Night Sky: Season 1 Episode 6 “Dear Franklin” Recap & Review

Dear Franklin

Episode 6 of Night Sky begins with tensions at the dinner table. Irene talks about how she’s been teaching Jude how to drive. Franklin is nonchalant to the whole affair, eventually excusing himself and taking the trash out. In doing so, he finds Irene’s letter. When he shows Irene, Franklin’s world crumbles around him.

Franklin confronts Jude about the pain he’s causing in the house, and how his arrival has changed everything. “You sure about that?” Jude challenges, as Franklin eventually leaves.

Meanwhile, Toni and Stella make it to Illinois and shack up in a motel for the night. However, Nick starts playing around with the orb he’s brought with him – in front of a hooker in his room for the night no less. Stella shows up, pays the hooker and reminds him what happened to his brother and how dangerous this is.

The next day, Nick taunts Stella at breakfast, bringing up her brother Caleb and the resemblance between the two. Stella throws a stiff right hand at his nose, takes the van and leaves the man stranded, sporting a bloody nose no less.

Byron eventually catches up with Franklin and reveals that he’s found the orb. He’s pretty excited about the whole affair but Franklin shoots him down, claiming that he has things to do.

At the same time, Denise decides to quit school; a recurring plot thread that’s been hanging over the past few chapters. Her friend isn’t exactly happy, leading to Denise leaving and heading out with Jude on his mission. After the intel gained from Chandra last episode, he learns a little more about his father. He was picked up by a hitchhiker but followed by some sketchy people in a car. After losing their tail, Gabriel cut the tracker out of his leg, just like Jude did.

Back at the house, Franklin confronts Irene about her broken promises, and how he’s clearly not enough for her to want to stay. He’s torn apart by what’s happened and it’s clear this marriage is on the rocks.

While they struggle to work through their marital problems, Byron heads down to the shed, placing that orb in the control panel in the basement. Only, it doesn’t seem to work as they don’t have enough power.

Jude decides to go on a road trip down to Michigan, following the trail for where his father has gone. It’s a pretty remote area they’re heading for, but Irene decides to tag along, wanting a little adventure in her life. Franklin though, does not. For him, their marriage has always been enough but for Irene, she’s been looking for purpose and something extra beyond her current life.

In her absence, Franklin receives a call regarding the doubloons. He’s confused, given it was Jude who answered the phone originally. However, he does learn that they’re very rare. Dale wants to know where he got them from but Franklin is confused and hangs up. Just in time too, as Byron has something to show him.

Leading Franklin down to the basement of the shed, he reveals a large generator running. Byron intends to charge up the circuit and in turn, give some crucial juice for the doorway to start running away.

After connecting everything up, the ensuing blast sends shockwaves across the neighbourhood. Lights fizzle on and off, birds fall from the sky; Stella and Toni get a ping on the exact location and take off.

In the basement, Franklin and Byron teleport themselves up to the alien viewpoint. It’s a beautiful vista and Byron is shocked at how picturesque this is. He too asks about going outside, but this time Franklin admits he’s not actually scared anymore.

The Episode Review

The sixth episode finally starts to see some movement on the plot, although this story has meandered on and dragged its heels for so long that by now, it feels long overdue.

The whole Stella/Toni subplot has been the most egregious example of dragging out this story, with the road trip stops and the transmissions feeling like padding at this point and not really adding very much context to the plot.

Speaking of road-trips, it appears Irene and the gang are on the hunt for Jude’s father now, and it’ll be interesting to find out what happened to Gabriel – if this season actually gives us some answers of course.

This far into Night Sky, it’s fair to say this could easily have been a tight-knit 4 or 5 episode mini-series. It’s not a bad show but this one definitely needs a small shot of adrenaline once in a while.

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  1. Hi. I just discovered your website and I must say you sum everything up quite nicely. I was really getting tired of the way night sky was dragging and decided that I would rather find somewhere to read about what happens instead. Thanks.

    And you are right, this could have been a 5 or 6 episode series. It just made me depressed and sleepy 😂

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