Ninja Kamui – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of Ninja Kaumi begins with a flashback to the past, where Zhai informs Mari and Higan that some ninjas are planning to defect, and he has been ordered by the chieftain to eliminate those who attempt to do so. At this point, Zhai is unaware that his own friends, Higan and Mark, are planning to defect to live a peaceful life away from the violence and bloodshed.

In the present, Higan and Zhai exchange punches after their respective Gusuko armor runs out of juice. It appears to be their final battle, and only one of them is likely to survive. Zhai holds nothing back and attacks Higan with his secret ninja art called “Thunderclap.” However, Higan counters with his own secret art, “Serenity,” showing why he is known as one of the most feared ninjas, having mastered his five senses.

During the fight, Zhai’s mask breaks, revealing that half of Zhai’s face is covered in burnt scars, punishment for allowing Higan and Mari to walk free in the past. Now, Zhai is determined to kill Higan, blaming him for abandoning him. Higan attempts to reason with Zhai, but Zhai refuses to stand down.

As the fight continues, Zhai notices a mark on Higan’s back, which is a symbol that once represented the friendship between Mari, Higan, and Zhai. Soon, Higan knocks Zhai out, saying that they can settle their differences later, but for now, he is focused on defeating AUZA and the organization.

Elsewhere, Jason is working hard to decrypt the data that Emma has downloaded from the AUZA server. Mike arrives and is informed that Higan has gone out to duel with some ninja. Mike also warns that they need to act quickly, as the FBI is closing in on them.

However, Jason realizes that without the code, he won’t be able to decrypt the data. Eventually, he manages to decrypt the data by pulling Emma’s fingerprints from a piece of paper. As for Mike, he tries to distract the FBI so that Jason can complete his job.

On another front, Joseph learns that Yamazi has been stealing data from him to launch his own production line of the Gusuko Gear, aiming to make the organization an unstoppable force. Upon discovering this, Joseph sends his assassins to deal with Yamazi. However, Yamazi proves to be ten steps ahead of Joseph.

Joseph’s plans fail, and Yamazi escapes with the crucial data. Later, Yamazi arrives at the AUZA headquarters with hundreds of sword-swinging ninjas, killing anyone who stands in their path. Fortunately, Dilly, Joseph’s secretary, saves him from multiple waves of ninjas.

As the episode nears its end, we see Zhai remembering the time when Yamazi asked him to do the unthinkable: eliminate Higan, Mari, and their son. Zhai realizes that if he had refused, then Mari and her son would still be alive.

The Episode Review

With the build-up from episode 11, we’re now heading into the penultimate episode 12. This is where we might finally see Higan face off against Yamazi, the man behind the hit on his family.

There’s also a chance that Zhai will switch sides, leaving evil behind to help Higan in his quest for revenge. On the flip side, Zhai could choose to stick with Yamazi, setting the stage for a final showdown between Zhai and Higan, and we all know how that’s likely to end.

As they say, there’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose, and that perfectly sums up Higan’s mindset.

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