Movies And Shows Coming To Netflix USA In May 2023

There is much to look forward to on Netflix this May, including The Mother, which stars Jennifer Lopez as a deadly assassin, and A Man Called Otto, which stars Tom Hanks as an outwardly grumpy man who can’t stand his insufferable neighbors! New action series FUBAR is also streaming on Netflix this month, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role as a retiring CIA operative who is forced to take on one last mission.

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Netflix USA this May.

Please note: This list is correct at the time of writing but titles may be added (or removed) over the coming weeks.

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May 1

Vanquish (2021)

Director George Gallo has made some decent movies over the years, including Nicolas Cage comedy Trapped In Paradise and Hollywood satire The Comeback Trail. He also wrote the screenplay for Midnight Run, one of the funniest action comedies of the 1980s. Unfortunately, Gallo has also churned out a lot of terrible movies, and Vanquish is one of his worst.

Ruby Rose stars as a drugs courier who is trying to put the past behind her but when her daughter is kidnapped by Morgan Freeman’s retired cop, she is forced to carry out one last deal. The premise is pretty good but the acting, writing, and directing are all woeful, so this movie can only be recommended to lovers of bad movies.

Soft & Quiet (2022)

Kindergarten teachers are supposed to be kind and welcoming, right? That’s usually the case but in this Blumhouse horror, the teacher at the heart of this chilling tale is a White supremacist who leads a group of like-minded people. Played out in real-time, this is a shocking thriller about a venomous belief system that causes those who are beholden to it to do terrible things.

When The Weather Is Fine – Season 1

Charming K-drama about a young woman named Hae Won who moves back to her hometown of Bookhyun Village and meets a bookstore owner with whom she falls in love.

May 4

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Limited Series

As one of Netflix’s biggest franchises, it’s no surprise that a Bridgerton spin-off series would arrive eventually. This prequel rewinds the clock to tell the origin story of Queen Charlotte and her rise to prominence and power.

May 6

A Man Called Otto (2022)

Tom Hanks takes the title role of Otto Henderson in this second adaptation of the 2012 novel, A Man Called Ove. Otto is grumpy and intolerant of his neighbors but when a young family moves into his neighborhood, this irascible old man starts to soften. A Man Called Otto is a humourous and heartwarming movie but it’s not quite as good as the 2012 Swedish adaptation that came before it.

May 10

Queen Cleopatra – Limited Series

Adele James (That’s What She Said) takes the lead role of the titular Queen of Egypt in this docu-drama that has recently been the subject of controversy because of disagreement over the Egyptian monarch’s skin color. Here’s hoping the backlash doesn’t overshadow the merits of this new series that aims to shed light on the historical figure’s life with reenactments and expert interviews.

May 11

Royalteen: Princess Margrethe (2023)

In this spin-off to the popular Netflix series, Princess Margrethe finally gets the opportunity to meet Prince Alexander, the young Royal with whom she has been chatting to for months. Will the two fall in love? Fans of the Princess will certainly be hoping so!

May 12

The Mother (2023)

Jennifer Lopez stars in this action thriller as a deadly female assassin who comes out of hiding to protect her estranged daughter from dangerous assailants. Niki Caro (Whale Rider) directs.

Black Knight – Season 1

Set in the year 2071, when the Earth has been decimated by toxic air pollution, this South Korean sci-fi action series tells the story of the delivery drivers (knights) who are the last remaining hope for the surviving members of the population.

Mulligan – Season 1

Tina Fey, Daniel Radcliffe, and Dana Carvey are among the voice cast of this new animated series that tells the tale of a rag-tag band of survivors who are forced to start society over from scratch after aliens lay waste to our planet.

Call Me Kate (2023)

A feature documentary capturing the life of celebrated Hollywood actress Katherine Hepburn.

May 16

Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me (2023)

Model, actress, and television personality Anna Nicole Smith first came into the public spotlight in 1992 when she started her career as a Playboy centerfold. She later modeled for several high-profile fashion companies and tried her hand at a movie career. Smith sadly passed away from an accidental prescription drug overdose in 2007 but she has never been forgotten. This documentary examines her life with fresh insights that will be surprising to anybody who thought they knew everything there was to know about this beautiful young woman.

May 17

Faithfully Yours (2023)

In this Dutch thriller, best friends Bodi and Isabel, both of whom are married, sneak off for secret affairs and use one another for alibis. But when Isabel is killed, Bodi, who claimed she had been with her, gets tangled up in her own web of lies.

McGregor Forever – Limited Series

Four-part documentary following the dynamic career of MMA fighter, Connor McGregor.

