Ninja Kamui – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Ninja Kamui opens with Higan receiving an anonymous call. The caller informs him that breaking into Auza City will be difficult due to its extensive security. The man claims to be in a similar situation as Higan, being an exiled ninja himself. He offers to help Higan and sends a location for them to meet if Higan is interested in completing his mission.

The scene shifts to FBI agent Mike, who is haunted by a tragic memory from his past, the loss of his son. He is joined by Emma and Higan, and they discuss how to proceed with their investigation now that they are under scrutiny. Emma discovers a group on the dark web that has been monitoring Auza’s activities. There are rumors that they are developing weapons capable of controlling nations. 

Mike urges Emma to step back due to the high level of danger, but she refuses, stating that she cannot let Higan and Mike take all the credit and action. Meanwhile, Auza’s CEO is impressed to learn that Higan defeated their prototype warrior, which has been designed to handle an armada single-handedly. However, the CEO is undeterred and plans to gather more data to ensure that their prototype warriors can defeat Higan.

As for Mike, Master Yamazi believes he is just a mere human and not a hindrance to their plan. When the time comes, Mike can easily be dealt with. Additionally, we see a flashback where, after completing their training, Higan, Zhai, and Mari receive a secret art technique that should never be revealed to anyone under any circumstances. Yamazi was also present at the ceremony.

As the episode progresses, Higan arrives at the meeting point and finds himself on the other end of another call. The caller provides him with details on how exactly the security system of Auza city operates. The entire city is filled with cameras, sensors, and weaponized drones, and trespassers will be killed immediately. However, the caller gives Higan a route to enter the city without being detected.

The caller also offers to hack all the internal security cameras and disable the electrical field once Higan is at the location. Despite facing a dozen guards and a barrage of bullets, Higan manages to enter the headquarters. However, as he approaches the electric field, he is pushed back. It is then that he sees Zhai standing on the other side of the field.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of the series keeps up with its thrilling blend of action, adventure, and suspense. Early on, Higan receives a mysterious call from a stranger offering to help him infiltrate Zhao City.

However, when he sees Zhai on the other end of an energy field, it raises more questions than answers. Could it be that Zhai was the one who called Higan, spinning lies about aiding his mission?

It’s a possibility, and in episode 5 we might witness Higan facing off against Zhai, his old friend and one of the most feared ninjas in the clan.

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