Movies and TV Shows coming to Sky/Now TV in August 2022

If you’re a Sky or a Now TV subscriber, you will be pleased to know that Game Of Thrones prequel House Of Dragons will be making its way to the screen this August, as well as the animated movie Sing 2, the critically acclaimed Blue Bayou, and the latest Father Of The Bride remake. There is all this and more so check out our preview to find out about the other releases that are coming your way this August.

Please note: this list is correct at the time of writing but as schedules have a habit of changing, you can expect new titles to appear or listed titles to disappear as the month goes on.

2nd August

Irma Vep (Limited Series)

When Hollywood A-lister Mira Harberg (Alicia Vikander) arrives in Paris to take on the coveted role of iconic villainess Irma Vep, her life takes a complicated turn after a chance encounter with a former lover. Oliver Assayas (Personal Shopper) directs this remake of his own 1996 film.

5th August

Father Of The Bride (2022)

Don’t expect to see Steve Martin in this third movie adaptation of the classic 1949 novel as this is a new take on the story about a man coming to terms with his daughter’s upcoming nuptials. Andy Garcia is the father of the title trying to maintain his own marriage while helping his daughter arrange hers and while it isn’t quite as good as the movies that came before, it can still be applauded for its Latino representation.

6th August

The Good Neighbour (2022)

The friendship between two neighbours takes a tragic turn when one of them accidentally runs over a young woman and causes her death. After he is convinced by his neighbour to keep the death a secret, his life becomes more complicated when the dead woman’s sister turns up looking for answers. This twisty turny thriller stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Luke Kleintank as the men bonded together over the accident.

7th August

Blue Bayou (2021)

Justin Chon stars as a Korean adoptee who was raised in a small town in the Louisiana Bayou. While trying to support the needs of his family, he suddenly finds himself at risk of being deported after an altercation with a police officer. Alicia Vikander stars as the man’s supportive wife in this emotional and challenging tale.

12th August

Black Site (2022)

Michelle Monaghan, Jai Courtney, and Jason Clarke star in this new thriller about a group of agents at a black site compound whose lives are put in peril when a dangerous inmate called Hatchet escapes the facility and starts hunting down the people who imprisoned him. The film has been compared to the action thrillers that Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger used to make, so if you’re a fan of their films, you might get a kick out of this one.

13th August

Ghosts Of The Ozarks (2021)

In post-civil war Kansas, a doctor is summoned to a small town in the Ozarks by his uncle, but on his arrival, he soon discovers the seemingly utopian paradise he has travelled to is surrounded by a menacing, supernatural presence. Thomas Hobson, Tim Blake Nelson, and David Arquette star in this unsettling and suspenseful horror tale.

14th August

Profile (2018)

From Timur Bekmambetov, the director of Wanted and Day Watch, comes a film about a British journalist who sets up a fake Facebook profile as an Islam convert as part of her investigation into young European women who have been recruited as Isis brides. Based on the non-fiction book ‘In The Skin of a Jihadist,’ the story within this tense and timely thriller plays out in its entirety on the reporter’s computer screen.

The Princess (2022)

Marking the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, this documentary tells the story of her life and the profound impact she had on the public.

15th August

Day Of The Dead: Season 1

The Walking Dead is almost over but fear not, as the SyFy Channel is debuting the latest series to feature the undead. As you may have guessed, this is (loosely) based on George A Romero’s movie of the same name and follows the lives of several people as they try to survive the first 24 hours of a zombie invasion. Unfortunately, this won’t go down in history as one of the best zombie series ever made as the reviews for this have largely been negative.

19th August

Jackass Forever (2021)

After 11 years, the Jackass crew are back and they are still taking pleasure from inflicting great amounts of pain on one another. Expect bee stings, bear attacks, spider bites, and paintball shots to the crotch in this incredibly stupid but somehow still entertaining comedy extravaganza.

21st AugustĀ 

A Journal For Jordan (2021)

Denzel Washington directs this emotional drama about 1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King (Michael B. Jordan) who authors a journal for his infant son that is filled with life advice for the boy’s future. When King is killed in action, the journal is passed to his son by his wife Dana, who reflects on her relationship with Charles while trying to raise their child. This sentimental drama wasn’t a big hit with critics but it contains enough lump-in-the-throat moments to please anybody looking for a tear-jerker.


22nd August

House Of The Dragon: Season 1

This prequel to Game of Thrones is set 200 years before the fall of the Iron Throne and chronicles the descent of the House Targaryen into a civil war that became known as the ‘Dance Of The Dragons.’ Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, and Olivia Cooke are among the cast of this 10-episode series that has already been given the green light for a second season.

26th August

Sing 2 (2021)

Buster Moon has his eye on big things in this sequel to the entertaining original as he wants to take his latest show to the glamorous Redshore City and become the most successful koala in showbiz. There’s only one problem: a talent scout isn’t convinced Buster has what it takes to hit the big time. The story takes a backseat to the musical performances of the talented voice cast who sing their hearts out in this enjoyable but formulaic tale.

28th August

Jockey (2021)

An ageing jockey prepares himself for one last race but his life is made complicated when a talented young rookie rider arrives on the scene claiming to be his son. Clifton Collins Jr. and Moises Arias star as the horse racing pro and the aspiring up-and-comer in this critically acclaimed movie.

Also streaming…

1st August

Bakugan Evolution: Season 4

The Fatal Attraction Murders

Boomerang (1992)

Chasing Amy (1997)

Clerks (1994)

The Client (1994)

Ex Machina (2015)

The Family (2013)

Flashback (1990)

Jason Bourne (2016)

Kingpin (1995)

Loony Tunes Back in Action (2003)

Mimic (1997)

Mousehunt (1997)

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)

Scary Movie (2000)

Scary Movie 2 (2001)

Scary Movie 3 (2003)

Scream (1996)

Scream 2 (1998)

Scream 3 (2000)

The Station Agent (2003)

Super 8 (2011)

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead (1995)

Two By Two (2015)

Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

World Trade Center (2006)

3rd August

New Amsterdam: Season 4

4th August

Code 404: Season 3

5th August

Stevie Nicks: Live at Red Rocks

13th August

The Numan Method

14th August


18th August

A League Of Their Own: Season 17

27th August

Murder At Yellowstone City (2022)

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