Never Have I Ever – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Review 

…been ghosted

The day after Trent’s party, Devi keeps checking her phone for Des’ text but it never comes. She asks Eleanor and Fabiola if her phone is working and is bummed to get an immediate response from them. This means that Des hadn’t texted her back despite asking her if he could. Even at school, Devi constantly worries if her phone is working or not.

Turns out Des had ghosted Devi after all. The next day, Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola are at the cafeteria when Devi wonders why Des didn’t text him back. Eleanor suggests that Devi’s game had gotten rusty after she broke up with Paxton. She suggests Devi kiss someone to get her game back. Aneesa joins the gang asking them what they’re talking about, when Fabiola suddenly mentions the kiss, speaking to her in code.

Eleanor mentions the Drama Club’s Coffeehouse gathering. Off the back of this, Devi decides she will kiss someone at the coffee house. Ben hears her declaration.

Paxton is with the school’s Principal Mr. Grubbs who is replacing the guidance counselor temporarily. Paxton shows her his list of colleges where he wishes to apply. Mrs. Grubbs says that some of his picks seem unachievable. Paxton wonders what he could do to get in now that his grades are also improving. Mrs. Grubbs suggests that Paxton should start doing something at the school, asking him to attend the Drama Club’s charity coffeehouse that night as a volunteer.

Devi is on her way to the Coffeehouse as Kamala moves out to live alone. She asks her cousin to give her an extra copy of her key so she can have her friends over, but changes the topic noticing Nalini. Devi leaves for the Coffeehouse and Nalini tries to convince Kamala to stay behind and ignore Pati until she agrees to let her date, Manish.

Kamala is adamant and states that she is excited to live on her own. Devi arrives at the coffeehouse with the goal of making out with someone. She asks Eleanor where she can start and Eleanor suggests waiting tables as part of the charity. Devi tries to flirt with the customers when Ben mocks her.

Ben and Devi have a quick banter about both of them not having kissed anyone since their respective breakups with Aneesa and Paxton. They make a bet about who will be the first one to kiss someone.

Paxton joins Fabiola at the coffee booth to help her as a volunteer. Since the task requires minimal effort, Paxton opts out of it, letting Fabiola do it all by herself. Aneesa comes in to grab coffee when Paxton notices the awkward interaction she and Fabiola share.

After she leaves, Paxton asks Fabiola if she was hooking up with Aneesa. Fabiola ends up telling Paxton that she and Aneesa shared a kiss but explains how neither of them made the first move after. Paxton convinces Fabiola to make the first move herself considering she liked Aneesa.

Meanwhile Devi and Ben are still bickering about being the first person to kiss and Ben almost gets close to kissing a Drama Club member. Devi accepts defeat but Ben tells her that he is still weighing his options. One of the nerdy kids Devi rejected turns out to be a singer and she is sure about kissing him now.

Nalini helps Kamala move into her new apartment which seems lifeless and dull. Kamala states that this is the only place she could afford that also came pre-furnished. Suddenly, kids from next door show to visit Kamala. She is excited at first, but when she learns that the residents in the building are all aspiring child actors, Kamala gets worried.

At the coffeehouse, the guy Devi wants to kiss is swarmed by women. She tries to hit on the guy who seems interested. Ben sees Devi flirt with the guitar players and asks the Drama Club member out. Paxton helps Fabiola gain confidence so she is able to ask Aneesa out on a date.

Fabiola wonders how Paxton is so good with women and asks about his relationship with Phoebe. Paxton mentions that he and his girlfriend are not exactly romantic but they mostly hook up. After being with Devi, he wanted a simplistic relationship, unlike the complications and confusions she brought with her. Fabiola thanks him for the help and leaves to go see Aneesa.

At Kamala’s new apartment, Nalini is talking to the landlord about the confusion. She asks him to turn back her paperwork and deposit as Kamala is not a child nor an actor. The landlord refuses, and leaves.

At school, Ben is grossed out after kissing the Drama Club member when Aneesa spots him. He tells Aneesa that he is really sorry for treating her the way he did when they were together. He mentions that Fabiola talked to him about it. Aneesa is touched by the apology and they go back to being friends. Ben asks if she’s seeing anyone, when Aneesa mentions she likes one of her friends.

He spots Devi trying to impress the guitar player and tells Aneesa that she should never hook up with a friend. Aneesa gets mad at Ben for bringing it up. Devi kisses the guitar player when Mrs. Grubbs turns the lights back on and she is finally able to see the guitar player clearly. She regrets having kissed him when he asks her to be his girlfriend.

Mrs. Grubbs kicks out all the students that are making out in the hallways. She runs into Paxton and asks him about his community service. Paxton is happy to see Fabiola chat up Aneesa and says he would like to do more community service in the future.

Paxton catches up with Devi and jokes if she is a player now that she hangs out with new boys all the time. He apologizes for misunderstanding her when she said she was okay with him dating. They both have a casual conversation and Devi realizes that she actually needed closure from Paxton in order to move on.

At her new apartment, Kamala is having a mental breakdown when Nalini reassures her that everything is going to be okay. As Aneesa and Fabiola leave together, Fabiola is about to ask her out when Aneesa blatantly asks if they should date.

Fabiola agrees and starts going out. Eleanor and Devi are leaving too when she tells Eleanor that she finally has her game back. As Eleanor brings her car out, Devi meets Ben and tells him that she has kissed someone. She appears jealous when Ben tells her that he too has kissed the drama club member.

The Episode Review

Not seeing Des this episode proves that he will typically turn out to be a player like most of the other guys Devi likes. It’s typical of a young girl to actually do all the things Devi is doing in her relationship. She seems to be on the right track when it comes to most things this season.

It feels like Devi has matured and that she is learning from her past snobby self in Seasons 1 and 2. She is not overbearing with her mother… yet. She also has a promising year with her friends this time around which is great for her.

Kamala seems like she cannot handle her new living situation. I wonder how she agreed to spend all of her savings in the place before visiting it and asking around about the neighbors first. Guess they really do want to show us how she handles multiple curveballs at the same time.

The episode was about Devi getting ghosted so of course I wish she would have received a text from Devi. Des needs to explain why he left her hanging for so long but I guess we’ll have to wait for a few more episodes before that happens.

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