Night Has Come – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Rules & More Mysteries

Night Has Come episode 7 picks up with So-mi about to attack a sleeping Yoon-seo with an axe. Through a flashback to day one, we see that the mafia actually know each other. That first night in the centre, the mafia woke up and were given the rules. This states that they must meet at night and unanimously decide who they will kill by 6am. Failure to do this and one of them is killed. This is what happened to Choi Joon-won. In a surprising twist, it looks like Ju-won is one of the mafias.

Presently, the announcer stops So-mi from killing Yoon-see by reminding her of the rules. Even though So-mi blames Yoon-seo for Jun-hee’s death, she has no choice but to postpone her killer intentions. 

The following morning, the students wake up, and Yoon-seo heads straight to the swimming pool. There, she finds Jun-hee floating on the water. She removes his body from the water and hugs him as she confesses her feelings. 

Another shocking twist happens when it is announced that the doctor healed Jun-hee. Therefore, Jun-hee is brought to life again. What? Nonetheless, our class president is back, and Yoon-seo couldn’t be more relieved as they embrace each other. So-mi soon comes along and hugs Jun-hee, too. However, she gets angry after learning that Yoon-seo and Jun-hee are looking for the “ghost” picture she tore. She starts blaming Yoon-seo for Jun-hee’s death and asks the two to stop talking about the “ghost.”

In the meantime, Eun-chan and another student come across Jin-ha watching a bloody shirt in the bathroom. They inquire what happened, and before they can get an answer, the announcer informs everyone that Shin Seung-bin was killed by the mafia last night. The students insist on finding out more about Min-ha’s shirt, and Na-hee screams after finding Seung-bin’s bloody body. 

The scream alerts the students, who convene around Na-hee to find out what happened. Everyone immediately starts suspecting Min-ha , who claims he is innocent. At the same time, Yoon-seo takes pictures of the scene and examines the body. She tells Ju-won that Seung-bin was violently stabbed multiple times. The mafia have never been so cruel before. Yoon-seo notes that based on the violence of the attack, the mafia must have had a grudge against Seung-bin. On the other hand, Min-ha begs Kyung-joon to vouch for him. 

As the students continue to talk about Seung-bin, someone notices Jun-hee’s name written on the wall. They have never seen this before and speculate why and how the name was written. They deduce that maybe it was written by the doctor or the police.

The attention shifts to Jun-hee, who admits he lied about being a mafia the previous day. He thanks the doctor for saving him but clarifies he doesn’t know who the doctor, policeman, or mafia is. In retrospect, the students start suspecting Jun-hee more since his status in the game was not revealed during his execution. He also pulled a Lazarus and came back to life. 

Kyung-joon is the first to point all this out and position Jun-hee as a possible mafia. This stirs up Yoon-seo, and they nearly get into a physical fight. The suspicion of Min-ha is also strong, especially after Kyung-joon abandons him to the werewolves. This time, Min-ha refuses to sit still and attacks Kyung-joon. Unfortunately, he is beaten by the friend-turned-foe. 

Kyung-joon moves to vote for Min-ha, but Jun-hee stops him. He points out that if Kyung-joon continues to do what he wants without listening to the others, he will be next on the chopping block. He suggests that the students reconvene at 11 pm to decide who and how they will vote. The students disperse, and Jun-hee asks So-mi to stay behind. He asks So-mi not to frame someone else to save him. He clearly doesn’t need her help and never asked for it. So-mi tries to threaten him, but he couldn’t care less. 

Min-ha swears he will prove his innocence as the students leave and spends the day following Kyung-joon. Min-ha realises that only Kyung-joon knew where he and Seung-bin hid. In the meantime, the other students are surprised by how quickly Kyung-joon and his gang betray each other. However, they focus on urgent things like why Jun-hee’s name was written on the wall. They start speculating if other names might have been written before, given that the doctor used his skill twice.

Later, Jun-hee tries to take care of Yoon-joon, who is still grieving his girlfriend. Afterwards, Jun-hee shows Yoon-seo the pictures they took on the first day they went out. Yoon-seo realises their faces appear static, just like in the picture she found. She leaves to investigate more by herself and sees a ghost. She also finds a key and receives a text asking her to find the game host. 

Her friends later find her, and she informs them about what happened. Ju-won and the others fail to believe her, but Jun-hee trusts her. He, however, agrees with Ju-won that they should keep the key and the mission a secret. They argue it is best not to make everyone anxious and be suspected of being mafias, especially since Yoon-seo claims to have received the message about the mission disappeared after she read it.

Yoon-seo promises to find more evidence (photo album) to prove her innocence. Nonetheless, they agree to carry out the mission and use the key to find the game host. 

Back to Min-ha, he follows a suspicious Kyung-joon carrying a bag to the next building. Yoon-joon spots them and trails them, too. He overhears Kyung-joon admitting to Min-ha that he was also framed for Seung-bin’s murder. Apparently, the mafia covered Kyung-joon in blood, too. However, Kyung-joon decided to try to burn the clothes before anyone else found out. The two continue suspecting each other and start physically fighting. 

They stop once they realise Yoon-joon is eavesdropping and gang up on him. They attempt to tie up Yoon-joon, but he fights back. In the struggle, Kyung-joon accidentally pushes Yoon-joon, and he falls on a brick and hits his head. Kyung-joon recruits Min-ha to help him finish off Yoon-joon so he doesn’t reveal their secret. The episode ends with them bashing Yoon-joon’s head with a brick. 

The Episode Review

Why is Kyung-joon still alive? What he and Min-ha did to Yoon-joon was inhumane and horrible. To think that Yoon-joon had just decided to live after contemplating suicide! I hope these two die as well. There is no excuse for what they did to this poor young man.

Even though we couldn’t see the other mafia, she looked much like Ju-won. It will break Yoon-seo’s heart if this is truly the case. So far, only two mafias are left, which means either Ju-won or So-mi killed Seung-bin. Why did they kill him so violently? With one more episode left this week, I hope we find answers instead of more questions!

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  1. I’m guessing the reason for the excessive stabbing is because of So-Mi’s frustration since she can’t kill Yoon-Seo.

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