Never Have I Ever – Season 4 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Does Devi get into Princeton?

Episode 10 of Never Have I Ever Season 4 starts with John McEnroe narrating that Devi haS finally got into Princeton on the last day of school. She rushes to tell Ben all about it and they hug.

Ben is all smug about being the person that got Devi the admission because he forced her to write the essay. He tells Devi that he’s leaving to go to New York for the summer to start an internship at a law firm before college. Devi is bummed and wonders what not being around her arch-nemesis of 12 years will be like.

On Graduation Day, Devi and her friends bid each other farewell as they take pictures together. She is named valedictorian and bids a final farewell to Ben before he leaves for New York. Devi, Fabiola and Eleanor spend the rest of the summer together until Paati’s wedding.

What happens before Paati’s wedding?

As it turns out, Paati’s wedding is scheduled to be a day before Devi has to leave for New Jersey. Paati gives Devi permission to invite her friends to the wedding including Paxton, Aneesa and Ben. Devi invites everyone but is sad that Ben won’t be able to make it since he’s already in New York. Paati talks about finally being able to wear a thaali (an auspicious thread worn by married women to show that they aren’t single or available).

Devi claims that Nalini should take her thaali off because she’s with Andres now. Nalini tells Devi that Andres does not mind the jewellery and adds that she’s now used to wearing it. She also tells Devi that she needs to pack because she’s going to be too tired to do it before the wedding. Kamala tells Devi that she could visit her often at Princeton since she and Manish are moving to Baltimore.

Devi tells Kamala that she will visit the couple instead because she dreads the idea of her college friends knowing that she has a hot cousin. Devi asks her mother to allow Fabiola and Eleanor to come over for the night but Eleanor keeps talking about their last times together.

Just then, Devi learns that the trio will not be able to meet often because they have different schedules. Eleanor believes the next time they will see each other will be next summer, which is a year away. Nalini asks Devi to wrap up her party and send her friends away so she can go pack her suitcase for Princeton.

Why is Devi not able to pack her suitcase for college?

That night, Devi has a hard time packing and suffers from a mini panic attack thinking about leaving her life behind and packing away all of it in one suitcase. She texts Ben a photo reminding him of their first friendly interaction from freshman year of high school.

Meanwhile, Ben is at a nightclub with his guy friends, who are interns. He sees Devi’s text and realizes how much he misses her. Devi tells her that all of her friends are coming to the wedding.

Ben’s friend tells him that he’s being rude to the girl he liked. Ben believes he should be nice to the girl he likes or she would move on with someone else who treats her right. Ben’s friend asks him if he had ever been nice to the last girl he liked, and he comes to think of how he behaved with Devi. Ben admits that telling the girl was scary and his friends laugh at him for being a coward.

What happens at Paati’s wedding?

The next night, Paati walks down the aisle and has a mixed wedding with Indian and Jewish traditions. Devi meets up with Fabiola, Eleanor, Addison, Trent and Aneesa as well as Paxton and Lindsay. The group decides how they should get drunk but Nalini drags Devi to get her to say goodbye to their Indian friends and relatives.

The relatives scare Devi down about moving away from her family but Kamala comes in to reassure Devi that she was going to be around. Kamala asks Devi if she had gotten together with Ben but she claims that Ben did not really like her as much. Devi tells Kamala that she is thankful to her cousin for being the cool older sister she never had.

Later that night, Devi, Fabiola and Eleanor hang out together one last time and have some alcohol they sneaked. Devi is scared about losing her childhood friends and the trio talk about moving so far away. Eleanor and Fabiola praise Devi for being brave and for having them tag along with her crazy adventures through high school.

Nalini comes into Devi’s room to take her back to the reception for Paati’s first dance. She is shocked that Devi hasn’t packed when she’s going to leave for college the following morning.

Devi apologises to her mother and gets ready to play the harp for Paati’s first dance. Paati tells Nalini that she was being too harsh on Devi because she was scared of letting go of her. Devi starts packing her suitcase and has a breakdown because she would not have access to her room and her father in New Jersey. Nalini finds Devi and helps calm her down.

She offers to help Devi pack and promises that everything will be okay. Together, Devi and Nalini pack her things for college and get back to the reception.

Kamala and Devi put on a fun dance to a South Indian song that has everyone jumping onto the dance floor with them. Paxton catches Devi in the corner and tells her that he was going to be a teacher full-time after finishing his degree from ASU. Devi and Paxton talk about how they will be there for each other even when they’re away because they make great friends. At the end of the reception, the group plays Never Have I Ever and is shocked by the revelations.

Who does Devi end up with?

Devi says never has she never hooked up with but spots Ben entering the reception mid-sentence. She rushes to see him and Ben tells her that he had come all the way from New York to finally tell her how he felt about her.

The two confess their feelings for each other and Kamala helps them sneak out of the wedding. That night, Nalini finally takes off her thaali. Feeling fulfilled, Devi and Ben head to the latter’s house and make love, this time feeling great about it the morning after. Early the next morning, Ben helps Devi get dressed for her flight and she rushes back home.

How does Never Have I Ever Season 4 end?

Nalini drops Devi off at the airport as she finally leaves for college after willingly saying her final prayers. The show ends with a montage of Devi and Ben dating long distances and making a successful relationship between New York and New Jersey.

Fabiola enters Harvard and Eleanor starts learning direction where Trent seemingly also studies movie making to help her with small movie projects for her course. Paxton is also studying Education at ASU while Manish and Kamala enjoy their lives in Baltimore. John McEnroe signs off at Devi’s narrator as the show comes to an end.

The Episode Review

There’s a lot of mixed feelings about the way this show ended and I’m not happy about Devi ending up with Ben. I know they are the couple that many fans wanted to see together but it would have been nice to see Devi go to college as a single woman.

Knowing that most relationships from high school do end and not everyone is able to make long-distance work.

One may call the ending of this show too happy but this is the conclusion we’ve received and it’s good to see an Indian teenager living in the States finally given a voice, all thanks to Mindy Kaling.

I love how Devi and Kamala had a fun dance moment that’s reminiscent of how Maitreyi and Richa, the actresses playing the two characters, shocked everyone when they danced to ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’ on Richa’s YouTube channel after the first season of the show. This Easter Egg is surely going to resonate with many fans.

While we all would have maybe liked the show to end differently than it did, we do get a happy ending all the same.

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