Next In Fashion Season 2 Review- An entertaining and worthwhile sequel

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This season, a fresh batch of audacious designers are competing for the top prize of $200,000, alongside the prestigious title and the opportunity to present their collection on the website Rent the Runway, where consumers can rent designer labels. Megan, Deontré, Courtney, Eliana, Godoy, Desyrée, Amari, Bao, Nigel, Qaysean, Usama, and James are the designers this season, and these  contestants have approximately 11 hours to produce a runway-ready outfit in keeping with the episode’s theme.

Each episode has a well-known guest judge in addition to France and Hadid serving as the hosts and judges too. Donatella Versace, Bella Hadid, and Emma Chamberlain are among the many celebrities who were seen this season.

France, Hadid, as well as the guest judges, make their decisions regarding which designer seem to have the best design and which designer should be eliminated following the runway show. The tasks include, among others, creating swimwear, flower-themed outfits, and creative outfits for themes like royalty. Once we are left with three finalists, they were asked to design an eight-piece runway show in order to claim the title.

The series depends heavily on pop culture figures as well as clichés to increase its marketability and profitability as each episode has a specific theme. The designers are required to make a design utilizing cultural components from the present-day digital landscape. The show seems to be an excellent opportunity for designers who are operating as underdogs to advance in the marketplace.

The show’s structure includes a hurried creative process to heighten drama. It is actually insane to give eight hours to create a style that is fit for a coronation and will be displayed in front of Donna Versace. With such a strict time constraint, the competition becomes more about who can complete an outfit in eight hours as opposed to who can create the most excellent outfit.

In the show, every designer seems to have a distinct voice and way of making outfits, and there is room for every one of them to collaborate and function properly within a single space. They are assessed on their technical ability instead of the voice they choose to display in front of the jury, which is great to see.

In addition to the creative fun these designers provide, the hosts do a good job keeping the show engaging and enticing. Furthermore, the judges’ feedback is reasonable and motivating, with some helpful critiques flung in at appropriate moments. It was a brilliant move to include Gigi Hadid throughout the show so that audiences other than those who are interested in fashion can enjoy this one.

Reality TV can be cheesy and cringe-worthy at times, and Next In Fashion is no exception. The drama here is at an all-time high and given its purpose, the show should’ve decided to focus on good design while ignoring the emotional cringe-worthy theatrics. However, given that it is a reality show, it is difficult to blame them.

Next In Fashion delivers an entertaining sequel that excels in defending not only the show’s revival but also upcoming seasons, preferably ones with a little more breathing room for the designers!

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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