Never Have I Ever – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review

…had an identity crisis

Model Gigi Hadid is back to narrate Paxton’s life in Episode 7 of Never Have I Ever Season 4, and it starts with her talking about how Paxton was living his high school life as a teacher. Paxton feels like the coolest kid in school and is invited to all of the parties as well.

During the Teacher’s meeting, Professor Lindsay Thompson asks the teachers to volunteer for potluck but none of the teachers except Professor Shapiro seem interested.

Paxton avoids being a part of the event by claiming that he was busy on the day of the potluck. The coach asks Paxton to run the Swim Team tryouts for that year and Eric from team Robotics is trying out again that year for the fourth time in a row. Paxton notices how, despite not being able to swim at all, Eric had tried out for the team throughout the four years of high school.

Eric is disappointed that he’s not selected again but Paxton tells him that he needed serious training to even be selected. Eric misunderstands this comment as an invitation for Paxton to train him. He takes Paxton up on the offer and begs for him to train him so that he won’t be a total failure.

Devi lists down the work she had done for the day and hopes that she too will find her way into Princeton just like Paxton found his way back to high school. Paxton is taken aback by the comment but is soon distracted when Trent asks to hang out with Paxton that evening.

Paxton agrees to have a small get-together with some of the swim club members at his house but is soon distracted when Eric takes him away for a coaching session.

Paxton gives Eric a couple of instructions to help him swim better. He is surprised to see that Eric was so persistent about not giving up. The small party blows up into a huge rage and Paxton was feeling overwhelmed. Meanwhile, he was still getting constant reminder emails from his college at ASU which was adding to his guilt that he was wasting away time that he could spend on his degree.

Devi shows up to the party and realises that Paxton was not feeling himself at the event. He tells Devi that throwing a party with teenagers felt wrong because he was a teacher. Devi tells him to chill out because she was sure no one would ever rat him out. Just then, Lindsay shows up at the party after a student calls her for help.

She is shocked to learn that it was Paxton who was throwing the party with alcohol around high schoolers. The following week, Paxton tries to have a conversation with Lindsay at the school. She tells him that he’s an adult now and needs to behave like a grown-up and a responsible teacher.

Paxton gets to his training session with Eric, wondering what he’s doing with his life. He lets out all of his pent-up frustration at Eric and wonders why he’s not giving up, and why he kept trying even after failing so much. Eric tells Paxton that he’s okay with failing because he’s at least trying. He adds that there’s a chance he could end up victorious at the end which would make him proud of himself.

Eric tells Paxton that he does not want to be a person who gives up on his dream without even trying. Paxton promises to train Eric and starts pushing him to train harder on his swimming by coaching him for longer. Devi tries to tell Paxton that the lock to the storage room was broken but forgets to do so. After their last session together, Paxton is hopeful about Eric being able to make it into the Swim team.

Paxton helps Devi sort the swim supplies and accidentally gets locked up inside the storage room with her. With both their phones kept in their lockers, Devi and Paxton end up being stuck together by themselves. The two wait and wait but eventually get to talking when no one comes to recuse them. Paxton tells Devi that she needed to stop being so desperate about getting into Princeton.

Devi asks why Paxton really left ASU and he explains that he was being looked down upon there. Paxton regrets not being in college but hated the feeling of being a loser. Devi jokes that she will need to rile down on her being a ‘sexually successful senior’ considering how Paxton suffered because he was so hot in High School.

Paxton is shocked about Devi was sexually active when she tells him about Ben and Ethan. The two are able to joke about it and Devi claims that she was sure she’d lose her virginity to Paxton. She tells Paxton that she felt like an equal to Paxton for the first time but he claims that she’s too good for him.

They are caught in the moment and end up kissing each other but move apart as soon as Coach Noble opens the door to the storage room. The coach gives Paxton a warning asking him to be careful about what he’s doing as a teacher. That night, Paxton talks to his mother about being a failure. She advises that Paxton should let go of his old self and find out who he really is.

The next day, everyone is happy to see Eric make it into the swim team after a successful tryout. Eric credits his success to Paxton and everyone cheers his perseverance. Devi talks to Paxton about their kiss and believes that it’s closure on their history together. Ben joins them to mock Devi, but she mocks him back. Paxton tells Devi that she and Ben definitely shared some vibes but Devi shuts him down.

That day, Paxton makes it to the Teacher’s potluck and offers to volunteer for the student help hotline. If it helps, Paxton is one of the most popular teachers in school as he makes friends with adults.

The Episode Review

The confidence that Eric has in himself is what manty of us need in our lives. I love how he can be extremely chaotic but endearing at the same time. However, seeing how things are going between Paxton and Lindsay, it would not come as a surprise if he ends up dating her. Paxton is the ultimate rizz machine and it looks like he has never had a year go by when he isn’t dating anyone.

It was obvious that Devi and Paxton were not going to end up together but it does hurt a little that they ended their romantic relationship completely. As much as yours truly claims to be Team Paxton, deep down I really feel like Devi doesn’t deserve to be with him or Ben because love triangles are not cool anymore.

I hope the show ends with Paxton going back to college because he really feels like he made the wrong decision leaving.

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