Never Have I Ever – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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The season finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3 starts with Devi going to school on their last day. She has moved on from Des and is soon going to be a college senior. Mrs. Grubbs tells her that she has been selected by the school to go to Shurbland School – an intensive one-year program for academically gifted seniors.

Mrs. Grubbs suggests that Devi should actually consider going. She promises that this could be Devi’s chance to get into Princeton. This also means it could be Devi’s last regular school day. In class, Ben is a little surprised how Devi got into Shrubland.

Devi jokes about how he would use his dad’s connections to go to a regular college unlike her. Ben is upset that she is giving up on the opportunity. He convinces her to check out the school.

Eleanor and Fabiola however have different opinions, as they convince her not to go. Devi mentions how she has so much to do, while Fabiola says that she has already lost her virginity when she had sex with Addison a week ago.

Devi explains how she was initially scared to tell them, and realizes that she is the only virgin left amongst the three of them.

Devi tells them she cannot afford to miss any more milestones with her friends and wishes to stay for her final year in school. She finds Paxton in Cafeteria and congratulates him on his last day of high school but Trent is sad.

After he leaves, Eleanor and Paxton explain how Trent has been in denial about graduating. Aneesa congratulates Paxton on getting to speak at graduation as Fabiola wonders why they have a student-voted Class Speaker in their school.

The ‘cool-girl’ clique tells Paxton that he should be doing a dance or something hot during his speech because that is what he is known for.

At home during dinner, Nalini asks Devi about Shrubland Boarding school but Devi dismisses the idea. Manish tells them that it is a big deal for someone to get into the school.

Nalini wonders if Devi would have to leave a year early to go there. Devi states that she already has amazing grades to get into Princeton without going. Nalini decides not to push Devi but Kamala asks them to go visit. Kamala convinces Nalini to check it out and asks her to push Devi too.

Nalini recalls how Mohan convinced her to do her best in order to let Devi have the best education. Nalini declares that she will go to Colorado with Devi to check out the school. At therapy, Devi talks to Dr. Ryan about how her mother is making her go to Colorado. Dr. Ryan argues that Devi does not have to actually go there. She asks Devi to check the school instead of being limited to her dreams.

She convinces Devi to surprise herself and be open to having new experiences. Eleanor worries that Trent still hasn’t picked up his graduation gown. She asks Paxton to help and Paxton is easily able to convince him to show up at the event.

Paxton is confident about his speech and is looking forward to it. Devi and her mother go to the school in Colorado, where Nalini admits that she likes the place. Devi learns that the students there take college-level courses.

At art class, Margot and Ben chat and plan to go out on a date. In Colorado, Devi finds the class interesting. Students there actively participate in class too, which shocks Devi.

During the class in Shrubland, the professor asks Devi a question and she answers well amazing herself. On her flight back home, Devi seems excited that she would fit into the school.

At Graduation day, Devi tells Fabiola and Eleanor that she would be moving to Colorado because she liked it. They initially disagree but willingly accept her decision. Trent is not on stage with his class and Eleanor asks him to go on stage.

Trent tells her that he actually failed his senior year and did not graduate. He worries that Eleanor will be upset. She is happy about having another year with him. Paxton is on stage giving his final speech.

He talks about hard work and gives a secret shout-out to Devi. Despite the speech, Devi is not actually feeling anything about Paxton at that moment alluding to the fact that she has sincerely moved on from him.

Ben overhears that Devi is going to Colorado. He does not want Devi to go because he still has feelings for her. This confession makes her stomach knot up but Paxton joins them.

Ben leaves the pair to chat. Paxton mentions his shout-out to her. He thanks Devi for being there for her. Devi too, thanks Paxton for helping her get through the death of her dad by being her dream.

She and Paxton joke for a while as his family comes to congratulate him. Devi watches them and realizes how important the present is to her. She tells her mother that she does not want to go to Colorado.

She cries, saying that life was very unpredictable and that she wanted to spend more time with her mother. Her mother agrees to let her stay, and she’s happy as a result.

Later that night, Devi finds Ben’s “one free boink” card in her jacket and goes to his house. She hands the card over to him and enters his room. They kiss as the door closes and the season ends.

The Episode Review

Devi really is very complicated when it comes to making big decisions in her life. It is nice that she finally decided that she wants more time with her mother during her senior year. She and Paxton really felt like “endgame” but to see that she had no emotions for him during his speech truly means that she has moved on from him.

She hasn’t moved on from Ben though, and the feeling is mutual. He really loves her so it feels like the next season will give us more of “Ben’s David”. I hate the fact that Season 3 only gave fans 3 episodes of Ben and Paxton because it felt like Paxton had made so much progress on his old self during the last two seasons.

There are a lot of questions about his presence in the next and final season of the show. But for now, the only question is, did Devi actually lose her virginity? Or did she chicken out last minute? Guess we will only find out in Season 4.

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  1. no wtf!!!!!!!!!! i need devi and paxton to get back together did the writers literally forget ben and devi hated each other for the majority of their childhood and teenage years?????

    when paxton cradled her face when she was crying in ep. 8….. that was SO precious

  2. I dont like this show anymore! I really want Paxton and Devi together and it just keeps spiraling back to Ben

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