Movies And TV Shows Coming To Sky/Now TV In November 2022

The Northman is one of the biggest movies to hit Sky Cinema in November but if you’re looking for something a little less blood-soaked, you might want to check out The Phantom Of The Open, an inspirational and funny movie that is based on an unbelievably true story.  To time with the World Cup in Qatar this month, Sky is also airing a number of new documentaries and shows that are focussed on the beautiful game.

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Sky and Now TV this November.

Please note: This list is correct at the time of writing but more titles will likely be revealed over the coming days.

2nd November

Dating Death: The Rodney Alcala Story

In 1978, a young man named Rodney Alcala appeared on the popular US show The Dating Game. He was chosen from a line-up of eligible bachelors by contestant Cheryl Bradshaw but when she felt there was something ‘off’ about him, she decided not to go on the planned date.

It’s a good job that she didn’t because Alcala was actually a serial killer who carried out a campaign of rape and murder from 1968 to 1979 before he was eventually caught. This documentary charts his shocking behaviour and the investigation into his crimes.


On November 4, 1979, Iranian student activists stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking over 60 Americans hostage. They did this to protest against the imperialist practices faced by the Iranian people but what began as a 48-hour sit-in soon unfolded into an international crisis and a major media event that lasted for 444 days. This documentary brings this shocking chapter of world history to life via never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with both hostages and hostage-takers.

3rd November

Got, Got, Need

As a kid, I was well used to the words ‘got, got, need’ when trading football stickers with my mates. In this new series, comedian Jack Whitehall and footballer Jame Redknapp take card collecting to a whole new level when instead of collecting football cards, Jack sends Jamie off to ‘collect’ meetings with actual footballers instead.

4th November

Morbius (2022)

Surely one of the most disappointing comic book movies of the year, this lifeless effort stars Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, a man who develops superhuman powers when he tries to cure himself of a rare blood disorder. The premise is promising but the movie itself is rather dull, with some bizarre editing choices and a distinct lack of thrills.

6th November

Monday (2020)

Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough star as two free-wheeling spirits who meet in Athens during a very hot summer and who then enjoy a steamy weekend fling. One half of the pair then gives up their job so as to continue the romance but will their relationship survive past the Monday? Tune in to find out!

8th November

Souls: Season 1

In this new mystery drama, the lives of three women are turned upside down when the 14-year-old son of one of them is involved in a serious car accident and later claims to remember a past life as a pilot of a passenger plane.

11th November

Ambulance (2022)

In Michael Bay’s action movie, two robbers steal an ambulance after carrying out a heist. It’s then pedal to the metal as they flee from the police and cause mayhem as they race through the streets of LA. The movie is dumb but fun and will satisfy anybody looking for a non-stop thrill ride of a movie.

12th November

Poker Face (2022)

Russell Crowe directs and stars in this movie about a tech billionaire who holds a high-stakes poker game with some of his friends. But as the game unfolds, secrets are laid bare and an elaborate revenge plot unfolds. There are no reviews for this at the time of writing but with a good cast, including Liam Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, and RZA, this could be one movie that is worth taking a gamble on.

13th November

9 Bullets (2022)

Lena Headey stars in this poorly-received movie as a former burlesque dancer turned writer who goes on the run with her neighbour’s son when the boy’s family are killed by a local crime boss. Do the two survive?

Hopefully, but as critics think the movie is badly scripted and edited, you may be tempted to turn it off before it reaches its resolution.

Brazil 2002: The Real Story

After a humiliating defeat to France in the 1998 World Cup final, the Brazilian team returned home and was shunned by both the press and their fans. Four years later, they entered the World Cup again and after beating Germany 2-0 in Japan, they were able to return home as conquering heroes. This documentary celebrates their journey, from leaving Brazil as a national disgrace to a triumphant homecoming with the World Cup trophy.

Hurst: The First And Only

This new documentary charts the highs and lows of Geoff Hurst, including his legendary hat trick in the 1966 World Cup final and the devastating personal losses he experienced after retiring from the game.

17th November

Aisha (2022)

Letitia Wright stars as a young Nigerian woman who flees persecution and seeks international protection in Ireland. Her chances of happiness are scuppered by the bureaucracy of Ireland’s immigration system but her life starts to improve when she strikes up a friendship with a convict (Josh O’Connor) at an accommodation centre. The movie debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival over the summer where it was positively reviewed.

18th November

The Phantom Of The Open (2022)

In 1976, Cumbrian shipyard worker Maurice Flitcroft (Mark Rylance) entered the British Open Golf Championship, even though he had never played a round of golf in his life. As can be expected, he performed poorly, much to the bewilderment of golf officials who assumed he was a professional player. He was then banned from entering again but Flitcroft, with the aid of some clever disguises, entered the Championship several more times.

Based on a true story, this is a funny and inspirational movie that features standout turns from both Rylance and Sally Hawkins as his devoted wife.

19th November

The Reef: Stalked (2022)

Three friends venture into the Pacific Ocean for a kayaking adventure but within hours of hitting the water, their lives are threatened by a great white shark. This belated sequel to the 2010 movie The Reef isn’t as good as its predecessor but at least it’s better than Shark Bait, a fairly disastrous water-based thriller that launched on Sky Cinema a couple of months ago.

The Ghost of Richard Harris

The life of the legendary Irish actor is remembered, with newly revealed family footage, interviews with the actors who knew him, and contributions from his three sons.

25th November

The Northman (2022)

Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, and Claes Bang are among the talented cast in Robert Egger’s critically acclaimed movie about a young Viking prince on a quest to avenge his father’s murder.

It divided audiences, perhaps because some people expected a traditional Hollywood epic, but it’s a little more mainstream than Eggars’ last two movies, The Witch and The Lighthouse, and it has plenty of blood-soaked action for those who like that kind of thing.

26th November

The Outfit (2022)

Mark Rylance stars as Leonard, a mild-mannered tailor who plies his trade in 1950s downtown Chicago, making bespoke suits for anybody choosing to use his services. Unfortunately, his customers include a family of vicious gangsters and on one fateful night, they arrive at his premises in need of a special favour. Against this backdrop of stitching, somebody is about to be stitched up for snitching to the mob, causing Leonard to get drawn into a deadly game of deception and murder.

27th November

A Christmas Story Christmas (2022)

The 1983 movie A Christmas Story is a mainstay of the festive season in the US but it didn’t make much of an impact in the UK. This is a pity as it’s one of the funniest Christmas movies of all time and deserves a wider audience outside of the States. If you haven’t yet seen it, I recommend that you do so in preparation for this sequel which takes place 30 years after the original.

Peter Billingsley reprises his role as Ralphie who, in the earlier movie, desperately wanted a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Now grown up, Ralphie returns to his former home to give his kids the kind of magical Christmas that he experienced as a child. Here’s hoping this new movie is as good as the 80s original with at least one scene of a kid getting his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole in a throwback to the first movie!


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