Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix UK In July 2022

No vacation plans this July? No worries, because Netflix has you covered. The finale of Stranger Things Season 4 lands on the streaming service, as does the much-anticipated Resident Evil series that takes a slightly different route from the popular video games.

On the movie front, we have The Sea Beast, an animated blockbuster that has been a recent hit with critics, and Persuasion, the Jane Austen classic that gets a new lease of life with Dakota Johnson in the lead role. We also have action-thriller The Gray Man, the latest movie from the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame) that stars Ryan Gosling as the CIA mercenary at the heart of the tale.

There is all of this and much more besides, so check out our preview below.

Please note: The titles and dates are correct at the time of writing. As ever, these are subject to change and there is the possibility of new additions as the month rolls on.

1st July

A Day To Die (2022)

This might sound like a Die Hard movie but despite the presence of Bruce Willis, this is anything but. This is a low-budget action movie co-starring Frank Grillo and Kevin Dillon that is the latest in a long line of bad movies featuring the now-retired star. Worth a watch if you’re a Willis completist but otherwise, this is one to skip.

stranger things season 4

Stranger Things: Season 4 – Volume 2

Season 4 comes to a gripping end as the Hawkins gang return to the Upside Down to do battle with Vecna. Will everybody survive to the end? According to rumours, there will be some character deaths in this gripping season finale!

3rd July

Oh My Baby

In this K-drama, unlucky in love Jang Ha-ri (Jang Na-ra) is a 39-year-old single woman who hasn’t been in a relationship for over 10 years. She wants to have a baby of her own but as she doesn’t have a partner, that might prove difficult. But just when she starts to give up on love and marriage, three men appear in front of her! Which of these prospective beaus will she choose? Tune in to find out!

6th July

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between (2022)

Breaking up is always hard to do but in this teen comedy romance, Clare and Aiden contemplate staying together as they embark on one last epic date. Jordan Fisher (To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You) and Talia Rider (West Side Story) are the attractive young couple who retrace the steps of their relationship.

8th July

The Sea Beast (2022)

The latest animated movie from Chris Williams – he previously co-directed Big Hero 6 and Moana – tells the tale of Maisie, a young girl who stows away on a boat belonging to Jacob, a legendary monster hunter.

Jacob has been tasked by the Queen to defeat the Red Bluster but he and his young companion later discover this sea beast isn’t the real monster of the story. With it’s rollicking action scenes and excellent animation, this should be a treat for the whole family to enjoy.

Dangerous Liaisons (2022)

A modern-day update of the famous French novel about love, desire and the cruel art of seduction. This time around, the teenage Celine falls for bad boy Tristan at her high school but she has no idea that she is the victim of a bet he has made with social media queen Vanessa.

If you have seen 1988’s Dangerous Liaisons or 1999’s Cruel Intentions, the last movie to update the story, you will have a better understanding of how this might play out.

Boo Bitch (Limited Series)

To All The Boys actress Lana Condor stars in this supernatural comedy series as Erika Vu, who has lived out her years at high school completely under the radar. But just as she makes a last-ditch attempt to be seen, the unthinkable happens – she becomes a ghost!

That probably won’t do much for her street cred or her love life but to see how this plays out, you will have to add this to your Netflix watchlist.

The Longest Night: Season 1

Spanish crime thriller series that centres on a group of armed men who infiltrate a psychiatric prison in an attempt to capture an incarcerated serial killer. As the prison director refuses to obey their demands, their mission is made a whole lot harder. There are no reviews as of yet but this one has been much anticipated.

11th July

Valley Of the Dead (2022)

If you haven’t had your fill of zombie movies yet, you might want to check out the latest horror movie to hit the streaming service. This one is set during the Spanish Civil War and focuses on a group of sworn enemies who are forced to work together when they encounter flesh-eating zombies that have been created by the Nazis!

Will they survive this new onslaught? We wouldn’t place any bets on them all getting out alive!

13th July

D.B. Cooper: Where Are You? (Limited Series)

D.B. Cooper is an infamous plane hijacker who disappeared 50 years ago after stealing $200,000. Where did he go? Nobody knows but this documentary promises to shed light on the investigation to find him.

14th July

Resident Evil: Season 1

Rather than basing itself on one of the classic games in the Resident Evil franchise, this seems to be taking a different route. The series initially takes place during the outbreak of the dreaded T-Virus in Raccoon City but later jumps ahead to London when the world has been overtaken by zombies.

Jade and Billie, the daughters of Albert Wesker are the main protagonists here but you can probably expect to see fan-favourite characters Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Jill Valentine at some point during the series.

15th July

Farzar: Season 1

A new adult animated comedy series about Prince Fichael and his crew as they bravely venture out of their domed human city to fight the evil aliens that supposedly want to kill them. As they begin their journey, they soon discover all is not what they had been told.

Persuasion (2022)

Dakota Johnson stars in this latest adaption of Jane Austen’s classic novel. She takes on the role of Anne Elliot who years previously was persuaded not to marry a dashing young man of humble origins. Will she seize her second chance at true love? If you are already familiar with the story, you will know how this plays out. Henry Golding co-stars.

Remarriage & Desires: Season 1

Anne Elliot isn’t the only woman looking to marry an eligible bachelor as this K-drama features a number of women who seek to find love via a matchmaking agency. They aren’t after anybody of humble origins, however, as these ladies want to marry into the upper echelons of society.

Following one divorcee, in particular, it chronicles her attempt to use the agency as her vessel for plotting revenge against the woman that destroyed her marriage.

Backstreet Rookie: Season 1

There are more romantic entanglements in this K-drama after a young woman applies for a job at a convenience store owned by a man she previously ran errands for. It’s not long before the two start to fall in love! Do be aware that this one does have some rather subjective representative on-screen!

