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Rakuten Viki is constantly surprising us as it picks up fantastic content from across Asia. It’s a community-driven site that keeps the subtitles coming so you can enjoy the content you love in more than 150 languages. Some content is free and other, often newer content is available via Viki pass. 

For highlights and new content arriving in February 2024 read on. FYI, some of the content on Viki may not be available in your region.

Japanese Dramas

Sweet Moratorium

Status: Rerun
Release Date: February 2
Episodes: 9

Plot: This show is based on the life of Kashiwagi Kokoro, a university student. He enjoys his campus life and has begun dating Kamijo Sayo. One day, his ex-girlfriend Omori Ringo, who broke up with him in the first place visits his home and begins to live there. However, Kokoro doesn’t tell his Sayo about Ringo moving in with him which eventually lands him in a lot of chaos.


Sugar Sugar Honey

Status: New
Release Date: February 5
Episodes: 10

Plot: The show is adapted from a manga and follows the love story of Kaji, a genius pâtissière and Mizuki, a former marathon runner. The dessert-lover Mizuki becomes Kaji’s taste tester after she starts working at the same hotel as him.

Blue Spring Ride

Status: Rerun
Release Date: February 9th
Episodes: 8

Plot: The show follows the lives of first year of high school student, Yoshioka Futaba who meets Tanaka Kou, her first love. In their middle school days, both Yoshioka and Tanaka attended the same school. After Tanaka’s sudden transfer to another school, the two parted ways only to meet three years later.

When Tanaka reappeared in Yoshioka’s life, he appeared in front of her again but with a different last name. Now, Mabuchi Kou not only has a different name but also a different personality. Yoshioka Futaba slowly learns what happened to Mabuchi Kou for the past three years and she begins to have feelings for him again.

Korean Dramas

Branding in Seongsu

Status: New
Release Date: February 4
Episodes: 24

Plot: The show is an office romance thriller that narrates the story of a warm-souled intern who wants an affectionate relationship with a cold-blooded marketing team leader. The drama narrates the story of this couple whose life changes after their first kiss.

Wedding Impossible

Status: New
Release Date: February 26
Episodes: 12

Plot: The show is a delightful romantic comedy depicting the story of romance in a marriage where a conflict of desires exists. When an unknown actress prepares to get into a fake marriage with a gay heir to a conglomerate, her prospective brother-in-law cannot see it with both eyes open.

Thai Dramas


Vice Versa

Status: Rerun
Release Date: February 16
Episodes: 12

Plot: The show follows the story of a famous actor and a university graduate who find themselves transmigrated into another universe with unfamiliar bodies. Now, they must work together to find their ‘port key’ – a soulmate who can help them return to their lives.


Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Release Date: February 5

Plot: Set 3 years after the drama series with the same title, the sequel film follows Kitano Yuichiro who comes to give a lecture in the town where divorcee Sasamoto Sawa now lives quietly. The two meet again and their love story continues. 

Which dramas look most enticing to you? Got any added to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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