Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix UK In August 2022

There is much to look forward to on Netflix in August, including Me Time, a brand new comedy movie starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, The Sandman, the much-anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series, and I Came By, a British thriller starring George McKay as a graffiti artist who makes a shocking discovery after breaking into a wealthy person’s home.

We have highlighted just a few of the titles coming to Netflix below but keep scrolling down for a comprehensive list of other releases.

Please note: this list is correct at the time of writing. As such, there is the possibility of other titles being released on the streaming platform over the days and weeks ahead.

1st August

Separation (2021)

After a bitter custody battle leads to tragedy, a father and daughter encounter a malevolent presence in their home. Rupert Friend, Violet McGraw, and Mamie Gummer lead the cast of this supernatural horror story.

Needle In A Timestack (2021)

In director John Ridley’s fantasy drama, Nick (Leslie Odom Jr.) and Janine (Cynthia Erivo) are living a life of marital bliss. But then Janine’s ex-husband breaks apart their relationship by warping time and causing Nick’s memories to disappear. This romantic tale has an interesting time travel twist but according to critics, it’s not as profound as it aims to be.

3rd August

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99

Woodstock 1969 offered a celebration of peace and love but its 1999 revival delivered something far different as it degenerated into riots, fires, and destruction. But how did this happen? Using eye-witness testimony and insider footage, this docuseries will reveal the reasons why the revived festival descended into chaos.

Benediction (2022)

Terrence Davies’ wartime drama is based on the life of Siegfried Sassoon, the English poet who was decorated for his bravery on the battlefield, but who later became a vocal critic of the government’s decision to continue the war. This critically acclaimed film chronicles his turbulent private life and lifelong quest to find peace and self-acceptance about his sexuality. Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi both portray the poet at various stages of his life.

Endless Night: Season 1

This Belgian series follows a group of teens who steal drugs from a sleep research centre that enable them to dream while awake. As expected, their lives then become a waking nightmare!

4th August

Wedding Season (2022)

Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon) directs this new romantic comedy about two Indian-Americans who pretend to hook up during ‘wedding season’ to get their parents off their backs. Unsurprisingly, the two start to fall for one another during their fake courtship. Will they get married? I wouldn’t place any bets against the idea!

5th August

The Sandman: Season 1

This adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic series has been long-awaited so here’s hoping it’s worthy of the source material. It centres on the titular Sandman, the King of Dreams, who escapes from captivity and sets out to restore order to the dreaming and waking worlds. Tom Sturridge takes the lead role and he is joined by Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death.

Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (2022)

To date, the movies featuring the ‘turtles in a half shell’ have been pretty poor so here’s hoping this animated feature film is better than what has come before. This one takes place two years after Shredder’s defeat and follows Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey as they try to save the world from a terrifying alien species known as the Krang.

Carter (2022)

South Korean action thriller about Carter, an amnesiac man who suddenly finds himself thrown into a mission which involves him rescuing a young boy who may hold the key to defeating a deadly pandemic. Carter has to battle against CIA and North Korean agents while trying to discover his identity and the reasons why he has been plunged into this dangerous situation.

9th August

I Just Killed My Dad

On June 3rd, 2019, Anthony Templet shot and killed his father. But why did he do it? This 3-part documentary explores the psyche of Anthony and the emotional aftermath that followed the shooting.

10th August

School Tales: The Series

A spooky anthology of ghost stories directed by seasoned Thai horror directors. The series, which is based on eight terrifying comic book stories, features a headless ghost in a school warehouse, canteen food that has been made from human flesh, a classroom of dead students, and a number of other terrors that probably weren’t part of your school experience!

12th August

Day Shift (2022)

Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) appears to be a hard-working blue-collar dad who cleans pools in the San Fernando Valley. However, his job is just a front as his main source of income comes from his work hunting and killing vampires for the International Union of Vampire Hunters. Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg also star in this action comedy that features some gravity-defying fight scenes.

13: The Musical (2022)

Following his parent’s divorce, a young middle schooler is uprooted from New York to Indiana where he hatches a plan to win new friends by turning his upcoming Bar Mitzvah into the coolest party ever. Problems arise after he invites the popular kids to his party. Eil Golden stars as the luckless youngster about to turn 13 and he is joined by Rhea Perlman who plays his gran and Debra Messing who stars as his mother.

