Movies and Shows coming to Shudder UK in October 2023

If you’re a horror fan, a Shudder subscription is a must. This streaming service offers a vast selection of horror and dark fantasy movies, as well as anthology TV shows and incredibly incisive documentaries that take a deep dive into the horror genre.

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Shudder UK this October.

Please note: Shudder’s schedule may be subject to change. Visit this page over the coming days for further updates. 


October 6

V/H/S 85 (2023)

Take a gore-filled journey through the grim underbelly of the forgotten 1980s in this next instalment of the infamous found footage franchise.

With segment titles like Dreamkill, No Wake, and God of Death, you can be sure of a terrifying time if you choose to watch the semi-realistic home movies that are presented in this sequel.

October 13

Creepshow – Season 4

Based on George A. Romero’s iconic 1982 anthology movie, and the comic books that inspired it, Creepshow (the series) is back with a new batch of episodes just in time for the Halloween season. 

The Puppetman (2023)

A serial killer on Death Row maintains his innocence, claiming an evil force controlled his body when he slaughtered his victims. Was a malevolent entity really pulling his strings? This is something his daughter needs to find out when the people around her begin to die in brutal ways. Can she break the Puppetman curse? Michael Paré, Caryn Richman, and Alyson Gorske star in this diabolical chiller. 

October 20

Night of the Hunted (2023)

When an unsuspecting woman stops at a remote gas station in the dead of night, she is made the plaything of a sociopathic sniper who wants her dead.

So begins a night of terror as she dodges his bullets while trying to figure out who wants her dead and why! 

October 27

When Evil Lurks (2023)

This Spanish-language horror movie tells the tale of two brothers who inadvertently release a demon into their village when they fail to escort a possessed man out of town. 

October 30

Hell House LLC Origins (2023)

This fourth film in the Hell House LLC series isn’t a prequel, despite having the word ‘Origins’ in the title. And according to director Stephen Cognetti, it’s not a sequel either.

This is an original film set within the Hell House LLC universe about a group of internet sleuths who travel to the remote Carmichael Manor, the site of the infamous 1989 Carmichael family murders, and then disappear, leaving the footage of their horrific discoveries behind. 


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