Movies And Shows Coming To Sky/Now TV In February 2023

American football fans will want to take their seats for the Super Bowl when it airs on Sky/Now TV this month. Movie fans also have a lot to look forward to with the premieres of Bullet Train, Top Gun: Maverick, and the enjoyably quirky odd couple comedy, Brian and Charles.

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Sky/Now TV this February.

3rd February

Father Stu (2022)

Mark Wahlberg stars in this inspirational true-life drama as Father Stuart Long, the former amateur boxer turned priest who found his religious calling after surviving a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

4th February

Dakota (2022)

Family drama starring Abbie Cornish as Kate, a widow whose husband passed away while stationed in Afghanistan. After struggling to maintain the small farm she shares with her young daughter Alex, her life is made even more complicated when an old army buddy of her husband turns up to deliver his combat dog, Dakota.

5th February

Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Top Gun: Maverick was one of the best movies of 2022 so if you haven’t yet seen this sequel to the 1986 high-flying hit, now is your opportunity. This time around, Maverick (Tom Cruise) is older and wiser and in charge of a team of Top Gun’s best graduates, which includes Lt. Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw (Mile Bradshaw), the son of the wingman Maverick tragically lost years before.

9th February

Funny Woman (Sky Max)

Based on the bestselling novel ‘Funny Girl’ by Nick Hornby, this 1960s-set series stars Gemma Arterton as Barbara Parker, a factory worker from Blackpool who wants to make her mark in the male-dominated world of comedy. Rupert Everett also stars in this 6-part comic drama.

10th February

The Railway Children Return (2022)

The original 1970 film is a classic and it probably didn’t need a sequel. Thankfully, this belated follow-up is pretty good and as it uses many of the Yorkshire locations from the first film, it is sometimes reminiscent of that charming tale. This one is set during World War 2 and tells the story of three evacuee children who are welcomed into the home of Bobbie Waterbury (Jenny Agutter, reprising her iconic role) and her family. Not long after, their peaceful new life is interrupted by an encounter with a wounded American soldier who is on a secret mission.

11th February

Rock Dog 3: Battle the Beat (2022)

The third outing for Bodi, the Tibetan Mastiff who, in the earlier films, managed to become a rock musician. In this sequel, he joins the judging panel on a musical talent show where is given the opportunity to inspire a new generation of rock stars. Unfortunately, he loses sight of this responsibility when TV stardom goes to his head.

12th February

Paradise City (2022)

Surprisingly, this lame thriller comes from Chuck Russell, the director of The Mask and Eraser. Those movies are highly regarded but this generic crime pic starring Bruce Willis, John Travolta, and Blake Jenner is a mess, according to critics. It’s a revenge piece about a man carving his way through the Hawaiian crime world on a mission to wreak vengeance on the man who killed his father. It’s not an awful premise but you shouldn’t expect many thrills from this one.

Super Bowl LVII (Sky Showcase, Sky Sports, Sky Sports NFL)

The 57th edition of America’s biggest sporting attraction is here and while we don’t know which teams will be playing off against one another, we do know that music superstar Rhianna will be singing her heart out (not literally) during the spectacular halftime show.

17th February

Bullet Train (2022)

In this entertaining action movie, Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, a skilled hitman who has to face off against an assortment of assassins on an anything-but-peaceful bullet train headed to Kyoto. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, and Joey King also star in this logic-defying thrill-fest that is full of adrenalized set pieces.

Django (Sky Atlantic)

Loosely based on the 1966 western Django, which starred France Nero, this highly anticipated series stars Matthias Schoenaerts (Rust And Bone) in the title role as the cowboy haunted by the murder of his family.

Django’s daughter Sarah survived the massacre and during his mission to find her, he happens upon the city of New Babylon where they are finally reunited. Unfortunately, trouble in the form of the ruthless Elizabeth Thurman puts both of their lives in danger.

18th February

Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend (2022)

Frank Grillo takes the lead role in this biopic about the man who wanted to put Ferrari in the shade by creating his own luxury sports vehicle. What should have been an interesting movie becomes less so because of an abbreviated running time that, according to critics, doesn’t allow room for an incisive look at the man behind his rather fabulous machine.

19th February

Brian and Charles (2022)

My personal highlight for the month is this quirky British comedy about Brian (David Earl), a down-on-his-luck inventor who manages to make a walking, talking robot named Charles out of a washing machine and other pieces of bric-a-brac that he finds lying around in his shed. The two form a close bond but when Charles gets itchy feet (he wants to go to Hawaii to dance with the hula girls), they encounter trouble from a bullying member of the local community after they dare to venture outside the confines of their home.

You can check out our review of Brian and Charles here.

24th February

The Independent (2022)

Jodie-Turner Smith, Luke Kirby, Ali Marsh and John Cena star in this political thriller about an idealistic young journalist who discovers a conspiracy involving one of the candidates running in the presidential election. Such thrillers were all the rage back in the 1970s but according to critics, this one doesn’t deserve the classic status of such genre greats as The Parallax View and Three Days Of the Condor.

25th February

The Invitation (2022)

After the death of her mother, a young woman takes a DNA test and discovers the existence of family members that she never knew she had. She is invited to a lavish wedding in the English countryside by a long-lost cousin but soon regrets her decision to attend when she learns of dark secrets within her family’s history. This creepy tale is visually impressive but weak storytelling lets this Gothic tale down.

26th February

Where is Anne Frank (2021)

The story of Anne Frank is given a time travel twist in this animated movie from Ari Folman, the director of the highly-acclaimed Waltz With Bashir.

Also Streaming…

1st February

Blood & Treasure: Season 2 (Sky Sci-Fi)

2nd February

The Rookie: Season 5 (Sky Witness)

4th February

Evil Dead (2013)

5th February

Evil Dead II (1987)

8th February

The Rookie: Feds: Season 1 (Sky Witness)

20th February

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Season 10 (Sky Comedy)


A League of Their Own: Road Trip: Season 7 (Sky Max)

Andrea Bocelli: The Journey (Sky Arts)

Fred West: The Glasgow Girls (Sky Crime)

Guy Garvey: From the Vaults: Season 4 (Sky Arts)

Morph (Sky Kids)

Shaq (Sky Documentaries)

The Equalizer: Season 3 (Sky Witness)

The Man Who Stole The Scream (Sky Documentaries)

Where’s Wally: Seasons 1-2 (Sky Kids)

Women Who Rock (Sky Arts)

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