New Bandits (Cangaço Novo) – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Crime Never Pays

Episode 8 of New Bandits begins with another flashback, this time of Ubaldo in the backseat while Amaro and Valdetaria drive up to a secluded farm. Ubaldo waits in the car while Amaro heads out to conduct business. Gunshots pierce the air as Ubaldo is told not to leave the car by Valdetaria. She heads inside and finds Amaro shot and bleeding out. Valdetaria is shot dead too, just as Ubaldo shows up with a gun.

Back in the present, Dino explains how the money they’ve grabbed is being distributed out. They obviously take their own cut, give Lienneane hers and the rest they’ll deposit back in the bank. That is, of course, ironic given that’s where they’ve just stolen from. For now though, they need to get it back to Cretea.

What happens during the gang fight? Is Sabia killed?

The jokes quicky dissipate though when gunshots come from all around the bandits. They’re surrounded by Ameaco and his rebels who have come to “get their cut”. Ubaldo and Sabia flank them though and turn the tide.

There are casualties in all of this unfortunately, including Sabia himself. Dino finds herself alone with Ameaco and he holds her up at gunpoint. Thankfully, Ubaldo gets the jump on him and the gang are stopped, with Ubaldo the one to finally pull the trigger on the survivors. He kills Ameaco just as he quips that Amaro’s boy has decided “to man up”. It’s an interesting inclusion because in essence, he’s not wrong. Ubaldo has grown the most as a character across this series. From a reluctant outsider to current bandit leader, Ubaldo will do anything to protect his family now.

With heavy casualties, the bandits head back to Cratara and break the bad news about Sabia and the others. Ubaldo speaks to Ernesto and explains what he’s now doing. He’s not running an electronics shop of course, he’s a bandit through and through. Ernesto half-heartedly supports his honesty and decision, telling him that “someone needs to be here to bury you”.

Does Gastao find something to incriminate Ubaldo with?

Ubaldo drops off Leinneane’s cut of the cash, before his big day in court. He’s questioned over the massacre that took place with him as a kid. This is from the flashbacks at the start of the episode of course. Ubaldo feigns ignorance and claims he doesn’t remember, and court is adjourned. As the prosecution leaves, it’s revealed that all of this is a ruse from Gastao to throw Ubaldo off his gameplan.

They unfortunately find their smoking gun though in, well, a smoking gun. The gun used to kill a trail of bodies to be precise, and it’s the same one used for the assassination attempt on Gastao himself. That’s the key here. If they find this, they’ll nail Ubaldo.

This digs up old painful memories of the past all the same, and Ubaldo heads back to where his parents were killed to get some closure. Dino and Dilvania are there too, and the weight of everything these three have been through hits home. Between Dilvania’s sexual assault from Gastao and Dino losing Lino, not to mention the loss of their birth parents that fateful day; this family has been through hell.

Does Dino get closure over the past?

With the police catching wind of Amaro’s gun, they head over to Cratara to storm the place and find the gun. Dino manages to leave just as the cops show, passing them on the street. However, Ubaldo is pulled into custody regardless. With him behind bars, it’s Ernesto of all people who seeks help from Leinneane to get him out. Thankfully this comes sooner rather than later, and he doesn’t snap or reveal anything about the gun.

Elsewhere, Dino drives out to a secluded location and drops the gun in the water. She removes her clothes and then floats naked in the middle of the lake. This is symbolic of course, given water usually signifies emotion. Seeing her floating at the top like this means she’s starting to come to grips with her emotions, rather than letting anger dominate her persona. Dropping the gun like this is a way for her to cleanse the past.

What happens at the church? 

Ernesto catches up with Ubaldo that night, admitting that he’s the one who helped get his son out of prison. The pair rekindle their bond, with Ubaldo admitting Ernesto is the best father he could have had. He’s made peace with Ubaldo’s decisions in life, and decides to head back home again. He goes alone, but while waiting on the porch, he notices a bunch of crooks breaking into the church.

Ernesto stands up to them but he’s thrown against the table for his troubles, blood seeping out of his head and into the floorboards. Under the boards happen to be the stash of cash that the gang have collected from the robberies. Unfortunately, all of it goes up in flames as the gang burn the church down, laughing all the while. The trio head back in their car and charge through the heart of the party, while Jeremias is the first one on the scene at the church.

How does New Bandits season 1 end?

The gang are caught when they crash, and given swift mob justice, while Jeremias tries to get Ernesto out of the church. Ubaldo shows up in time and carries an unconscious Jeremias out. The guy regains consciousness just in time and reveals that Ernesto is still in the church. As Ubaldo scrambles back in, the villagers outside pray to God. Ubaldo emerges from the front door carrying his father but he’s already gone.

The Episode Review

Will the luck ever turn for those inside Cratara? It seems as soon as the residents turn a corner and start to make a name for themselves, something else comes along and knocks them down. In this instance, it comes from these crooks who show up and burn down the church. It’s clear that they were sent by Gastao as a message to Ubaldo and the others, especially if those flyers are anything to go by. Of course, the money was in the basement too and that spells big trouble for our group.

This could well mean that we’re back to square one again now, with the villagers needing to do more robberies to try and get the town back up and on its feet. And then, of course, there’s still the political campaign that needs sorting out too, which is left unresolved by the time the final credits roll round.

New Bandits has been a good watch though, with plenty of action, drama and crime thrills peppered across the 8 episodes. The flashbacks have been well implemented and the characters fleshed out nicely. With this tale left wide open at the end, it’s anyone’s guess though what’s next for our group!


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