New Preoccupations – Caracara | Album Review

new preoccupations caracara

Track List

My Thousand Eyes
Peeling Open My Eyelids
Song For Montana Wildhack
Strange Interactions In The Night
Useful Machine
Harsh Light


Philadelphia band, Caracara, has optimised their music to fit the indie genre without dispelling other formulas or styles. Subtlety connects with a rousing sound here.

Formidable in their lyrical forays, the act doesn’t hold back in any way. They implement insightful poetry, anecdotes that conceptually push the written word to the upper echelons. New Preoccupations is also a stellar album in its entirety, with punchy riffs that are bold and distinctive as well as unique in balance and measure.

Unforgettable lines prosper on this release, a narrative spin which doesn’t stop and a tale that doesn’t diminish in quality. From the start, the record gains pace and a raucous tone, and on occasion, the music departs from being subtle to being loud – that’s a good thing, as we need diversity! And I know it has been mentioned prior, but the lyrics are sublime and poetically drummed into the sound as a whole.

Caracara mean to search for solace on this LP. Overall, the tone of this record links up with elements of sadness, and the band scorn at what the world has become, making the album more than just a compendium of songs, but also a statement of intent; a collection which fundamentally pushes for answers. To be honest, the record signifies inner rage and inner discord at moments, taking the listener on a bumpy journey, one that is frantic, but ultimately meaningful.

‘My Thousand Eyes’ starts the record off with a subtle edge and feel. The music doesn’t rise fully or become completely lost in sound; it goes along with an acoustic chime.

‘Ohio’ goes the same way, balancing sensitivity with wonderful narration, and yet, the riff adds a certain range. It’s a masterclass in song-writing. ‘Strange Interactions In The Night’ begins with more of a bite. The percussion acts as a sturdy base for the vocals and the guitar placement. Yet again, it works, and only makes the album more appealing. ‘Harsh Light’ sounds different, and that piano segment builds bridges and creates a contrast for the guitar parts.

Caracara is a band making waves, and a group that have created one of the most forward-thinking and lyrically adept albums in 2022. New Preoccupations is a joy to listen to.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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