Yumi’s Cells: The Movie?! Massive update for K-drama fans and we have all the latest details:


Breaking on Star News Korea earlier today, exciting news for K-drama fans has seen a big update over the future of Yumi’s Cells. Instead of a season 3, the show will make its big screen debut this April!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Yumi’s Cells aired 2 seasons and with the second focusing on Yumi fresh from her break-up with Woong.

Yumi finds herself navigating heartache while wrestling with new feelings for Bobby. With the Cells back and more animated than before, will Yumi allow herself to fall in love again? Or is she destined to have rotten luck in love?

Having captivated audiences during its run (and remaining a best-seller for 9 years) This animated film seems to follow Yumi’s cells ensembling on a mission to restore her happiness amidst the chaos caused by her dominant “Love Cell” and “Anxious Cell.”

The movie is scheduled to be directed by Kim Da Hee, who oversaw the animation for the K-drama. The newly released teaser poster (pictured below) showcases the cells gathering in theater seats together, with all the familiar faces there from “Hungry Cell” to “Love Cell”.

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing our favourite cells come to life when it hits the big screen. We’ll also be sure to update you over anything new on TheReviewGeek, including any trailers that may show up!

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Are you excited to watch this new feature film? What’s been your favorite moment of Yumi’s Cells so far? Let us know in the comments below!

1 thought on “Yumi’s Cells: The Movie?! Massive update for K-drama fans and we have all the latest details:”

  1. Gosh! so many shocking, thrilling, heartbreaking, heartwarming, goosebumps moments that i relive every time i just think of this movie.
    My most shocking moment in season 1 – when Wong said to end their relationship
    My most heartbreaking and heart wrenching moment – when Yoo Babi and Yumi made up outside the cafe when they declare how much they missed each other
    this series is one of my most favourite favourites.
    i have one other series that tops my k-drama list but Yumi’s cells has a special place in my heart. It was the first series who depicted her love journey

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