A Model Family: Season 1

South Korean drama about a cash-strapped professor who unwittingly steals money from a cartel after finding the loot in a car. He thinks the money will save his broken family but their life goes from bad to worse when they cross paths with a bloodthirsty drug ring.

16th August

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

In 2011, the girlfriend of Hawaiian football player Manti Te’o tragically died in a car accident. Or did she? As it turns out, she didn’t really exist and the person that Te’o thought he had been talking to online was in fact a catfish by the name of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. This documentary takes a deep dive into the story and the sophisticated hoax that fooled both Te’o and his many fans.

17th August

Look Both Ways (2022)

If you enjoyed Sliding Doors, the 1998 drama that focused on a young woman whose life split off into two realities, you might want to check this one out. On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s (Lili Reinhart) life follows two separate paths. In one reality, she becomes pregnant and must navigate family life and motherhood in her Texas home town. In the other reality, she moves to LA to pursue her dream career as an artist. Which life will she find the most fulfilling? You will find out for yourself if you watch this romantic drama on Netflix, unless, of course, you are living in a reality where you didn’t pay your monthly subscription fee!

18th August

Inside The Mind Of A Cat

What is going on inside the mind of your cat? This is a question you probably ask yourself when you catch your kitty staring at you from the other end of the sofa. Could he be plotting something terrible against you? Or is he just waiting for you to put down the TV remote and show him some love? Who knows, but if you want to get a better understanding of your feline friend, you might want to catch this captivating and cuddly documentary.

19th August

The Next 365 Days (2022)

The third and final movie of the sexually-charged 365 Days trilogy about a woman who falls in love with her abductor. The critics weren’t kind about the other movies in this series due to the bad acting, humourless writing, and absurd storylines. But if you’re invested in Laura and Massimo’s unusual relationship, you probably won’t care what the critics have to say as you will be keen to know how their story ends.

Echoes (Limited series)

Michelle Monaghan takes on the dual roles of identical twin sisters Leni and Gena, two women who agreed as children to switch between identities and one another’s lives. As adults, the two women share homes, husbands, and a child, but when one of them goes missing, everything in their perfectly schemed life is thrown into chaos.

The Girl In The Mirror: Season 1

After surviving a bus crash that killed her classmates, Alma wakes up in hospital with no memory of her past or that tragic incident. As she tries to remember who she really is, she also tries to unfold the mystery behind the ‘accident.’ This Spanish-language series seems to have supernatural overtones so we could be in for a few surprises with this one.

20th August

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar (2022)

In this sequel to a 2017 film, the Elric brothers face their toughest opponent yet – a lone serial killer with a scar on his forehead. If you’re a fan of the original source material, you might want to check out this live-action adaptation. The Final Alchemy, the second part of this story, will be released on Netflix in September.

22nd August

The Virtuoso (2021)

Anthony Hopkins, Anson Mount, and Abbie Cornish star in this thriller about a professional assassin who is sent by his mysterious boss to a small diner, where he needs to figure out his target’s identity. Sadly, despite the intriguing premise, this thriller was not a big hit with the critics.

24th August

Running With The Devil: The Wild World Of John Macafee

If your computer is free of viruses, you probably have anti-virus software creator John MacAfee to thank for that. But what about the tech guru himself? His life was a bit of a crazy one as you will understand if you watch this documentary about the late maverick. He went on the run following the death of his neighbour in Belize and after the authorities caught up with him, he was arrested and imprisoned on tax evasion charges. He was later found dead, presumably through suicide, but his wife doesn’t believe he took his own life. To learn more about the man who (according to Netflix) “hacked the world,” you should check out this in-depth look at the pioneering inventor.

26th August

Me Time (2022)

We all need a little me time, right? Stay-at-home dad Sonny (Kevin Hart) certainly does but when he gets the chance to do his own thing when his wife and kids are away, his life spirals out of control when he reconnects with his former best friend (Mark Wahlberg) for a wild weekend.

