New Bandits (Cangaço Novo) Season 1 Review – A compelling Brazilian series

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The Weight Of Inheritance
A Promise is a Promise
My Name is Ubaldo Vaqueiro
The Price of Inheritance
Living Dangerously
All is Politics
My Way
Crime Never Pays


Cangaço Novo, or New Bandits, is a new Amazon Prime Original, mixing familial drama, timely class and social issues with a dollop of action and thrills. The result is a bombastic 8 episode series, one that’s as stylishly produced as it is captivating to watch. While the second half of the story isn’t quite as strong as the first, there’s enough here to whet the appetite and enjoy all the same.

The story centers around two individuals – Ubaldo Menino and Dinorah. The former is an ex-military man who now works for a bank in São Paulo. The latter is a bandit who ekes out a living with her comrades, including right-hand man, Lino. 

When Ubaldo reveals documents inheriting lands from the biological father he never knew, a famous cangaceiro by the name of Amaro, he finds himself on a collision course with his past – and family. Ubaldo sees the crippling poverty and struggles of those in Cretea first-hand and decides to cut a new deal with the bandits he aligns himself with, promising more lucrative bank heists in the future to help turn their fortunes around. After all, who better to orchestrate this than someone who has been on the inside?

As the first half progresses, the heists become more elaborate, while there’s friction between Ubaldo and the rest of the gang, especially with Dino. Eventually they fall in line and follow Ubaldo’s command, who echoes his own father’s authority and roots with the Bandits.

The second half of New Bandits turns things political as Ubaldo’s childhood friend Leinneane and her husband, go up against the current mayor Gastao Maleiro. Dino and Dilvania have a bad history with this man, which escalates in episode 5 onwards. It’s here where we also find one why Dilvania doesn’t speak.

The latter episodes then basically coincide the political campaign to dethrone Gastao with Ubaldo and Dino’s continued efforts to change the fortunes of those in Cratara. It’s a neat format in truth, and there’s some good pay-offs in the final episode too. Most notably is a heart-warming conversation between Ubaldo and Ernesto.

The show works well for the most part, with black and white flashbacks peppered in to explore more of the past and what’s happened. Furthermore, there’s a lot of familial drama and tough topics highlighted. Grooming, class warfare, poverty and more are all wrapped up in this 8 episode series, which does a great job of exploring all of this through its two central protagonists. Dino and Ubaldo have an interesting dynamic here, regularly butting heads while also both trying to do what’s right for the greater good. Dino in particular is a fiery character and it takes a while for her walls to break down. The second half of the show does soften her up a bit and it’s understandable why she’s like this.

New Bandits isn’t perfect though, and as mentioned before the second half of this series doesn’t quite tick as well as the first part. The action subsides down and is mostly replaced by a political plotline that’s left unresolved by the end. There’s enough to enjoy here but this is another show that ends on a frustrating cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for a potential season 2.

Amazon Prime have a lot of stinkers on their platform (Hello, Rings of Power and Wheel of Time) but thankfully, New Bandits is not one of them. This is a decent Brazilian show, with good characters, lots of action and a compelling enough story to stick with until the end. While the political subplot does drag the pace down a bit, it’s easy to overlook. This one’s well worth checking out.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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  1. Wow I really enjoyed ” NEW BANDITS” When will there be a Season 2.. I would like to see more of this series, LOVE IT, couldn’t get enough of it. Great acting team.

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