Never Have I Ever Season 2 Review – A confusing turn of events in the chaotic life of Devi

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…been a playa
…thrown a rager
…opened a textbook
…had an Indian frenemy
…ruined someone’s life
…betrayed a friend
…begged for forgiveness
…been Daisy Buchanan
…stalked my own mother
…been a perfect girl


After the chaos that unfolded in season 1 of Never Have I Ever, season 2 wastes absolutely no time diving into the crux of Devi’s issues. After kissing Ben in the final moments of Season 1, Devi receives a voice note from Paxton asking her to date him. While fans were confused about who Devi would choose to date, she turns out to be a player and dates both boys at the same time.

Turns out Devi likes both Ben and Paxton equally and is not able to choose her better match among them. What happens next is what we all predicted – they both break up with her. With Paxton injured and not having a way to play sports, he must improve his grades in order to get into college.

He is assigned a tutor who is none other than Devi herself and they both work things out and become friends. Meanwhile, a new Indian girl, Aneesa (played by Megan Suri) joins the school and after initially being Devi’s competition, turns out to become her frenemy (friend and enemy). Aneesa and Ben get close which Devi cannot digest.

She makes up a rumour about Devi which turns out to be true and lands Devi in a huge mess. Through the rest of the season, Devi tries to change herself and make amends with her friends instead of being hung up on romantic interests.

This season, much like the last, shows a very erratic side of Devi. With the easy option of having to pick one guy that she could date, she ends up two-timing both of them. Oftentimes, teenagers do not realize the consequences of their decisions over others and this much is especially true here.

Due to Devi’s betrayal, Paxton loses his sports career and potentially his future as a college student. Ben’s heartbreak leads him to fall for another Indian girl which Devi is not satisfied with, as she tries to ruin Aneesa’s life for her convenience.

The character of Devi is truly not making any real progress and it hurts to see her live in the same chaotic way that she has in the last season. In many ways, season 2 sees Devi stoop to new lows as she stalks her own mother and berates her for finding love so soon after the death of her father.

Just like season 1, season 2 of Never Have I Ever is a quick watch and is a binge-worthy show for teens and young adults alike.

With the basic plot being that of a high-school girl who questions her life with her family and her romantic relationships, this show is not really marketed for adults or mature audiences. However, the show works well if one needs to have something running in the background while other more important things require your full attention.

With different narrators like John McEnroe, Andy Samberg, and Gigi Hadid lending the respective point of views for Devi, Ben, and Paxton, it is interesting to find famous celebrities talking to fans with inside jokes as they tell the audience what is going on in the minds of their characters.

The cast of the show seems well adapted to their roles by now and new characters like Aneesa are a welcome surprise. However, I expected more depth to the story and more maturity from Devi as opposed to the chaotic way in which she dealt with things in the first season. Maybe the third time is a charm I guess!

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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