Movies And Shows Coming To Netflix UK In February 2023

Netflix is celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Place Or Mine, a new romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon this February. But if rom-coms aren’t really your thing, you might want to check out Viking Wolf, a gruesome new horror movie from Norway, True Spirit, an inspirational real-life drama about the youngest person to sail solo around the world, or Freeridge, the coming of age spin-off series to wonderful teen drama On The Block.

There is all this and much more besides so check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Netflix UK this February.

1st February

Come Play (2020)

The danger of too much screen time is taken to a whole new level in this horror movie about a young boy named Oliver whose life is threatened by a monster that uses his devices to break into our world. This doesn’t hold up all the way to the end but there are a few scary moments in this imaginative chiller.

Four Good Days (2020)

Glenn Close and Mila Kunis star in this bleak drama about a heroin-addled young woman named Molly who turns up at her mother’s door in need of help. A doctor offers Molly treatment but to qualify, she needs to stay clean for ‘four good days’ before she is able to receive it.

Gunther’s Millions (Limited Series)

As the title of this docuseries suggests, Gunther is the lucky recipient of millions of dollars – $400 million to be exact. But here’s the twist: Gunther is a German Shepherd dog who inherited the fortune from his owner! That isn’t the only surprise you can expect from this 4-part docuseries as there is more to this inheritance story than meets the eye.

2nd February

Freeridge: Season 1

If you’re still mourning the loss of On The Block, the popular coming-of-age comedy series that ended in 2021, you might be interested in this spin-off series that focuses on a new group of teenagers and their adventures in the fictional LA neighbourhood of Freeridge.

3rd February

True Spirit (2023)

The story of Jessica Watson, the teenager who made headlines as the youngest person to sail solo around the world, is chronicled in this new movie starring Rachel Roth as the 16-year-old heroine who bravely undertook the 210-day journey.

Viking Wolf (2022)

In this Norweigan horror movie, a teenager is brutally killed at a party and there are indications that an animal could be to blame. Could it be a wolf? That’s the assumption but when Thale, a key witness to the unlucky student’s grotesque death begins to have strange visions and bizarre desires, it becomes clear that something else could be responsible for the murder.

Class: Season 1

This young adult series from India is based on the popular Spanish series Elite and tells a similar story of a group of working-class teens who clash with the posh kids at an upmarket international school.

9th February

Dear David (2023)

An Indonesian coming-of-age drama which tells the story of a talented young student named Laras whose life is upended when his secret fantasy blog about fellow student David is revealed to the whole school!

My Dad The Bounty Hunter: Season 1

In this 10-part animated series, a couple of adorable kids realise their dad is the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy when they accidentally hitch a ride into outer space and discover their seemingly ordinary father is anything but boring!

10th February

10 Days Of A Good Man (2023)

Turkish crime drama about a lawyer turned private investigator who is propelled onto an unexpected and life-altering quest after taking on a missing persons case. This is the first of a new trilogy – the second movie, 10 Days Of A Bad Man, is planned for release later in the year.

Your Place Or Mine (2023)

Reese Witherspoon and Aston Kutcher are the stars of this new comedy about two long-distance best friends (and total opposites) who swap homes for a week and realise what their lives have been missing. Presumably, they will come to the realisation that they should be together as this movie, which also stars Tig Notaro and Steve Zahn, is being released close to Valentine’s Day!

Love To Hate You: Season 1

Career-driven woman Yeo Mi Ran is highly competitive with the men in her life and hates losing to them! As part of her job role, she meets Nam Kang Ho, a popular actor who is distrusting of women. Sparks will obviously fly in this new South Korean series but we expect love will conquer all when they eventually start to warm to one another.

14th February

Re/Member (2022)

In the mood for another time loop movie? If so, you might be interested in this Japanese horror movie about four high schoolers who find a dead body and risk being killed over and over again by the mysterious “Red Person.” The only way to break this curse is to recover the scattered remains of the deceased.

In Love All Over Again: Season 1

From the creator of Elite, comes this new Spanish series that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s a romantic comedy about a young film student named Irene who meets a guy at a film premiere and starts to fall in love with him. Presumably, they will break up so they can fall in love all over again but to find out for sure, tune into the series if you’re looking for a show that you may be able to fall in love with.

Perfect Match: Season 1

In this new matchmaking series, reality stars from some of Netflix’s other shows come together on a tropical island in an attempt to find love. Will they find the perfect match? We have no idea but if you’re a sucker for this kind of thing, you’ll no doubt be invested in their efforts to find ‘the one.’

15th February

Full Swing: Season 1

Golf fans rejoice! This documentary is just for you. Going behind the scenes of the PGA Tour, PGA Championship, the Masters, and the US Open, this will give you an insight into the lives of a group of professional golfers as they prepare for each of golfing’s major competitions.

