Movies and Shows Coming to Prime Video UK in February 2024

Amazon are adding ads to their service in February, which is bound to be a frustration to long-time subscribers. Thankfully, ads aren’t the only things appearing on Prime Video this month as there are several new movies and shows coming to the service too. These include Mr & Mrs Smith, a new TV series based on the 2005 hit movie, and Upgraded, a new romantic movie that should please those looking for something to watch on Valentine’s Day.

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Prime Video UK in February 2024.

Please note: This list is correct at the time of writing but as Amazon tends to drop titles without notice, this schedule may be subject to change. Please bookmark this page for occasional updates.

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Mr & Mrs Smith – Season 1

Release Date: February 2

In this reimagining of the hit 2005 movie, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine star as two strangers forced to pose as couple John and Jane Smith when they both land jobs at a spy agency. Paul Dano, John Turturro, and Michaela Cole also star in this promising new crime comedy. 

The Silent Service – Season 1

Release Date: February 8

Based on the popular manga of the same name, this Japanese series is set in a nuclear submarine and stars Takao Osawa as its unpredictable captain Kaieda Shiro who confronts the world with the threat of nuclear weapons. According to the synopsis, the story of this film is designed to make audiences think about true peace amidst the complexities of international relations.

Upgraded (2024)

Release Date: February 9

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is this romantic comedy about an art intern named Ana (Camila Mendes) who meets the wealthy and handsome William (Archie Renaux) on a plane when she is invited to go to London on a work trip. Love is literally in the air in this movie which also stars Marisa Tomei and Lena Olin.

Five Blind Dates (2024)

Release Date: February 13

In this Australian comedy, a woman (Shuang Hui) is told by a fortune teller that she will meet her soulmate on one of the next five dates she goes on. Will she figure out who she is supposed to be with? How hard could it be…?

This Is Me… Now: A Love Story

Release Date: February 16

This new musical film focussing on megastar Jennifer Lopez has been described as “a narrative-driven, intimate, reflective, sexy, funny, fantastical and highly visual musical reimagining of [Lopez’s] publicly scrutinized love life.”

Expect star-studded cameos, blockbuster-worthy visuals, and impressive choreography in this heartfelt ode to the talented star. 

Giannis: The Marvelous Journey

Release Date: February 19

A feature-length documentary chronicling the extraordinary rise to fame of NBA mega-star Giannis Antetokounmpo, from his impoverished childhood in Greece to his journey to the top of the basketball world.

Notable Additions

February 14

Puppy Love (2023)

Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin star in this romantic comedy about two mismatched people who vow to lose one another’s phone numbers after a disastrous first date. But when their dogs start to fall for one another, this unlikely pair also begin to develop feelings for one another.

February 23

Jenny Slate: Seasoned Professional

Actress/comedian Jenny Slate proves that being brave for love is worth it in this highly anticipated comedy special. 

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy – Season 1

Animated comedy about two alien doctors who specialize in rare sci-fi illnesses.

February 28

Dead in the Water

True crime documentary about the murders of Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton who went missing while backpacking in Central America in 1978.

February 29

Reina Roja – Season 1

Spanish thriller series about a highly intelligent woman who becomes part of an experimental police project. 

Also Streaming…

February 7

Hot Mess Summer – Season 1

The Real Line of Duty

February 12

Pensati Sexy (2024)

February 14

El Juego De Las Llaves – Season 3

February 16

Last One Laughing – Denmark

Last One Laughing – Norway

Last One Laughing – Sweden

February 23

Married to the Game – Season 1


The Grand Tour: Sand Job

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