Never Have I Ever – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review 

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Episode 2 of Never Have I Ever Season3 stars the morning after Devi receives the text from an anonymous sender. She tells Fabiola and Eleanor about it. Eleanor thinks that the text is from a troll who is merely hating. Nw that Devi’s social status had skyrocketed for dating Paxton, people are jealous of her. Devi receives a response, stating they used to be like Devi in the past.

Paxton reads the message on her phone and asks her not to interact with them. He tells her that he also gets messages about Devi but he only deletes them. Devi promises Paxton that she will not engage with the trolls and leave them be.

Aneesa asks Fabiola and Eleanor to cheer for her at the District level championships. Eleanor explains that she has drama rehearsals but Fabiola promises to cheer for Aneesa on Eleanor’s behalf. Ben joins them and states that he can’t make it to Aneesa’s game because he has a Chemistry test the following day.

Aneesa reassures him that it is okay but seems upset. Back at Devi’s house, Pati is still passive-aggressive with Kamala as she ignores her presence. Nalini returns and tries to talk to Pati about Kamala’s decision explaining how they should accept her choice.

Pati however states that life gets lonely without a partner pointing out how Nalini has no partner and no friends. Nalini is upset with Pati for making this about her and asks Pati to find a way to resolve things with Kamala once and for all. At the cafeteria, Fabiola, Eleanor, and Devi discuss the troll when Ben joins them in trying to track them down.

They finally figure out that the troll dated Paxton because he was perfect and loved him since grade school just like Devi. Aneesa notices Ben and Devi joking around at their table when Fabiola tells her they are helping Devi find the troll. Aneesa leaves them be and goes to stretch before soccer practice.

At dinner, Devi receives a cute text from Paxton and starts feeling guilty for going behind his back. Pati is back on talking terms with Kamala and declares that she is throwing a party for her to meet her future partner.

Pati believes that if they quickly set Kamala up with a new guy, no one will notice she had an engagement broken and the family would not have to suffer an embarrassment in the community.

The next day at school, Devi and Eleanor talk about the possible suspects who were DMing Devi as Paxton joins them with a treat for Devi. She is guilty of investigating the trolls behind his back and texts the person to back off.

The troll responds with a message stating that they are just looking out for Devi after what she has been through after losing her father. Devi realizes that the girl is part of the Orchestra team. She talks to Haley who reveals that she and Paxton were really close as kids.

One day, she and Paxton hooked up and he ghosted her altogether after that. Devi apologizes for what Paxton did to her and for calling her a troll when she was only looking out for her. She runs into Mr. Kulkarni who starts inquiring about Kamala.

Devi tells him about her relationship status with Prashant and how there is a party at their house to set her up with an Indian guy. Ben meets Aneesa at the locker and she confronts him, asking if he still had feelings for Devi. She states that he does not have time to attend her games but he has time to meddle in Devi’s business.

Ben reassures Aneesa that it was all good and promises that he will come to her soccer match. Later that night, the mixer at Devi’s house is attended by the grandsons of Pati’s temple clique. Pati’s friend is accompanied by her daughter Rhyah who is a nutritionist and in the same field as Nalini who is a dermatologist.

The doorbell rings again and Kamala rushes to the door to get away from the awkward conversation she has been having only to see Mr. Kulkarni at the door. At Paxton’s house, Devi and Paxton are watching TV when she wonders if she should bring up Haley in front of him.

She talks to him about engaging with the troll and reveals the issue with Paxton blowing Haley off after sleeping with her. She explains how he has hurt her and asks him to apologize to her. Paxton initially declines but eventually agrees when Devi threatens to break up with him.

At the mixer, Kamala and Mr. Kulkarni are hitting it off as they both share similar views about marriage. Pati joins them wondering who Kamala is talking to. She is shocked to learn that Mr. Kulkarni is only an elementary school teacher. Mr. Kulkarni tells Pati how he does not know anything about the Indian culture.

Pati also learns that he comes from a broken nuclear family settled in the states. Pati collapses leading Nalini to believe she is suffering from a heart attack. Rhyah believes it is due to the maca root in Pati’s drink and offers to help out. Within seconds, Pati is better and Kamala closes the party. Mr. Kulkarni asks Kamala out before leaving and she agrees to go out on a date with him.

At Paxton’s house, his parents are trying to explain to Rebecca (his sister who has Down syndrome) that it is not okay to talk badly to someone. They ask her to own up to her mistakes even if the other person behaved badly to her first. This makes Paxton wonder about his past mistakes with Haley. He enters Devi’s room through her window and agrees to apologize to Haley.

The next day Kamala tells Pati that Mr. Kulkarni had asked her out on a date when Pati declines. Pati admits he is not an Indian at heart and that he does not have any sense of Indian culture. At school, Paxton apologizes to Haley and multiple other women complain about being ghosted by Paxton. He apologizes to each one of them.

Meanwhile, Fabiola, her robot, and Ben are at Aneesa’s game but Ben is busy looking at his phone as he texts Devi and misses Aneesa’s big winning goal. Paxton apologizes to most of the girls and finally reconciles with Devi.

As they head out to have a meal, Paxton invites Haley to join them. Devi notices that Paxton is too close to Haley all of a sudden and starts feeling jealous. Meanwhile, Ben catches up with Aneesa, congratulating her for her game but she is cold with him.

Aneesa goes to the restroom and starts crying as Fabiola meets her there. She praises her game, overwhelming Aneesa who kisses Fabiola in the restroom.

The Episode Review

Things seem to be picking up in the second episode of the show for Aneesa but have started looking gloomy for Devi. After being hounded by the troll, Devi finally learns who it was and coerces Paxton to apologize to Haley.

Little did she know that she was inviting trouble onto herself. Paxton however is not in his right mind because who invites your ex to meals with your girlfriend? Aneesa and Ben are obviously having relationship issues and it is clear that he still has feelings for Devi which is why he does not find interest in the things Aneesa does.

To see Fabiola find interest in her games and her skills, Aneesa possibly feels appreciated and loved. I hope this does not ruin their friendship. With Kamala and Mr. Kulkarni, it is not hard to ignore Pati’s concerns. Mr. Kulkarni is too flamboyant with his life as he walks into an Indian household full of Indian traditions.

If he really wants a future with Kamala, he needs to become one with his culture. Looks like Nalini is finding a new friend in Rhyah. Will the two bicker or will Nalini find someone she can actually fall back on?

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