Ninja Kamui – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Episode 10 throws us back in time to a dark past, where Yamazi’s forces attack a village and brutally massacre everyone. Soon it turns out, that the people lying in their own blood weren’t innocent; they were child traffickers. They kidnapped kids and shipped them overseas to work as slaves. When the ninjas freed the kids, they all ran except one boy named Zhai, his eyes burning with anger.

Zhai grabbed a sword and started stabbing the dead bodies as if seeking revenge for what they did to him. Impressed by his ferocity, Yamazi took Zhai under his wing to train him as a ruthless ninja. Zhai trained alongside Higan and Mari, but unlike the others, he struggled to control his anger.

In the present, Mike suggests finding a less desolate place than the desert to bury Emma so she doesn’t feel lonely. However, Higan believes that as a ninja, Emma doesn’t need a grave or a hometown; ninjas are nameless even in death. Determined to end the madness, Higan vows to kill Yamazi. The first step is to expose what Auza truly is using the files Emma hacked into.

The only problem is that Emma encrypted the files before downloading them, making them inaccessible unless decrypted. Soon, the group is informed that Auza has labeled Mike, Higan, Jason, and Emma as members of a terrorist group aiming to disrupt Auza’s operations. At the same time, we see Yamazi collecting information on power reactors to produce numerous Gusuko gears for the organization.

Zhai sends his pet crow, and Higan immediately realizes he’s been challenged to a death duel. Memories flood back of training with Zhai, who was one of the deadliest ninjas the clan ever trained. Zhai’s combat skills, strategic smarts, and stealth are top-notch, matching any ninja in the organization. Even though they’re enemies now, Zhai has huge respect for Higan because the latter once saved Zhai’s life when he was ready to accept death.

Rumor has it that whenever Zhai and Higan teamed up, they were unbeatable. Like Emma, Zhai’s life was tough as well. He, too, was abandoned by his parents to be eaten by crows and found love and friendship with Mari and Higan, something Zhai had yearned for. When Higan and Mari left the organization, it broke Zhai’s heart, but like Emma, he couldn’t bring himself to harm them.

As the episode winds down, Higan arrives at the duel’s location, greeted by Zhai in a new Gusuko gear, preparing for their final showdown. Meanwhile, Mike confronts his boss, revealing Emma’s death and accusing him of being a puppet for Auza. Mike tries to convince his boss to do the right thing and help him expose Auza for what they are, but it doesn’t work, and Mike has to flee when the boss calls for backup.

The Episode Review

Ninja Kamui is ramping up for an epic finale! Zhai and Higan, once best friends, are about to throw down in a showdown packed with more action than all the previous episodes combined. Higan is the skilled and ruthless one, but Zhai fights like a man who has nothing to lose.

Will one of them bite the dust, or will they team up to take down Yamazi? Our money’s on the latter. Despite Yamazi’s weaving lies, Zhai knows Higan has a valid reason for revenge, so they might just join forces and wreak havoc together.

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