The Law According to Lidia Poët: Season 1

This Italian period drama series follows the story of the titular character, the first woman to become a practising lawyer in Italy. As this is set in the 19th century, when women were excluded from such professions, Lidia’s career journey is one paved with difficulty.

Eva Lasting: Season 1

Did you have your heart broken on Valentine’s Day? If so, you’re not the only one as the male students in this Columbia-set series have their hearts broken by a mysterious teen girl who arrives at their all-boys school.

17th February

Unlocked (2022)

Based on a popular Japanese novel, this Korean adaptation focuses on an ordinary office worker named Na Mi (Chun Woo Hee) whose life starts to unravel when her smartphone (and private information) falls into the hands of a mysterious man named Jun Young (Siwan). He returns the phone to her but only after placing spyware on the device which enables him to track her every move.

A Girl And An Astronaut: Season 1

In this Polish drama, an astronaut returns to Earth after a 30-year absence and rekindles a lost love. His appearance sparks the interest of a corporation that is determined to know why he hasn’t aged!

19th February

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021)

Meat eaters will love this second outing for Peter Rabbit as once again, Beatrix Potter’s loveable creation has been butchered! Kids will enjoy Peter’s antics as he embarks on an adventure in the big city but this is far removed from the original children’s book which was far sweeter and innocent in nature. Poor Beatrix must be turning in her lettuce patch grave!

22nd February

Nocebo (2022)

Eva Green stars as a fashion designer who falls prey to an illness after coming into contact with a tick-infested dog. After struggling to get the help she needs from her own doctors, she comes into contact with a Filipino caregiver who uses traditional folk remedies to cure her condition. That’s good news, right? Not really as this is a horror movie and not an inspirational medical drama!

The Strays (2023)

This UK-set horror film stars Ashley Madekwe as Neve, an upper-middle-class woman whose perfectly tailored life is ripped apart when two shadowy figures arrive in her town. Who are these strangers? We don’t know but as this has been compared to Get Out and Hereditary by some online commentators, you can expect this to be both unsettling and surprising.

23rd February

Call Me Chihiro (2023)

Call Me Chihiro is a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga, ‘Chihiro San.’ Arimura Kasumi takes the title role of Chihiro, a former sex worker who now has a job working at a bento shop in a small seaside town. She is a lonely soul but she finds comfort in her customers who also take comfort from her when they talk to her about her various problems.

24th February

We Have A Ghost (2023)

Anthony Mackie, Tig Notaro, and Jennifer Coolidge are among the cast of this family comedy about a family who discovers a ghost is haunting their new home. They name the ghost “Ernest” because it looks like legendary actor Ernest Borgnine and become overnight social media sensations when they post footage of the ghost online. This prompts the CIA to get involved, presumably because they have something to do with Ernest’s past life as a human!


Also Streaming…

1st February

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (2003)

Zoom: Academy For Superheroes (2006)

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Island: Season 1

All Eyes On Him: Season 1

Deadline (Limited Series)

I Will Be Your Bloom: Season 1

Girls5Eva: Seasons 1-2

LEGO Friends: Heartlake Stories (Limited Series)

My Lover My Killer: Season 2

2nd February

Make My Day: Season 1

3rd February

Infiesto (2023)

Stromboli (2022)

The Plan (2023)

8th February

Bill Russell: Legend (2023)

The Exchange: Season 1

9th February

Dr. Jason Leong: Ride with Caution

You: Season 4 – Part 1

13th February

Squared Love All Over Again (2023)

14th February

A Sunday Affair (2023)

All The Places (2023)

Robocar Poli: SongSong Museum: Season 1

Jim Jeffries: High n’ Dry

15th February

African Queens: Njinga

#Nofilter: Season 1

CoComelon: Season 1

Red Rose: Season 1

16th February

Dead In Tombstone (2013)

Dragonheart: Battle For the Heartfire (2017)

I Am Bolt (2016)

Racing Hearts (2014)

The Upshaws: Season 3

Dearest: Season 1

The Full-Time Escapist (Multiple Seasons)

Aggretsku: Season 5

Greg Davies Live – Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog

Barbie Video Game Hero: Season 1

17th February

Community Squad: Season 1

Ganglands: Season 2

19th February

Whindersson Nunes: Preaching To The Choir

22nd February

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

Triptych: Season 1

23rd February

An Inconvenient Love (2022)

Outer Banks: Season 3

That Girl Lay Lay: Season 2

24th February

Formula 1: Drive To Survive: Season 5

Oddballs: Season 2

28th February

A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou

Too Hot To Handle: Germany

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