Movies and Shows Coming to Viki in August 2023

Rakuten Viki is constantly surprising us as it picks up fantastic content from across Asia. It’s a community-driven site that keeps the subtitles coming so you can enjoy the content you love in more than 150 languages. Some content is free and other, often newer content is available via Viki pass. 

For highlights and new content arriving in August 2023 read on. FYI, some of the content on Viki may not be available in your region.

My Dearest

August 4

Korean period drama, My Dearest, is a love story between a noble woman and a mysterious man. Set in the 1600s during the Qing invasion, there’s a complicated and bound-by-tradition love square that becomes even more complicated as a war breaks out. Starring Namgoong Min (Stove League) and Ahn Eun-jin (The One and Only).

Fox Spirit Matchmaker

August 4

The Chinese romance anime, Fox Spirit Matchmaker pairs a pure-hearted, match-making fox spirit with a human Taoist in need of a magical escape. They form a partnership to help each complete their missions but could their business partnership lead to more? All 30 episodes are free to watch on Viki.

The Elegant Empire

August 7

The Elegant Empire is a K-drama about a handsome CEO with a dark secret. His wife is a Cinderella, having risen from poverty with her fortuitous marriage, turning into a perfect wife and mother. But perfect things don’t stay perfect and a series of misunderstandings will test their relationship. Starring Kim Jin-woo (Again My Life) and Han Ji-wan (Rugal).

EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder in Geoje&Tongyeong

 August 10

EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder in Geoje&Tongyeong is a Korean reality show starring the members of the K-pop group EXO in their fourth season. In a level-up from the previous seasons, a mystery man is introduced as well as new missions, promising lots of fun and laughter. Catch D.O. (100 Days My Prince), Sehun (All That We Loved) and all the other guys as they play and compete.

Sweet Games

 August 11

Sweet Games is a Chinese romance drama about a career-driven entrepreneur who loses a big opportunity. She drunkenly stumbles into a romantic evening with her landlord, not realizing he’s had a thing for her since their university days. Additionally, with his secret career as a voice actor, he has professional opportunities to be near his crush. But how does she really feel?

Love Class 2

August 11

Korean BL drama Love Class 2 is a follow-up to the 2022 series about an ensemble of university romances. This season follows a freshman who falls head over heels for his tutor, a fling that could become more than an unrequited crush. With a series of love triangles, the ensemble cast will pursue both their hearts and academic goals in a 10-episode story.

My Personal Weatherman

August 11

My Personal Weatherman is a Japanese BL romance drama about a secretly tyrannical weatherman and his housemate, the penniless manga artist he bosses around. The 8-episode series is based on a manga starring actor Higuchi Kouhei (Avataro Sentai Donbrothers franchise) and GENIC singer, Mashiko Atsuki.

The Legend of Yan Shan and Bai Hua

August 17

The Legend of Yan Shan and Bai Hua (also known as Love Forever Young) is a Chinese period drama pitting an all-male school of warriors against an all-female martial arts sect. But when they must work together to fight a common enemy, romance becomes a wedge in the long-held rivalry. The 26-episode drama is adapted from a manhua.

Which dramas look most enticing to you? Got any added to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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