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Never Have I Ever – Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Review 

…had an Indian boyfriend

After Rhyah catches Devi and Des making out, episode 9 of Never Have I Ever Season 3 starts with her calling Nalini and telling her about it. Rhyah tries to be understanding but Nalini seems furious. Rhyah says that since Nalini does not allow Devi to date, they will have to break up. Shockingly, Nalini allows Devi to date Des.

Nalini tells Rhyah that she approves of Des because he is a polite Indian boy and she sees Des as a good influence on her. For the first time, Devi is allowed to have a boyfriend. The next day at school, Fabiola and Eleanor wonder how Nalini’s personality changed all of a sudden.

Devi has a full weekend planned out with Des. She is looking forward to starting it with her Orchestra concert. Eleanor wonders how Eric has a girlfriend and that he lost his virginity before all three of them. Fabiola and Devi wonder why Eleanor is still a virgin given that she has been dating Trent for a while.

Eleanor mentions that it is she who is delaying having sex with Trent. She’s a romantic and has high standards for the first time she has sex. Her friends advise her to talk to Trent about it. Eleanor says that it is only romantic if Trent finds a way to make it happen on his own without her having to tell him about it.

Devi is in class with Ben as she tells him she is allowed to date Des with her mom’s permission. Ben wonders why Nalini is so cool about Devi dating Dev. He jokes that she does not see Des as a threat to Devi’s virginity. Devi tells Ben he is just jealous and lonely.

She asks him if he will be at her Orchestra concert and mentions that she will be there with Des as a couple. Paxton is with Trent and Eleanor when he checks if he got into college. He finds that he got into a college that is one hour away from where they live.

Trent is happy that his friend is going to be nearby. Paxton then wonders if he go to Arizona State University (ASU) and as it turns out, he did. Trent is upset that Paxton would move so far. On the night of Devi’s Orchestra concert, she makes the grand entry with Des and their mothers, Nalini and Rhyah. They are happy that Nalini approves of Des.

At the same time, Eleanor is having her dress fitting for the drama she is a part of when Paxton tells her about going to ASU. He explains that he is worried Trent would freak out and asks her to help tell him immediately. When Eleanor and Paxton, tell him Trent is pissed and leaves them.

At Devi’s concert, Nalini and Rhyah take their seats. Rhyah schools Nalini about having an unhealthy protein bar. Rhyah offers her some organic seed mix. At the concert, Devi looks outside from backstage and suddenly envisions her father seated at the show. She remembers this as her first Orchestra concert since her father suddenly suffered a heart attack at her show when she was a freshman.

Devi panics and rushes to the restroom. Rhyah also excuses herself to go to the restroom and spots Devi crying. She asks her what is wrong and reassures her. Rhyah helps Devi get back to normal after her panic attack. Devi is confident to go on stage and she thanks Rhyah for her help. Devi has a successful Orchestra concert while Rhyah seems worried.

As the concert ends, Rhyah and Des leave first. Ben overhears Rhyah asking Des to break up with Devi. She thinks that Devi is complicated.

As Devi and Nalini leave, Rhyah puts on a happy face and congratulates Devi. As they head out to their cars, Devi asks if she would see Des the next day but he can’t as he has a huge paper due. A few days after, Devi worries about Des being distant.

He mentions that he is going to be at Stanford and would be busy this weekend coming. Ben finds her and admits he overheard Rhyah’s conversation with Des about breaking up with Devi. Devi thinks Ben is trying to ruin things for her because he is just jealous and lonely.

Meanwhile, Trent is sad about Paxton leaving. Eleanor talks to him but he still feels upset. She gets angry and asks him to stop being selfish. The next day, Devi tells Fabiola and Eleanor what Ben said to her about Des.

She tries to give Des the benefit of the doubt but Fabiola mentions that Addison’s Instagram shows Des’ sunglasses in the background. Devi texts Des about being at Stanford and he immediately lies. Fabiola agrees to join Devi as she confronts him. Devi finds Des at the coffee shop and yells at him for lying to her.

Des tells Dev that the reason why he was avoiding her was that he did not want to break up. He cannot go against his mother, but dating her isn’t worth pissing Rhyah off. Devi is angry and throws the iced coffee on his face when Rhyah walks in and scolds her.

At Paxton’s garage, Trent shows up and reconciles with him about Paxton going to Arizona. Paxton reassures him that he will not make any new friends at ASU. Trent takes Paxton’s swimming warming jacket as a memento and gives his baseball cap to Paxton to remember him by. Rhyah takes them to Nalini and complains that Devi and Des should break up.

Devi calls Rhyah out and tells Nalini what Rhyah said about her. Nalini is angry with Rhyah and stands up for Devi, kicking her and Des out. After Des has left, Nalini tries to console Devi. Devi tells her mother about seeing Mohan during her Orchestra concert.

Nalini mentions that she still sees him every time and that is okay for them to miss him. Nalini reassures Devi that one day she will find someone who loves her exactly as she is. Eleanor is wearing her costume for the drama when Trent walks up in Paxton’s coat without his cap. Trent impresses Eleanor when he apologizes to her in the 80’s Elizabethan style. They start making out in front of Jonah in the drama room.

The next day, Eleanor tells her friends how she had sex with Trent in the drama room. Devi notices Ben and apologizes to him for not believing him. They try to straighten things out when Ben jokingly gives Devi a “one free boink” card.

He mentions that if she remains a virgin when she is old and on her deathbed, he will come to have sex with her then. They joke about Ben’s drawing and Paxton joins them, mentioning he was going to the ASU and they are proud of him.

The Episode Review

Oh, what a messy family Des and Rhyah have turned out to be. I was always sceptical about Rhyah and she really turned out to be a snake. How dare she pretend to be all okay and accepting of Devi’s emotions one moment and be so mean to her only minutes later?

I think it is for the best as Devi really needs to take a break from boys and straighten her priorities. It seems like right now, she is going to be stuck between Paxton and Ben again. It is not the most ideal choice for her but I guess we will have to see how it pans out for her.

I really missed Pati and Kamala with Mr. Kulkarni in this episode but Eleanor and Trent are a welcome surprise. There is something about Trent’s innocence that is very endearing.

Fabiola seems to have a chance with Addison too and they seem to be interested in her just as she is in them. I hope to see the two date in the near future.

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