Movies and Shows coming to Disney+ USA in October 2023

The big highlight this month is Haunted Mansion, the second movie to be inspired by Disney’s spooky theme park attraction. There is much more to enjoy over the next few weeks, including the second season of Loki and a new series based on R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books. 

Check out our highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Disney+ USA this October.

Please note: This list is correct at the time of writing but the Disney+ schedule may be subject to change. 

October 2

Mickey & Friends Trick Or Treats

In this Halloween stop-motion special, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy are trick or treating when Donald spots the spookiest house he has ever seen. Assuming it may have the best treats, he convinces his friends to knock on the door. It turns out the owner of the house is Witch Hazel who has more tricks than treats in store for the Disney friends.

October 4

Haunted Mansion (2023)

The second movie based on the Disney theme park attraction is better than the Eddie Murphy-starring 2003 film. This one stars Rosario Dawson as Gabbie, a single mom who is alarmed to discover her newly bought mansion is inhabited by ghosts. After making this discovery, she hires a motley crew of so-called spiritual experts (Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish) to rid her home of the supernatural squatters.

Hailey’s On It – Season 1

Animated kids show about Hailey Banks, a resourceful teenager who pushes herself outside of her comfort zone to complete a long list of challenging (and impractical) tasks in order to save the world.

October 5

Marvel’s Loki – Season 2

Season 2 of Marvel’s Loki picks up in the aftermath of the Season 1 finale when the trickster antihero found himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Along with Mobius, Hunter B-15 and a team of new and returning characters, Loki navigates an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, Miss Minutes and the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose.”

October 6

Bobi Wine: The People’s President

This gripping documentary follows Ugandan opposition leader, activist and musical star Bobi Wine, who used his music to fight the regime led by Yoweri Museveni, the person who led the country for 35 years.

October 11


4EVER is the acting debut of CNCO’s four members: Christopher Vélez (“Andy”), Richard Camacho (“Ian”), Zabdiel De Jesús (“Ciro”), and Erick Brian Colón (“Darío”).

This new drama explores the story of four talented musicians who, after meeting by chance during a fight in a restaurant, undertake the challenging road towards recognition as a band in Miami’s music scene.

October 13

Goosebumps – Season 1

This brand new take on R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books follows five high schoolers who must put aside their differences and work together when they unleash supernatural forces upon their town. The first five episodes of this ten-episode spooky spectacular will land on this date.

October 16

Once Upon A Studio

543 characters, including princes, princesses, sidekicks, and sorcerers from Walt Disney Animation Studios come together for this animated special as they assemble for a spectacular group photo to mark Disney’s 100th anniversary.

October 20

Marvel Studios’ Werewolf By Night in Color

Based on the Marvel comic series of the same name, this repeat of the Disney special (now in color) follows a secret group of monster hunters who come face-to-face with a mythical creature when they engage in a deadly competition to retrieve a powerful relic. 

October 27

Explorer: Lake Of Fire

This latest series from National Geographic follows a team of explorers who attempt to reach the top of a remote, unexplored volcano to discover when and why volcanos erupt. What they find could provide clues to help predict volcanic eruptions around the globe.

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red

Here’s the official synopsis for this Lego animation:

“The Avengers assemble to save New York City, but after an argument between Black Widow and her father Red Guardian about his parenting style, he disappears under mysterious circumstances. As the Avengers investigate, they discover that the villainous Collector is kidnapping every character who has the word “red” in their name. Determined to find her father, it’s up to Black Widow now to lead the Avengers to find the Collector’s evil lair and free the prisoners from his evil clutches.”

Also Streaming…

October 1

Toy Story Funday Football

October 3

Star Wars: Ahsoka – Season 1 (Episode 8)

Dancing With The Stars (New Episode)

October 4

Kiff – Season 1

SuperKitties – Season 1

The Villains Of Valley View – Season 2

October 6

Mrs Doubtfire (1993)

Camping Out (1934)

Chips Ahoy (1956)

Fiddling Around (1930)

Inferior Decorator (1948)

Old MacDonald Duck (1941)

When The Cat’s Away (1929)

Wynken, Blynken And Nod (1938)

October 10

Dancing With The Stars (New Episode)

October 11

The Simpsons – Season 34

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery – Season 2

Broken Karaoke – Season 2

Heartland Docs, DVM – Season 5

October 12

Marvel’s Loki – Season 2 (Episode 2)

October 17

Dancing With The Stars (New Episode)

October 18

PJ Masks: Power Heroes Music Videos – Season 1

October 19

Marvel’s Loki – Season 2 (Episode 3)

October 20

Goosebumps (Episode 6)

October 24

Dancing With The Stars (New Episode)

October 25

Big City Greens – Season 5

Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge – Season 2

Theme Song Takeover – Season 3

Primal Survivor: Extreme African Safari

October 26

Marvel’s Loki – Season 2 (Episode 2)

October 27

Goosebumps (Episode 7)

October 31

Dancing With The Stars (New Episode)

What will you be adding to your Disney+ watchlist this month? Let us know in the comments below. 


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