Movies and Shows Coming to Viki in May 2024

Rakuten Viki is constantly surprising us as it picks up fantastic content from across Asia. It’s a community-driven site that keeps the subtitles coming so you can enjoy the content you love in more than 150 languages. Some content is free and other, often newer content is available via Viki pass. 

For highlights and new content arriving in May 2024 read on. FYI, some of the content on Viki may not be available in your region.

Chinese Dramas



Status: Rerun
Release Date: May 5
Episodes: 40

Plot: Qiao Haiyun has set rules that every New Year all family members must go home. No one had ever broken the rule until the most honest third-generation Li Yijin suddenly broke the tradition of going to her boyfriend’s home for the New Year. The three generations of women in the Meng family are like a flock of birds. Although they watch each other from a distance, they support each other and coexist.

Fry Me to the Moon

Status: Rerun
Release Date: May 10
Episodes: 24

Plot: The drama narrates the story of Lu Zhen Zhen who has been career-oriented for her entire adult life. But that all changes when she falls in love and abruptly leaves her Beijing-based job plans in the dust to be with her romantic partner in the city of Chengdu.

Her best friend Gu Man Ting is also in the city after escaping from a disastrous marriage. The two women decide to work together at a local restaurant. However, when a Chengdu-based female restaurant entrepreneur named Liang Qing Ran arrives on the scene, the friends’ relationship is put to the test. Can the trio work together to make the restaurant – and their personal lives – a success?

The Bright Moon Worships Your Heart

Status: Rerun
Release Date: May 24
Episodes: 22

Plot: The supernatural period drama narrates the story of Su and Ning who are in a marriage of alliance. On the wedding day, a ghost in a green dress emerges, which leads to the discovery of a female skeleton in a well at the mansion. The wedding gets postponed while the emperor orders Xiao Qi Feng to investigate the case.

Su Qing who is Qi Feng’s childhood sweetheart, joins the investigation and he wants to marry. During the investigation, it becomes clear that not one but two parties had plans to assassinate the Queen of Su at the wedding. It also becomes clear that it all relates to an event from 20 years ago and even involves the emperor himself.

The Immortal Promise

Status: Rerun
Release Date: May 31
Episodes: 21

Plot: Zhou Qing Zhu is an undercover agent working for the royal court, who has mastered the art of disguise. But she is unexpectedly left out in the cold when Crown Prince Li Ye betrays her, accusing her of a heinous crime. She is saved from certain doom by a man named Zhang Xiao Mei.

While the Prince plans further intrigue for Zhou Qing Zhu, she and Zhang Xiao Mei begin to develop feelings for one another. Could their blossoming love save them from brewing danger and the dark shadow of revenge? This 2022 Chinese period drama was directed by Li Yu Xi.

Japanese Dramas

My Strawberry Film

Status: Rerun
Release Date: May 17
Episodes: 8

Plot: The show follows high school sophomores Ryo, Hikaru and Chika who live seemingly peaceful high school lives while harbouring hidden emotions. One day, Hikaru and Chika find an 8mm film in an old storage shed on the school grounds.

In the film, a stunning girl captures the attention of Hikaru, while Ryo worries over Hikaru and Chika watches over the trio. A youth drama that weaves together the feelings of four individuals, intersecting through the medium of film.

Korean Dramas

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

Status: New
Release Date: May 11
Episodes: 16

Plot: Veteran Korean language teacher Seo Hye-jin’s stable and pressure-free life is unsettled by the return of her former pupil, the one-time troublemaker Lee Jun-ho. A decade ago, she helped him gain admission to a prestigious university. He secretly fell for her then and has admired her from afar ever since.

In the pursuit of love, he gives up his job at a major company to become a Korean language teacher – and be closer to Hye-jin again. Will his plan work? And could this former teacher and student find love, despite their sizable age gap?

Dare to Love Me

Status: New
Release Date: May 13
Episodes: 16

Plot: The show narrates the story of Shin Yun-bok, who dreams of becoming a webtoon writer, but he comes from a village community that is effectively stuck in time. The community strictly abides by the conservative, Confucian values of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

In desperation, he decides to leave the confines of the village. On his foray into the world outside, he meets the frustrated art teacher Kim Hong-do. Could this meeting inspire them both to greater things – and possibly even spark a lasting love?


Female Special Police Officer

Release Date: May 5
Country: China

Plot: This film tells the story of Sheng Nan, a female special police officer, who encountered gangsters robbing jewellery and taking hostages when she participated in a jewellery exhibition.


Release Date: TBA
Country: Korea

Plot: In September 2022, the group took to the stage in Seoul’s iconic Olympic Stadium to perform some of their best-loved hits – including “Glitch Mode,” “STRONGER,” and “Déjà Vu.” This special documentary includes not only the breathtaking action of the “THE DREAM SHOW2: In A DREAM” concert but also exclusive behind-the-scenes footage – including backstage scenes and candid interviews with the members discussing their hopes for the future.

Which title looks the most enticing to you? Got any added to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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