Movies And TV Shows Coming To Amazon Prime UK In April 2022

Amazon Prime subscribers have much to look forward to this April. Not only are the latest episodes of Star Trek: Picard and This Is Us beaming down to the platform on a weekly basis but there is some great new content too.  To find out more, check out the guide below.

Please note: Amazon seems to drop content randomly on a daily basis so while the following list might look a little sparse, expect to see a lot more titles released over the coming month.

April 1st

Luxe Listings Sydney: Season 2 (2022)

Get a glimpse into how the other half live in the second season of the reality show. As it follows a group of real estate agents who stop at nothing to get the best property deals for their wealthy clients, it might make you a little jealous. Unless, of course, you’re already living it large within a glamorous Sydney property and sipping a fancy cocktail while you’re reading this article.

Hacks: Season 1 (2021)

This American comedy-drama scored big with the critics when it landed on HBO Max in the US. It has won accolades at both the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes so this is one show that you would be foolish to turn your back on. It explores the dark mentorship that develops between a legendary Las Vegas comedian and an entitled young comedy writer, so if that tickles your fancy (whatever that means), add the show to your streaming watchlist.

Joe Bell (2020)

This Mark Wahlberg-starring drama received its world premiere at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival but suffered a delayed release due to distribution rights. It’s a true story about a man named Joe Bell who walks across America to raise awareness about his son who committed suicide after being bullied for being gay. Its painful subject matter will resonate with many but while this is bound to be emotionally heartbreaking, reviews suggest it will be inspiring too.

I, Robot (2004) 

Will Smith stars as Detective Del Spooner who investigates the murder of a famed robophysicist in this sci-action film from The Crow director Alex Proyas. While Smith does well in his hard-bitten cop role, it’s Alan Tudyk who deserves extra credit for his motion-captured performance as Sonny, the robot who is accused of the murder.

April 2nd

Speed (1994)

Before Keanu Reeves became ‘The One,’ he was hurtling down the highway on a city bus rigged with a bomb. It’s fast-paced stuff, obviously, and is far far better than the mediocre sequel that followed three years later.

April 8th

All the Old Knives (2022)

On the surface, this brand new film starring Chris Pine and Thandie Newton appears quite boring. It follows them as they reminisce about old times while enjoying a sumptuous dinner. But as the ‘old times’ in question involve a terrorist incident, and as one of the couple is suspected of being a CIA double agent, this could be more riveting than expected.

The use of flashbacks sheds light on the truth behind the terrorist attack and the involvement of both Pine and Newton who had been tasked with stopping it.

April 15th

Outer Range: Season 1 (2022)

Here’s a series that should be on your radar. It stars Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming-based rancher who finds himself in a land dispute with a warring family. So far so familiar but as the series also involves the mysterious disappearance of Abbott’s daughter-in-law and the unexpected appearance of a black hole that materializes in his backyard, this is more than your typical western drama.

I have been looking forward to this one for a while, not least because it’s more original than the usual generic fodder that ends up on our streaming services. Talking of which…

It Takes Three (2021)

A teenage rom-com about the ‘coolest’ guy in school who enlists the class nerd to help him woo a girl that has just arrived on the scene. With its use of social media instead of poetry, this resembles a post-modern update of Roxanne and Cyrano De Bergerac. Unfortunately,  you will know where this one is going if you are familiar with those works of film and literature but if you’re a die-hard romantic, you probably won’t care one bit.

April 28th

Bang Bang Baby: Season 1 (2022)

Crime drama set during the late 80s in Milan about Alice, a shy, insecure teenager who joins the Mafia in an effort to impress her father. According to the synopsis, she uses the music, TV, and pop culture of her time to help her cope with her newfound surroundings, so I’m guessing she has a VHS video of Scarface hidden away somewhere for inspiration.

April 29th

I Love America (2022)

Sophie Marceau stars as a single woman who moves from Paris to New York in search of love. Along the way, she starts to understand that the journey to love is a journey toward herself, or at least that’s what the synopsis says online. This isn’t my kind of movie at all but Marceau is a supremely-talented actress, so her performance alone should mean that this is worth a look.


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