Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever (2024) Ending Explained – What happens to Wörmer’s daughter?

Plot Summary

In the 1994 movie Nightwatch, two young people, Martin and Kalinka, have a nasty run-in with a serial killer named Wörmer.

The sequel, Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever, takes place almost 30 years later. Martin is now a shell of a man, traumatized by what happened to him all those years ago. His wife, Kalinka, is dead, having killed herself to escape from the pain Wörmer caused her.

Their daughter Emma decides to visit Wörmer who is in a coma. She aims to film the killer so her father can see that he’s no longer a threat. But this backfires when Wörmer is roused from his unconscious slumber. Emma then has to deal with both him and his daughter, whose identity is revealed as the movie progresses. 

In this ending explained article for Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever, we ask the question: What happens to Wörmer’s daughter at the end of the movie?

How does Emma meet Wörmer?

Medical student Emma, who is no stranger to dead bodies after studying them for her course, decides to take up a night watch position at the same morgue that her father worked in when he was confronted by Wörmer. 

Her decision to work at the morgue is part of her goal to understand more about her father’s trauma. While there, she discovers Wörmer is still alive and being held at a psychiatric hospital. With the help of Frederik, a student on her course, she is able to get access to Wörmer’s cell using a false identity. 

Wörmer is now blind and in a coma so is no threat to Emma when she films him on her phone. But after spitting in his face, the killer awakens from his slumber and starts to approach her. A tense scene ensues in which Emma struggles to get out of the cell but eventually, she is rescued by a security guard. 

Wörmer’s doctor, a woman named Gunver, realizes Emma’s ruse and threatens to call the police. But when Emma tells her who her parents are, Gunver softens and passes on her card to Emma so that her father can call her number and get help with his mental condition. 

Who is Wörmer’s daughter?

Initially, Emma thinks Wörmer has a daughter after taking photos from his cell. One of the photos is of him and his supposed son, who has very short hair. This is actually a bit of a red herring.

In the film, we meet a young man named Bent who appears to be under the influence of Wörmer. In the opening scene, we see the unhinged fellow smashing his head against a glass window, resulting in him being taken to the hospital. Later, we see him making a mask that resembles Wörmer’s face. It’s logical to believe that Bent might be Wörmer’s son at this point. 

Bent goes on a killing spree with somebody who wears the Wörmer mask. Their first target is Lotte, Emma’s Godmother, and they then kill Lotte’s ex-husband Jens. Both murder victims were part of Martin and Kalinka’s friendship group in Nightwatch. 

Next on their hit list is Emma, who they know is working at the morgue. But when Bent gets there, he accidentally abducts Maria, one of Emma’s friends, who is filling in for her. 

Meanwhile, Emma gets a visit from Superintendant Kramer who tells her about Jen’s death. Kramer then reveals the truth about Wörmer’s ‘son.’ It turns out the person in the photograph is Wörmer’s daughter. She looked like a boy because of her short hair. 

Emma begins to suspect Kramer might be the daughter. There’s some logic to her theory, considering Wörmer also used to be a police superintendent and that he used his police position to carry out his killings. 

But Kramer isn’t Wörmer’s daughter. And Bent isn’t related either – he’s a copycat killer who is enlisted by Wörmer’s daughter to help her carry out her plan of revenge against Martin.

It turns out the daughter is Gunver. She’s also the killer who has been assisting Bent. 

Gunver is carrying out the killings because she thinks Martin ruined her life. When her father was taken away from her, she was put in foster care and abused by her foster dad. 

What happens to Wörmer’s daughter?

After taking out the people Martin is close to, she comes after him next. She drugs and abducts him and then takes him to her father.

Martin is easy prey for Wörmer because he has been paralyzed by Gunver. But he manages to gain some mobility and kills Wörmer with a knife. This act ends the living nightmare that has been haunting Martin for years.

Ironically, Gunver, who claimed to be able to help Martin with his trauma, actually did help Martin, not through counselling but by leading him to her father where he could confront his demons. 

Elsewhere in the hospital, Gunver meets with Emma and Kramer who have arrived on her doorstep. Gunver kills Kramer and then goes after Emma and Martin. 

It’s curtains for one of them and thankfully not Martin or Emma. Towards the end of the film, Emma uses Kramer’s gun to shoot Gunver. 

Presumably, Gunver is now dead. However, Wörmer was presumed dead at the end of Nightwatch but he managed to cling to life. So, while Gunver probably has been killed, there’s still the possibility that she’s not as dead as we think she is. 

One person who does join the film’s body count is Bent who is killed by Maria. So, at least two psychopathic killers are dead at the end of the film. But if there is another sequel, there’s a chance we might see Gunver again. Or maybe even her son/daughter/ pet goldfish who decide to get revenge on Emma!


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