s at this point that Brynn seemingly wakes up from a dream. She is relieved as she seems to believe the alien invasion was part of the horrible nightmare she was having.

However, it’s clear that what she is now experiencing is a dream or an alien-infused hallucination, as she sees her dead friend Maude.

Brynn apologizes to Maude and then realizes that what she is experiencing isn’t real. After managing to pull the parasite out of her throat, her former friend is no longer standing in front of her. 

Is Brynn dreaming at the end of the movie?

After the dream/hallucination when Brynn sees Maude, she is caught up in a tractor beam that sucks her up into one of the spaceships. The aliens probe her mind and see her memories, including the killing of Maude and the community’s response to this.

During the mind probe, Brynn comes face to face with her younger self and places her hand on young Brynn’s hand. It’s at this moment that she seemingly comes to terms with what she did as a child and forgives herself.

After witnessing her memories, the aliens let Brynn go and we watch as she is beamed back down to the Earth.

The next day, Brynn is seen dancing and celebrating with the other townsfolk. Does this celebration mark the end of the alien invasion? No, as spaceships are still visible in the sky. Also, we need to remember that the locals don’t like her. 

So, why is Brynn so happy? Is she dreaming? 

The likely answer is that she is awake. After probing her memories, the aliens likely sensed Brynn’s sadness and the way that she, like them, was treated like a monster by the local community. 

As the movie closes, it can be assumed that the aliens have given her a chance at a happier life. This is because the people she is dancing with likely aren’t people at all but alien copies of the townsfolk.

Previously, Brynn saw an alien copy of herself that attacked her. She still bears the scar of the attack during the movie’s end, which indicates that she isn’t dreaming. As she is dancing with the community members that once alienated her, it’s possible that these are alien copies who are accepting of Brynn.

These are our thoughts but what do you think of the ending? It’s open to interpretation but if you would like an official word on the matter, here’s what the movie’s director, Brian Duffield, has to say (source)

“For Brynn, it’s not a delusion or anything. I love Brynn. I love her as a character and what she goes through, and I don’t have the heart to be a douchebag, and she gets her kicked so hard in the movie that I wanted our girl to be okay. I think that’s thematically what the movie is about for me, is about how these life-altering things happen, and then you have to rebuild and figure it out.

I know some people have been like, ‘Oh, is she dead or dreaming,’ or whatever. I think there’s material there to suggest everything, but I think for Brynn as a character, it’s a genuine experience that she’s having. You can interpret it [as a dream,] especially because of where she is beforehand, but I don’t know how much I believe you can heal in a dream.

I like bleak horror endings, but I like Brynn more than those. I think every version of the ending, there isn’t a definite element of bleakness to it, but I think for me, the important part of the ending is that Brynn is in a good place.”


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