Never Let Me Go – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

If We Die, We Die Together

Episode 12 of Never Let Me Go starts with Palm getting a message from Uncle Kit asking him to meet at the pinned location if he wants to save Nuengdiao. As he is about to leave, he runs into Chopper. Palm confronts Chopper about acting like he doesn’t know his dad is behind the attacks on Nuengdiao’s family. Chopper is confused about Palm’s anger towards him and asks him to clarify. Once Palm shows him the message and the picture of Nuengdiao being held hostage, he understands that his dad is up to no good.

He promises Palm that he will make sure he stops his dad. Initially, he was on his way to talk to Nuengdiao and tell him that his dad is the one who ordered the attack. Chopper is different from his dad and wishes Nuengdiao no harm. Palm heads out to meet Uncle Kit and save Nuengdiao.

What happens to Nuengdiao and Palm?

Nuengdiao is kidnapped by his Uncle Kit who wishes to steal their family wealth and keep it all to himself. Nuengdiao is stubborn and refuses to give in to his uncle’s demands. This is until Palm arrives and is beaten by his uncle’s men. Nuengdiao is unable to see the man he loves being beaten and shot in the leg, he agrees to sign over his wealth to his Uncle.

Uncle Kit had been planning for this moment for a long time, of course, he came prepared with the relevant papers. Once he got Nuengdiao’s signature, he breaks his promises and moves to shoot Nuengdiao. Before Uncle Kit can attempt to shoot Nuengdiao, Chopper walks in and shoots him in the arm.

Chopper is ready to defend his cousin and put an end to his dad’s greed.  Uncle Kit feels like Chopper has let him down because he is not as greedy as him. He argues that he is doing this for Chopper but Chopper asks him to be honest. He did it because of his greed and desire to be the head of the family business. That is why he killed his own brother and attempted to kill his sister-in-law and nephew.

Chopper tells him that he is ashamed that he is his son and says he is ready to tell the police about his dad’s crime. Right then, after Uncle Kit shoots Palm, the police rush in with Ben and shoot Uncle Kit.

Palm and Uncle Kit are rushed to the hospital and go through surgery to save their lives. As they wait for the doctors to finish the surgery, Chopper earnestly apologizes to Nuengdiao. Nuengdiao forgives him and tells him that they have never had bad blood between them. He thanks Chopper and Ben for saving them and doing the right thing. He commends Chopper for going against his dad and they make up.  Ben is happy to see the cousins reunite and that Nuengdiao is safe.

After the surgery, Palm’s right leg is temporarily paralyzed and he is required to receive regular physical therapy. Palm starts seeing himself as a burden to Nuengdiao even though Nuengdiao is ready and willing to take care of him.

His feelings are added after his conversation with Nuengdiao’s mom, who sets him free to live his life. Palm secretly leaves the hospital and leaves a letter thanking Nuengdiao for his love and asking him not to look for him.

He goes back to the countryside and takes over his late’s mom bar. He throws himself into renovating the bar and reopening it as his mom wished. Meanwhile, Nuengdiao also tries to use work to forget Palm but they are unable to forget each other. In the end, Nuengdiao’s mom convinces him to stop punishing his heart and go to Palm. She promises to take over their business and allow Nuengdiao time to be with Palm.

Nuengdiao goes to Palm and they get back together. After a few blissful weeks, Palm asks Nuengdiao to also follow his dream to study music abroad and promises to wait for him. They promise to meet each other once a year on their secret beach.

What happens between Chopper and Ben?

At the hospital, Ben comforts Chopper and assures him that everything will be fine. He is proud that Chopper made the right decision and protected his cousin. Chopper thanks him for helping and going to get the police. Ben tells Chopper that he went there for him and he wants to stay by his side. Ben has known for a long time that Chopper has feelings for him and he confesses his own feelings to Chopper. Chopper is happy that Ben has finally fallen for him.

After the case with his dad is wrapped up, Chopper decides to follow Ben to England where they both plan to study.

What happens to Kiattrakulmethee businesses?

Mrs Thanya wakes up from her coma and gets stronger. Once Nuengdiao leaves to find Palm, she takes over the business and manages it so that someday Nuengdiao will take over as the legal heir.

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