May 18

X0, Kitty – Season 1

Following the success of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and its two sequels comes this spin-off series which reunites Netflix audiences with teen matchmaker Kitty who, in this new series, travels halfway across the world to be with her long-distance boyfriend.

May 19

Asterix & Obelisk: The Middle Kingdom (2023)

In this live-action adventure, the indomitable Gallic heroes are called upon by the daughter of a Chinese Empress to save her land from a nefarious prince. This isn’t a very good movie, unfortunately, so fans of Asterix and his portly friend might want to rewatch the animated adaptions of the classic cartoon comic strip that were made between the 60s and 80s.

Kathal – A Jackfruit Mystery (2023)

When two prized jackfruits go missing from a politician’s garden, a young police officer takes it upon herself to solve this bizarre case. That’s the premise of this Indian crime comedy that is inspired by true events.

Muted – Season 1

Arón Piper (Elite) stars in this new Spanish series about a young man named Sergio who was locked up for six years after being convicted of the murder of his parents. During that time he never spoke a single word so his motivations for the crime remained a mystery. On his release from incarceration, a psychologist tries to get to the bottom of his story.

May 23

Victim/Suspect (2023)

In this troubling documentary, investigative journalist Rae de Leon looks at the dark side of the American Justice system as she travels nationwide to examine the failure of Federal authorities to take seriously the stories of young women who have come to them for protection after being sexually assaulted.

May 25

FUBAR – Season 1

In his first TV role, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a retiring CIA operative who is forced to take on one last job when he learns his grown-up daughter (Monica Barbaro) has also been working for the agency.

May 26

Blood & Gold (2023)

Set in the final days of WWII, this German action drama tells the story of a deserting soldier who gets caught up in a bloody battle against a Nazi troop that is on a mission to uncover some hidden gold.

Also Streaming…

May 1

Above Suspicion (2019)

After Earth (2013)

Airport trilogy (1970-1977)

American Gangster (2007)

American Graffiti (1973)

Austin Powers trilogy (1997-2002)

Black Hawk Down (2001)

The Cable Guy (1996)

Captain Phillips (2013)

Chicken Run (2000)

Cliffhanger (1993)

Conan the Barbarian (1982)

The Croods (2013)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Dawn Of the Dead (2004)

The Dilemma (2011)

Flight (2012)

For Colored Girls (2010)

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

The Glass Castle (2017)

Home Again (2017)

Hop (2011)

Igor (2008)

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Last Action Hero (1993)

Legends Of the Fall (1994)

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Marshall (2017)

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Peter Pan (2003)

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Starship Troopers (1997)

Steel Magnolias (1989)

The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys (2008)

The Wedding Date (2005)

The Yellow Birds (2017)

The Young Victoria (2009)

This Is the End (2013)

Traffic (2000)

Vampires (1998)

Demon Slayer – Season 3

Mermaze Mermaidz – Season 1

Rainbow High – Season 3

Rugrats – Seasons 1-2

The Smurfs – Season 1

May 2

Love Village – Season 1

The Tailor – Season 1

May 3

Survive The Night (2020)

Jewish Matchmaking – Season 1

The Great British Baking Show: Juniors – Season 7

May 4

Arctic Dogs (2019)

Rowdy Fellow (2014)

Grizzy and the Lemmings – Season 3

Larva Family – Season 1

Sanctuary – Season 1

Three (Telegu)

May 8

Justice League – Seasons 1-2

Justice League Unlimited – Seasons 1-2

Spirit Rangers – Season 2

May 9

Documentary Now! – Season 4

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special (2023)

May 10

Dance Brothers – Season 1

Missing: Dead or Alive? – Season 1

May 11

Ultraman: Season 3

May 12

Queer Eye – Season 7

May 13

Ugly Dolls (2019)

May 15

Fifty Shades of Black (2016)

May 16

Ted (2012)

May 17

Fanfic (2023)

La Reina del Sur – Season 3

Rhythm + Flow France – Season 2

Working: What We Do All Day – Season 1

May 18

Kitti Katz – Season 1

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune – Season 1

May 19

Selling Sunset – Season 6

Young, Famous & African – Season 2

May 22

The Boss Baby (2017)

The Batman – Seasons 1-5

The Creature Cases – Chapter 3

May 23

Wanda Sykes: I’m An Entertainer (2023)

MerPeople (2023)

All American – Season 5

May 24

Hard Feelings (2023)

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties – Season 3

The Ultimatum: Queer Love – Season 1

May 26

Dirty Grandpa (2016)

Tin and Tina (2023)

Barbecue Showdown – Season 2

May 30

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson – Season 3

May 31

Mixed by Erry (2023)

Heartland – Season 15

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