Never Have I Ever – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review

…liked a bad boy

Episode 3 of Never Have I Ever Season 4 starts with Devi having a sex dream about bad boy Ethan. She wakes up to realise that she’s actually betraying her best friend, Eleanor. On her way to work, Nalini slips on the stairs because the woodwork at the house has a termite infestation. Paati tells Nalini that she had taken Len’s help to call a contractor home to fix the stairs.

Margot’s father, Mr Ramos, turns out to be the contractor. Nalini and Mr Ramos end up fighting, but when she realises how bad the situation is and asks Mr Ramos to start working on the house. At school, Devi was not able to get Ethan out of her head after their conversation last night. She tries to avoid him at school but could not help it.

Devi learns that Paxton had quit college and was back at the school working as Assistant Swimming Coach. Paxton tells her that college was not for everyone. Devi tells Paxton that leaving College so soon without even giving it a shot was not right. In the cafeteria, Eleanor is swooning over Ethan and Devi joins her. Fabiola makes the girls realise that Ethan was a vandal but Eleanor defends him.

Devi realises that Ethan would be off limits for her once Eleanor starts dating him. She asks Eleanor to ask him out but Ethan invites the trio for a beer party at his place that evening. Meanwhile, Trent welcomes Paxton back but he mentions that he was still psyched from what Devi told him about giving up on college pretty easily.

Professor Thompson is Dr Keyes’ replacement for the AP Lit class and tells the students that she was a fresh college graduate. She asks the students to pair up and discuss the novel – Crucible. Ben and Devi end up in a pair and Devi is sure that Ben will have to talk to her now. Ben starts mocking Devi for falsely accusing Margot using the plot of the novel. Their discussion gets out of hand and Ben asks to move into a bigger group.

That evening, Nalini comes back home to see that Mr Ramos had thrown out her stairs completely alienating the ground floor from the first. Mr Ramos claims that the entire staircase is messed up but Nalini thinks that he’s trying to con her because she’s a single woman running her house. At Ethan’s party, Eleanor and Trent run into each other but there is some awkward tension between them.

Ethan is suspiciously close to Devi but the latter pulls herself away from him, asking Eleanor to have a chat with Ethan instead. Devi spots Ben with Margot and goes outside to have a drink by herself. Paxton receives a warm welcome at the party and finally feels at home. Meanwhile, Ethan joins Devi outside and kisses her. Eleanor spots the two kissing and feels betrayed by Devi. Devi claims that she likes Ethan and kissed him because of her crush.

Eleanor tells Devi that Ethan had kissed her seconds ago too. Fabiola presses that the boy was at fault and that both Eleanor and Devi needed to move on from him. The next day, Nalini is mad at Mr Ramos for not fixing her stairs. Kamala learns from Instagram that he had a new construction job while Devi finds the address.

At school, Paxton meets Professor Thompson who is a substitute for Dr Keyes. Paxton is happy about being back at the high school and Professor Thompson is shocked that Paxton does not feel like an outcast for coming back. In the hallway, Devi confronts Ethan for kissing Eleanor before kissing her. Ethan apologises for it and asks Devi to see him skate at the parking lot during the break. Devi then overhears Ben talking to Margot about Devi.

Ben tells Margot that he wasn’t talking to Devi but Margot is nonchalant about it. She claims that Ben had imposed the rule and was avoiding Devi for reasons of his own. Devi is shocked to learn that and goes to the parking lot to see Ethan skate. She spots Eleanor there and the two girls argue about lying to each other. Devi claims that her situation with Ben was much worse and that she needed to get over him.

Eleanor claims that she liked Ethan first and kissed him before Devi which means she deserved him to get over Trent. A skater boy bumps into Devi making her fall. Trent who heard the entire conversation is upset to learn that Eleanor had moved on from him already. Meanwhile, Nalini and Kamala go to the construction site and confront Mr Ramos for causing a delay in the construction of her house stairs due to an act of personal vengeance.

Nalini threatens to expose Mr Ramos online and the two eventually have a mature conversation. Mr Ramos claims that he spitefully delayed the job due to the issue between Margot and Devi but promises to complete the job soon. Back at School, Eleanor tells Devi that she still misses Trent and gives her blessing to Devi so that she could pursue Ethan without guilt. Trent talks to Paxton about Eleanor moving on from him so easily.

On his way back, Paxton overhears the kids talking about how he’s pathetic coming back to the high school she studied at. Ethan waits by Devi’s car to check up on her and claims that he liked her. Devi draws the line and claims that she prefers monogamy and asks him to only be with her if really likes her. The episode ends with Ethan kissing Devi.

The Episode Review

Things cannot get any worse for Devi because she’s clearly into a shifty guy. Ethan is the definition of an f-boy and he does a good job at acting the part. Devi, on the other hand, is too full of hormones that are making her act out. Hopefully she doesn’t make any rash decisions now that will make her regret in the future.

While it is right for Ben to want to stay away from Devi, it is wrong for him to put it on Margot. It is men like him who pit women against each other while getting a free pass to walk away from the drama. I hope Margot finds out and eventually leaves him for it. Both Devi and Margot deserve boys that stand up for their partners and not someone who uses them at their disposal.

I hope Paxton has the chance to return to college because his decision really will cost him in the future. Sure he is uncomfortable around his fellow classmates and is not the most popular guy in college, but the opportunities he is missing because he is not up for stepping out of his comfort zone could make him suffer in the future.

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