Movies and Shows coming to Apple TV+ in August 2023

This month on Apple TV+, the second season of Invasion lands on the streaming service and so too does Strange Planet, a new animated sci-fi series based on a bestselling graphic novel.

Check out this month’s highlights below and then keep scrolling to take a look at some of the other titles landing on Apple TV+ this August.

Please note: This list is correct at the time of writing but the Apple TV  schedule may be subject to change. Bookmark this page as we aim to add more titles as they become known.

August 2

Physical – Season 3

The final season of this dark comedy begins with the first two episodes on this date. Further episodes will air weekly. 

Rose Byrne reprises her role as Sheila, a struggling housewife whose passion for exercise aerobics leads her on a journey towards empowerment and success.

Here’s the official synopsis for Season 3:

“Sheila finds her status challenged by rising celebrity exercise goddess Kelly Kilmartin, who becomes not only a professional threat but manages to get in her head. Will Sheila prevail, or will Kelly’s presence in her life undermine the hard-earned healing and stability that Sheila has worked so hard for?”

August 4

Eva the Owlet – Season 1

If you’re looking for a new animated show to keep your little ones busy this summer, look no further than Eva the Owlet, an enchanting new series about the titular character and her adventures in the woodland world of Treetopington.

August 9

Strange Planet – Season 1

This new animated show from Rick and Morty co-creator and Community creator Dan Harmon is based on the bestselling webcomic and graphic novel by Nathan W. Pyle. The series, which is set in a whimsical world of cotton candy pinks and purples, tells the story of big-eyed, bright-blue aliens who live on a planet that is not too dissimilar to our own. Episodes will continue weekly. 

August 18

Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie

In Apple TV’s latest Snoopy special, the usually shy and introverted Marcie offers support to Peppermint Patty at a golf tournament, gets nominated for class president, and helps her friends in her own unique way at school. 

August 23

Invasion – Season 2

The second season of Apple’s sci-fi series picks up a few months after the end of Season 1 as the aliens escalate their attack on Earth’s unlucky inhabitants. Episodes will air weekly. 

Here’s what showrunner Simon Kinberg has to say about Season 2:

“It’s a bigger, more intense season that drops our viewers into a wide-scale, global battle from the start. At its core, the show is about the power of the human spirit and the emotional connections that hold us together especially when facing incredible obstacles.” (source)

August 25

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn

The extraordinary rise and fall of CEO-turned-fugitive is told in this four-part documentary series that features in-depth access to all of the key players involved in his arrest and escape, including Carlos Ghosn himself, who tells his side of this ongoing, global news story.


Also Streaming…

August 2

The Afterparty – Season 2 (Episode 5)

August 4

Foundation – Season 2 (Episode 4)

Swagger – Season 2 (Episode 7)

August 9

Physical – Season 3 (Episode 3)

The Afterparty – Season 2 (Episode 6)

August 11

Foundation – Season 2 (Episode 5)

Swagger – Season 2 (Episode 8)

August 16

Physical – Season 3 (Episode 4)

Strange Planet – Season 2 (Episode 4)

The Afterparty – Season 2 (Episode 7)

August 18

Foundation – Season 2 (Episode 6)

August 23

Physical – Season 3 (Episode 5)

Strange Planet – Season 2 (Episode 5)

The Afterparty – Season 2 (Episode 8)

August 25

Foundation – Season 2 (Episode 7)

August 30

Invasion – Season 2 (Episode 2)

Physical – Season 3 (Episode 6)

Strange Planet – Season 2 (Episode 6)

The Afterparty – Season 2 (Episode 9)


What will you be watching on Apple TV+ this month? Let us know in the comments below. 


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