The Night Eats the World Film Review

A Niche Appeal For A Big, Thematic Film

The Night Eats The World, or La nuit a dévoré le monde in its native French tongue, is an interesting but ultimately divisive genre film about isolation and loneliness. While the zombie invasion is still an ever-present threat, it’s pushed to the side in favour of a plot much more akin to Castaway or Robinson Crusoe, playing on the mundanity of waiting for the inevitable.

The story begins with Sam, a young musician who falls asleep at a party waiting for his friend. When he wakes up the world has been ravaged by a virus that’s turned all of humanity into flesh-eating zombies. From here, the narrative changes, becoming a much more thought-provoking film as Sam grapples with isolation, loneliness and the impending sense of doom. All of this builds up to a somewhat open ending left up to us to interpret in our own way.

For those with a keen eye for the arts, The Night Eats the World has a lot going for it. Man’s relationship with music, the importance of sound in film and a growing sense of fear and desperation are all prevalent throughout the film’s 90 minute run time. As a keen enthusiast of this sort of genre film, The Night Eats the World has an awful lot going for it but those expecting something less thought-provoking and more straight forward may well find this lacking.

Vast stretches of the film play on this isolation too, with long bouts of silence interspersed with improvised music played by our protagonist. This works surprisingly well and it’s not until the third act of the film where The Night Eats the World begins to include a minimalist score as it reaches the climax of the tale.

Still, this is a very genre-specific zombie film that’s likely to appeal to a niche crowd rather than the masses. In terms of plot progression, there isn’t an awful lot here but the characterisation and themes are really well worked into the film. Beyond this, there isn’t an awful lot to get excited about in this minimalist zombie picture.

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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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