Never Have I Ever – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review 

…made someone jealous

After Devi’s breakup with Paxton, episode 4 of Never Have I Ever Season 3 sees Devi trying to get over him. She goes through the different stages of grief until she finally comes to terms with it. She has finally moved on, until one day Eleanor tells her that Paxton is dating someone else. Phoebe Hayward – the captain of the Gymnastics team.

Devi wonders why Paxton is stooping so low. They also discuss how Aneesa is still single after her breakup with Ben. Devi tells Eleanor and Fabiola that she has to attend a Navratri celebration at her house that night.

Navratri is an Indian Festival that commemorates the nine-day-long battle between a goddess and a demon. Since Trent is dating Eleanor, Devi is forced to hang out with Paxton whenever they grouped together. Trent asks Paxton and Eleanor to throw him a birthday party. He invites Devi but she declines to say she needs to be home for the Hindu festival.

Paxton thinks Devi is avoiding Trent’s party because she does not want to see Paxton with his new girlfriend. He meets her in the hallway and tries to coerce her into coming to the party. Devi tries to explain but Paxton ends up misunderstanding her. Devi complains to Eleanor and Fabiola that Paxton is pitying her now that he is dating someone.

Eleanor tells her that she needs to attend the party in order to not seem pathetic, but Devi states that she needs to be present at home for Navratri. Devi’s Pati has thrown a Golu celebration where different Hindu idols are placed for display. Pati has invited her frenemy over to show off her Golu display.

Pati’s frenemy had been bragging about her granddaughter’s wedding. She wonders when Kamala would get married so that she too could brag about it. Kamala asks Pati to tell her friends that she was seeing Mr. Kulkarni. Pati, however, states she should find someone who is more invested in their culture than someone like Manish.

At the party, Eleanor and Paxton are happy that Trent likes his birthday celebration. Paxton asks Eleanor to check on Devi as he thinks she is hiding away because of his new relationship. Eleanor calls Devi and asks her to join the party as soon as she can because they can’t let Paxton think she is hiding away.

Meanwhile, Ben and Fabiola get in a fight about who is smarter among the two of them. The two bet on a drinking game over questions on American History.

At the Navratri celebration, Devi, as well as the other guests, are bored of Pati’s frenemy narrating her granddaughter’s wedding. Eleanor texts Devi a picture of the outfit Paxton’s girlfriend wore to the party. Nalini tries to ask Ryhah to distract Pati and her frenemy but she gets an urgent call. Devi rushes to call Eleanor and tell her how she can’t leave when Mr. Kulkarni enters the celebration.

Pati is angry that Kamala invited him but Manish touches her feet and greets her. She introduces Manish as Devi’s teacher but Kamala states that he is her boyfriend too. Pati’s frenemy wants to get to know Manish as she invites him inside.

Devi uses the moment to take a break from the situation and tells her mother she will be in her room. Devi gets changed and is about to leave when Nalini catches her. She tries to make up an excuse but to no avail. Manish tries to impress Pati and somewhat wins her over when she lets him treat himself to a vada (a South Indian dish).

Rhyah is sitting outside all by herself when Nalini walks out and asks her what was up. She explains that her son is holed up inside the house after being ostracized by his friends for being a nerd. Nalini asks Devi to take Rhyah’s son Nirdesh to the party with her but Devi throws a fit.

She eventually agrees and arrives at Trent’s party. Devi explains to Eleanor how her mother would not let her come to the party unless she took her mother’s friend’s son along with her. Devi states that she was going to lie that Nirdesh was her cousin.

Meanwhile, Ben and Fabiola are still fighting over the History game. Just then, Nirdesh walks in and he is the complete opposite of what Devi imagined. Back at her house, Manish ends up picking one of the items from the Golu display.

Pati is angry due to which Manish panics when Pati’s frenemy sneaks up behind him. He ends up accidentally pushing her as she falls, dropping the Golu display along. Manish wants to help but Kamala asks him to leave.

At Trent’s party, Nirdesh introduces himself as Des and wonders why Devi wanted to introduce him as her cousin. She explains to him why she thought he was a dork. She has a minor argument with Des but suddenly spots Paxton kissing Phoebe and leaves.

Outside, Des tries to cheer her up when she explains that Paxton is her ex. Devi and Des hit it off immediately and he offers to help her out in order to make Paxton jealous. She and Des start dancing and Paxton seems visibly jealous.

Devi is too engrossed in Des’ eyes. After their quiz, Ben has many drinks and starts puking outside. Fabiola apologizes for treating him badly but argues that he had treated her friends badly in the past, especially Devi.

Back at Devi’s house, Pati is even more concerned about Manish and declares that he’s not a good match for their family. Kamala says that Manish makes her happy but Pati argues that she does not need someone who constantly makes messes for her to clean up.

Pati cannot support Kamala’s relationship and asks that she never invite Manish over. Kamala decides that she wants to be with Manish which is why she was ready to move out. After Trent’s party, Des drops Devi back home and the two share a moment.

Des asks if he could text Devi some time and she agrees. At home, Nalini tells Devi about the Navratri party, and the mother thanks her daughter for helping out Des. She also contemplates whether to install security cameras outside Devi’s window now that she has caught her trying to sneak out. After her mother leaves, Devi opens up her notebook and writes down that she has a crush on Des.

The Episode Review

With not one but two boys madly in love with her, Devi could possibly be the only Indian teenager to have a third guy appear in her life at the same time. Despite telling him multiple times, Paxton still mansplained his way into getting jealous.

Had he really taken Devi for her word and had not forced her into attending Trent’s party, he would not have seen her kick it off with Nirdesh. Also what is it about Indian-Americans butchering desi names? How is it that Nirdesh is not able to say his own name right and really thinks its pronounced as “nerd-esh”.

Aside from Devi and her new crush on Des, Ben is still not completely over her. Will Ben and Devi ever be over? I hope not. It seems like they really are the best fit after all. Kamala on the other hand is finally taking a stand for herself.

Pati needs to understand that comparison of the success of their grandkids is not healthy now that they are in the 21st century. It is amazing that Kamala moving out is what finally sees Pati realize how she is wrong for trying to dictate Kamala’s love life.

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