Neverland In Ashes – Echoes | Album Review

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God Of Existence


Echoes by Neverland In Ashes is a blast of metalcore for the crowds which love the intensity. The band take their sound to the summit of their genre too, creating forceful, expertly driven guitar lines and crushing percussion. Lyrically, the act maximizes the written word, pushing it into the limelight for it to be acclaimed.

The band’s hearts are in it, and even though the darkness covers everything, there’s belief in the band’s contributions.

Neverland In Ashes breaks the mold here. They don’t alter the landscape of metal-core in a revolutionary sense, but they put their stamp on it, crafting songs which will provoke responses. This type of sound doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and this may be because of its abrasiveness. Echoes is somewhat unconventional but it has all the components to make it a stand-out hit.

‘Avalanche’ starts the record off in a loud fashion, and those screams come in drastically, though they create a riveting atmosphere. The lyrics describe voices like hurricanes, and the guitars implement intricacy.

‘Isolated’ opens with clean vocal work until the instrumentals barge in, committing to the song. Those screams again add contrasting styles, and the clean vocals tell us about the end of the world. ‘Riot’ stirs the emotions and the anger rises, with those heart pumping, razor-light guitar lines pushing the song through the motions.

Neverland In Ashes commit to their sound with intent. Echoes doesn’t alter the face of metal core but it definitely increases its exposure as a go to genre.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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