Never Have I Ever – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

…gotten sweet revenge

Episode 2 of Never Have I Ever Season 4 starts with Devi’s mother telling her that she needs to be a responsible person and pay for the car repair from her pocket money. Nalini is on Devi’s side, when she tells her mother that Margot had done this as a hate crime. She agrees to talk to Principal Grubbs about this. Margot’s father, Mr Ramos, is called to the office for a discussion.

Margot and Mr Ramos are adamant that Margot did not vandalise the car because she has an alibi. Margot tells everyone that she was in class with Professor Nuni when the incident took place. Principal Grubbs agrees to let Margot go which pisses Devi off. The two girls start arguing about Ben again and Nalini is shocked that Devi was fighting with another girl over her childhood arch nemesis.

Fabiola and Aneesa talk about the fact that no female student wanted to join the Robotics team. Aneesa tells Fabiola that the team had a bunch of incels in it who had toxic masculine energy that essentially drove off all the female students. Meanwhile, Devi talks to her college advisor, Professor Warner, about applying to Princeton early.

Professor Warner tells Devi that she won’t be getting an LoR from Dr Keyes because of the accident that made her faint and be admitted to the hospital. The professor also tells Devi that the school was going on a trip to New York to apply to colleges in the tri-state area. Devi claims that she will book her seat soon and suddenly realises that she needed to get her car fixed with her own money.

During school break, Devi goes to the repair shop where the mechanic tells her that the paint job would cost $1,100. Devi is shocked and tries to bargain with him but the mechanic claims that there was no way to do it for any cheaper. Meanwhile, at the Vishwakumar house, Kamala comes home early from work and finds that Paati (Devi’s grandmother) was dating some guy.

Kamala is supportive of Paati dating Len and tells her that she deserved to move on since her husband died 20 years ago. Kamala is still pissed at Paati for making her stay away from Manish but promises to keep Paati’s secret from Nalini upon the old woman’s persistence. Back at school, Devi tells Fabiola and Eleanor how that she will not be able to go to New York because she will have to spend her savings on the paint job for her car. She is pissed at Margot for ruining everything but Eleanor is too smitten by Ethan to notice.

Eleanor tells her friends that she’s moving on from Trent and is now harbouring a crush on Ethan. Devi talks to Ben about Margot vandalising her car and tells him that he needed to stand up for her as her friend. On her way to class, Devi overhears Professor Nuni mentioning that she was not in school the previous day. She tells Principal Grubbs that Margot lied about her alibi.

Meanwhile, Ben talks to Margot about the issue and she is shocked about the fact that Ben did not trust her. Devi and Eleanor are in Spanish class where the professor asks Ethan to write something on the blackboard. Devi realises that Ethan has the same handwriting as the vandal and confronts him about it. Ethan claims that he thought Devi’s car belonged to a teacher and he was taking revenge on the guy for pissing him off.

Margot is called into the Principal’s office for lying about her alibi. Principal Grubbs claims that Margot had to be suspended for lying and vandalising. Devi enters the office just in time and tells the Principal that Margot is innocent, which pisses Principal Grubbs off. She calls Devi out for creating mayhem every day and wasting her time. She then apologises to Margot.

Margot and Ben are both pissed at Devi as well. Fabiola visits the science team and talks to the female students there about the Robotics Team. She learns from Michelle how the boys in the Robotics team had been mean to her. Fabiola apologises to her and promises to help change the culture of the Robotics team. Devi runs into Ben at the lockers and apologises for the mix-up.

Ben tells her that Margot had asked him not to speak to Devi again and adds that he was going to stop talking to her. Devi is pissed at Ethan for messing things up and confronts him about the vandalism. She yells him down around her friends and asks him to clean up the vandal job on his car.

On her way out, Devi runs into Paxton, who’s in school for an interview. Fabiola talks to Eric about the bad reputation of Robotics and calls him out for gatekeeping the team from the female students. Michelle is happy to see Fabiola defend STEM women and agrees to join the Robotics Team. Later that night, Paati eventually tells Nalini and Devi that she was dating someone.

Just like Kamala, both Nalini and Devi are very accepting of Patti’s relationship. Ethan texts Devi that he was outside her house to clean her car. Devi can’t believe that the mechanic was going to scam her for a job that cost Ethan $13. Ethan tells Devi that he was attracted to her because she yelled at him. Devi realises that she’s falling for Ethan, despite knowing the fact that Eleanor liked him as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

I am not sure how I feel about Ethan yet because he is so into Devi all of a sudden after he was just introduced to us as viewers. It really seems like the makers are trying to rush so much into the episodes to make it seem like Devi’s senior year is more about relationships and dating instead of, in reality, a whole lot of studying!

I really hope Paxton is not back to Sherman Oaks to work there because he would have really lost a great opportunity of getting a college degree for nothing. I wish there was more of him in this season and that the two eventually get married to have a big fat Indian Wedding!  That would certainly spice things up for this Indian-American sitcom!

From the looks of it, Devi and Ethan are probably going to date, which will somehow ruin her friendship with Eleanor in the final year of high school. I just hope the girls don’t let boy drama come in the middle of their friendship because that would really be anti-climactic.

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