31st August

I Came By (2022)

This new movie (which is also getting a theatrical release) stars George McKay as a rebellious young graffiti artist who targets the homes of the wealthy elite. Unfortunately, his life is upended when he breaks into one home and discovers something that then puts his life in danger! The premise for this British movie is certainly intriguing and is a guaranteed must-watch if you’re a fan of both McKay and his co-stars Hugh Bonneville and Kelly MacDonald.


Also streaming…

1st August

Big Tree City: Season 1

Ackley Bridge: Seasons 1-3

Alfie (2004)

The Cider House Rules (1999)

Collateral (2004)

Event Horizon (1997)

Eye In The Sky (2015)

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

I Love You, Man (2009)

I, Tonya (2017)

The Interview (2014)

It Could Happen To You (1994)

Jigsaw (2017)

2nd August

Ricardo Quevedo: Tomorrow Will Be Worse

3rd August

Good Morning, Veronica: Season 2

Buba (2022)

Don’t Blame Karma! (2022)

4th August

The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)

Super Giant Robot Brothers: Season 1

Kakegurui Twin: Season 1

Lady Tamara: Season 1

Never Give Up

5th August

Darlings (2022)

Lockdown (2021)

Aloevera (2020)

Nairobby (2021)

6th August

Reclaim (2022)

Maniac Tales (2016)

The Wedding Date (2005)

Her Private Hell (1968)

La Ultima Cena (2020)

Maria Marten, Murder in the Red Barn (1936)

For Military Merit

Ottomans Versus Venetians: Battle For Crete

Is God A Number?

Nina Conti: Clowning Around

Hunt For U-479

Life Behind The Stars

Crossing Rachmaninoff


Peter Monoghan: A Portrait

7th August

Terror in Mumbai

8th August

Code Name: Emperor (2022)

Team Zenko Go: Season 2


10th August

Barry And Joan

Locke & Key: Season 3

Instant Dream Home

Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist

Funeral Director

Car Trouble (1985)

Blonde Fist (1991)

Death Of A Son (1989)

Four (2011)

Heartsong (2022)

Office Invasion (2022)

Filmed In Supermarionation (2014)

Iron Chef Brazil

Indian Matchmaking: Season 2

Indian Dream Home: Season 1

Everything: The Real Thing Story

11th August

The Roads Not Taken (2020)

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 3

Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story

12th August

Never Have I Ever: Season 3

The Razz Guy (2021)

The Throne

13th August

The Shop At Sly Corner (1947)

The Haunted Journey (2006)

The Lost Capital Of Atlantis

Rules Of the Game

Story Of…Cheese

Story Of…Spice

Story Of…Ramadan

Story Of …Coffee

Story Of…Chocolate

Story Of…Sugar

Story Of…Tea

14th August

Memento (2000)

15th August

Deepa & Anoop: Season 1

16th August

Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)

Repo Men (2010)

Death Race: Inferno (2013)

The Land Before Time: The Great Longneck Migration (2003)

Barbie: The Princess Popstar (2012)

Barbie: A Mermaid Tale (2010)

17th August

Royalteen (2022)

High Heat: Season 1

Unsuspicious: Season 1

18th August

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 3

Tekken: Bloodline: Season 1

19th August

Dwindle (2021)

The Assistant (2022)

Kleo: Season 1

The Cuphead Show: Season 2

20th August

Travelling in the 70s: The Road to Freedom

Tough Trucks Of Ethiopia

Tough Boats Journey Down The Nile

When Cousins Marry

Tomorrow We Live (1942)

Yessongs Yes

Confessions Of an Alien Abductee

22nd August

This Is Hel (2015)

Midsummer Madness (2007)

23rd August

Chad & JT Go Deep

24th August

Watch Out, We’re Mad! (2022)

Selling The OC: Season 1

Mo: Season 1

Lost Ollie (Limited Series)

Queer Eye Brazil: Season 1

Under Fire: Season 1

25th August

That’s Amor (2022)

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure: Season 1

Angry Birds: Summer Madness: Season 3

History 101: Season 2

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure: Season 1

26th August

Loving Adults (2022)

Seoul Vibe (2022)

Ludik: Season 1

29th August

Under Her Control (2022)

Might Express: Season 7

30th August

I Am A Killer: Season 3

31st August

Club América vs Club América (Limited Series)

Family Secrets: Season 1

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