New Found Glory – Make The Most Of It | Album Review

Track Listing

Dream Born Again
Mouth to Mouth
Get Me Home
Watch the Lilies Grow
More Than Enough
Kiss the Floor


‘Make The Most Of It’ is an album about hope and unsurmountable challenges, and Florida band New Found Glory try to blitz the pain, but it keeps on attacking. This acoustic record is a stripped back approach from the group, though it still has that urgency we’ve come to expect.

These songs are sad too, there’s no denying that, and the lyrics are eye opening, pushing the band to the limits of their creativity and mindsets.

Lyrically, the band has definitely become more poetic and decisive with what they write and put out into the world, and Make The Most Of It really goes against the pop punk mould, as these words resonate on a higher level. This is not a damning assessment of pop punk, but sometimes the lyrics can get lost.

This could be their best yet, even without the intensity of electric guitars. It bends perceptions, and it sets in well within the band’s armoury of albums. It also connects on an emotional level, baring all its blemishes.

‘Dream Born Again’ is an acoustically driven opener. The vocals are immense and the message is relevant. Hope needs to flourish, and it needs time to grow, and on this track there’s a chance it will.

‘Get Me Home’ is beautifully composed, and family values are measured up and assessed. The chord progression stands up against the force of the vocal work, delivering yet another solid track.

‘More Than Enough’ meanwhile, triggers melancholy. As the song progresses, the sadness begins to exude. From the beginning to the conclusion, the song shows vulnerability, with the acoustic sound increasing the musical vibe.

New Found Glory excels on Make The Most Of It, an acoustic album that has enough rhythm and contrasting sounds to keep fans interested.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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