17th July

The Father (2020)

Anthony Hopkins stars as ‘the father’ of the title, an elderly man whose dementia causes him to lose track of where he is and who the people are around him. Olivia Colman and Mark Gatiss also star in this heartbreaking movie.

18th July

Live Is Life (2021)

Five young friends spend one last summer together in this Spanish coming-of-age film. There are hints of Stand By Me and The Goonies in this adolescent adventure tale and it might just make you pine for your lost youth.

20th July

Police University: Season 1

K-drama that takes chronicles the various conflicts and harmonies between the professors and the students on the National Police University campus. Expect a mix of romance and crime-solving in this promising new series.

22nd July

The Gray Man (2022)

Ryan Gosling stars as the CIA’s most skilled mercenary who accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets. He then becomes a primary target and is hunted around the world by a psychopathic former colleague and various international assassins. Thanks to their work within the MCU, the Russo Brothers know their way around an action scene so their latest flick promises to be an exciting watch.

My Unfamiliar Family: Season 1

This K-drama tells the story of a family which is slowly starting to drift apart. One review suggested this is raw, hard-hitting, and thought-provoking, so this could be a rewarding but uncomfortable watch.

27th July

The Most Hated Man On The Internet

Surprisingly, the most hated man on the internet isn’t that guy that you keep trying to block on Facebook! It’s Hunter Moore, the self-styled ‘King of Revenge Porn, and this docu-series chronicles one woman’s attempt to take him down after nude photos of her daughter are found online.

28th July

Keep Breathing (Limited Series)

If you’re a fan of wilderness survival adventures, you might be interested in this one. The series follows New York lawyer Liv who is forced to battle the unforgiving wilderness of the Canadian frontier after her plane crashes. Scream star Melissa Barrera stars as the woman battling for survival.

29th July

Purple Hearts (2022)

A romantic drama about struggling singer-songwriter Cassie (Sofia Carson) and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), a troubled marine, who agrees to marry solely for military benefits. Will they fall in love for real? We think you already know the answer!

Uncouple: Season 1

Neil Patrick Harris stars as Michael whose life is blindsided when his husband of 17 years walks out on him. He is then forced to deal with his new reality as a mid-40s single gay man living in New York. From producer Darren Star of Emily in Paris and Sex In The City fame.

Also Streaming…

1st July

Underworld (2003)

Underworld Evolution (2006)

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009)

Underworld Awakening (2012)

London Boulevard (2010)

Cult of Chucky (2017)

Up In the Air (2009)

Mine (2016)

The Last Castle (2001)

A Civil Action (1998)

Barbin: A Fairy Secret (2011)

Love Sarah (2020)

The Holiday: Season 1

2nd July


Untouched Project 2

Operation Romeo (2022)

The God Of Wood (2010)

Brilliant Corners: Sierra Leone

Brilliant Corners: Oman

Un Minuto de Silencio

Las Maestias de la Republica



Una Preciosa Puesta De So

Leon Y Olvido

Growing Up Gay

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction


Bear Island

Puluboin ja Ponin Leffa

3rd July

The Art of Incarceration

18% Grey (2020)

6th July

Control Z: Season 3

Girl In The Picture

King Of Stonks

Viceroy’s House (2017)

Fast & Feel Love (2022)

7th July

Karma’s World: Season 3

Vinland Saga: Season 1

8th July

How To Build A Sex Room: Season 1

Incantation (2022)

Jewel (2022)

Trapped (2008)

Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls

9th July

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)

Run To Ground (2012)

Undercover Egypt

Melting Point

Lighthouse Lesvos

Totally Personal

La Pelle Dell’Orson (2016)

Blockbuster (2013)

Drottningen Och Jag

10th July

Isolerad (2009)

11th July

For Jojo (2022)

Team Zenko Go: Season 2

12th July

How To Change Your Mind (Limited Series)

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks

My Daughter’s Killer

13th July

Sintonia: Season 3

Si Saben Como Me Pongo 2 (2021)

Big Timber: Season 2

Hurts Like Hell: Season 1

Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres

Sintonia: Season 3

Under The Amalfi Sun (2022)

14th July

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight: Season 1

15th July

Jaadugar (2022)

The Ghost And The Tout Too (2021)

Alba: Season 1

Country Queen: Season 1

Love Goals (2022)

Mom, Don’t Do That!

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Battle For Haiti

16th July

Apollo Astronauts: Training Nasa’s Moon Men

13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13

The Saturn V Story

India’s Forgotten People

Miss Kicki (2009)

Welcome To The Machine


La Defensa, Por La Libertad

18th July

Too Old for Fairy Tales (2022)

My Little Pony: A New Generation: Sing-Along

StoryBots: Laugh, Learn, Sing

19th July

David A. Arnold: It Ain’t For the Weak

20th July

Dali and Cocky Prince: Season 1

Virgin River: Season 4

Bad Exorcist

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi

Uncle From Another World (new episode)

21st July

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 5

22nd July

Blown Away: Season 3

My Village People (2021)

23rd July

Thirteen Hours That Saved Britain

My Dad’s On Death Row

Southern Tales


Soul II Soul

Enloquecidas (2008)

25th July

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 5

DI4RIES: Season 1

Street Food USA: Season 1

26th July

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl

27th July

Car Masters – Rust to Riches: Season 4

Dream Home Makeover: Season 3

Pipa (2022)

Rebelde: Season 2

28th July

A Cut Above (2022)

Another Self: Season 1

Oggy and the Cockroaches – Next Generation: Season 1

29th July

Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time: Season 1

Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time: Season 1

Fanático: Season 1

Rebel Cheer Squad – A Get Even Series: Season 1

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem: Season 2

The Entitled (2022)

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