Never Have I Ever – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Review

…had my dream stolen

Episode 6 of Never Have I Ever Season 4 starts with Devi growing anxious about the early acceptance letters that are going to drop at 4pm that day. Nalini tries to be supportive of Devi in case she doesn’t get in, which further adds to Devi’s worries. She feels that her mother does not have faith in her and is worried about the fact that she has things like a suspension for bullying Aneesa, her issue with Ethan stealing Akshara’s purse and not having an LoR from Dr Keyes.

At school, Ben tells Devi that one of his mother’s friends has revealed that someone from Sherman Oaks High School has got into Princeton. Being one of the only worthy applicants, Devi suddenly feels confident about her own prospects. However, Devi soon learns that her application had been deferred for further consideration which pisses her off. Fabiola is the one who has got into Princeton instead of Devi.

Devi is upset with her mother for thinking that she sucks and not being supportive by trusting her potential. Devi lashes out at her mother for the most insane reason but Kamala arrives just in time, changing the direction of the conversation. Kamala learns that Paati has ordered a bunch of gifts for Len, who jokes that Nirmala (Paati) is his sugar mommy. Kamala takes offence to the statement and is further shocked that Paati has booked a vacation to Palm Springs for her and Len.

The next day, Devi talks to Professor Warner about being deferred but the professor claims that she could apply like a regular student with the rest of the students. Devi thinks that doing so was beneath her and tells the guidance counsellor that she would be taking up a sport in order to boost her application. At the cafeteria, Devi tells her friends that she would end the person that applied to Princeton.

Devi asks Fabiola if she had gotten into Yale but the latter lies that she hadn’t. She then asks Paxton if she could apply to a sports club and he claims that Devi could be helping with the boy’s swim team as an equipment manager in exchange for a varsity letter on her application. Fabiola tells Eleanor that she was the one who applied to Princeton and had got in. Eleanor is worried when Devi finds out but is happy for Fabiola on getting into an IVY league college.

Meanwhile, Ben is wearing Columbia University sweats to show everyone that he has been accepted early as well but Margot is not as excited about it as Ben would like it. She claims that she can’t join him for dinner that evening because she needs to attend an art show. Ben agrees to celebrate later and asks to join Margot at the art show. Kamala and her boss have coffee and discuss a possible job offer in Maryland, Baltimore.

Kamala is not sure about the move and realises that she has to move in 3 weeks if she’s to take the job. However, during their interaction, Kamala spots Len with a woman. Len is having a suspicious conversation, where he mentions Nirmala and her money. Kamala grows even more suspicious of Len. She tells her boss that she will need more time to get back on the job offer as she has a lot of family business in Sherman Oaks.

At school, Professor Warner tells Fabiola that she needed to tell Devi that she had gotten into Princeton because she had to attend the early welcome ceremony at the parking lot. Devi on the other hand gets selected for a job with the swim team. The coach asks Devi to go to the parking lot. There, Devi spots Fabiola with the early admits and is heartbroken to learn that Fabiola had taken her spot.

At her art exhibition, Ben accompanies Margot but she ends up badly about him to the owner of her art gallery. Margot butt-dials Ben and he overhears the conversation where the owner of Margot’s art gallery calls Ben names and Margot agrees with him. She claims that she’s not in love with him and Ben is just a high-school fling for her.

That evening, Devi comes home upset, telling her mother how she felt betrayed by Fabiola. Kamala comes in after Devi and asks to have a private chat with Paati and Nalini. Kamala tells them that she saw Len with a woman. She calls Len a gold digger and Paati claims that she had a lot of money from investing into Apple many years ago.

However, Len ends up proposing to Paati asking her to get married to him. Kamala is shocked when Paati accepts the proposal despite the warning. Meanwhile, in her room, Fabiola is making out with her girlfriend, Addison. Addison asks Fabiola what was worrying her and the latter mentions how her friendship with Devi had been ruined.

Addison tells Fabiola that she will have more friends in college but Fabiola tells her that she wanted to be friends with Devi and Eleanor for life. Addison asks Fabiola to explain herself to Devi and claims that Devi would understand where she was coming from. The next day, Fabiola tries to talk to Devi but she yells at the former and leaves without hearing her out. Professor Warner finds Fabiola with Eleanor and is about to say something but Eleanor stops her from spoiling her secret.

Margot talks to Ben in the break room and talks about how he had left the art show without telling her. Ben tells Margot that he had overheard her conversation with the gallery owner and ends their relationship. Margot tries to defend herself but Ben finds her backhanded compliments insulting. Devi is still mad at Fabiola while she sets up the lane dividers into the pool when Paxton finds her.

Paxton tells Devi that she was misunderstanding Fabiola and adds that the latter probably kept it a secret from Devi because of her temper. He tells Devi that the issue was not something she should fret over and asks her to talk to Fabiola. That day, Fabiola reads out a heart-warming essay during History class which is directed towards her friendship with Devi. Fabiola gets emotional and runs out of class.

Devi and Eleanor follow her outside. Devi and Fabiola reconcile with each other and Devi is happy for her friend. She apologises to Fabiola for making things difficult for her. Eleanor breaks some pretty shocking news to the group. She tells her friends that after being rejected by Juilliard, she was going to graduate early and become a full-time actress.

Both Devi and Fabiola congratulate Eleanor. During her session with Dr Ryan, Devi tells her therapist all about it but the latter wonders what’s still going on in Devi’s head. The teenager claims that she is not able to process the fact that Princeton has deferred her and wonders why she is not good enough for the school.

Dr Ryan tells Devi that maybe her obsession with Princeton could stop but Devi is taken back to her childhood. Devi recalls being a young girl and talking to her father about colleges, when she told him she would go to Princess College. After Mohan tells Devi that the closest college to that name is Princeton, young Devi decides to make that her dream when she gets older.

Present-day Devi tells Dr Ryan that she will not be giving up on that dream anytime soon. Meanwhile, Kamala tells her boss that she needs to stay back and decline the job offer because her family needs her. That night, Nalini has a conversation with Devi about their misunderstanding. Devi’s mother tells Devi that she has given up on her studies and came to the USA originally so Devi could have a bright future.

Nalini claims that it’s Princeton’s loss for not accepting Devi and that she always had faith in her daughter. The next day, Devi learns that Ben has broken up with Margot. Devi realises that he is the only one who is on the same page as her about being deferred from a college as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

It would make been nice for the writers to make Fabiola’s admission a bigger shock to viewers just like it was for Devi. Knowing that it was Fabiola who has got into Princeton did not seem like a shock and as big a betrayal for viewers as it did to Devi. Paxton seems to have grown into a mature adult and it really is a good look on him.

It is clear that Margot’s priorities are different from Ben’s but as his girlfriend, she could be a little more excited for him and celebrate, as getting into Columbia was a big dream of his. This is certainly proof that they needed to see that they’re totally not compatible together. This show really has the worst way to end relationships between the main characters and other side characters like Aneesa, Ethan and now Margot.

It looks like Len is a major red flag but I can’t help but notice that Kamala is too involved in Paati’s romantic life while there is no sign of Manish this season. With four episodes left, hopefully they bring him in soon because I’m still betting on the big fat Indian wedding!

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