Neon – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

 The Reality

Neon episode 8 starts with a flashback to 2014 when Ness was preparing for her quinceañera. She is distraught since her parents don’t want her to dance with her girlfriend. To help her, Santi comes up with a successful plan to allow the adorable couple to dance. Once again, Ness is touched by Santi’s thoughtfulness. Presently, she and Felix are still angry at Santi. 

Speaking of Santi, he and Isa are preparing for the New Year show. Isa is unbearable with her rude, demanding nature. She has taken over the song and turned it into her own. She is giving Sharpay from High School Musical vibes! As Santi watches her demean him again about living at her guest house, he starts getting a reality awakening. 

Isa is interrupted by her assistant, who informs her that Javier is there. It turns out Javier was added to the New Year’s line-up at the last moment. He will be doing a music/ magic show. Since Javier will be there and Felix is working with him, Felix, Ness and Mia also show up.

Do the friends make up? 

Yes, Santi comes to his senses and apologises to Ness and Felix. He acknowledges he made a mistake and is ready to take accountability. Ness and Felix decide to work with him again, but first, Santi needs to deal with Isa. 

What happens Between Isa and Santi? 

Santi tries to break up with Isa, but she threatens him with a picture of him and Celeste looking too cosy. She promises to ruin him and Celeste if he fails to perform the song with her at the New Year show. 

At the event,  Santi looks sad, and Celeste asks what is wrong. Santi comes clean about Isa’s threats and why he wants to protect his career and Celeste. In the end, Santi decides to fight back. He collaborates with Javier as he does his magic trick. He takes the stage, performs the original version of Corillo, and explains how he nearly lost his way. Isa is pissed and swears to get her revenge. She works with BPM to sue Santi. 

What happens to Mia?

Mia finds her footing again and is happy to work with the trio once more. They have forgiven her and acknowledge Mia helped them. They work together to make Javier’s dream performance come true at the New Year’s event. The performance is a success, prompting her and Felix to make out. It looks like we will be getting a real couple after all on this show.

How does Neon end?

The series ends with the trio hanging out on the rooftop, wondering what they will do. Isa and BPM are suing them, and they also owe $400,000 to Gina. Basically, it looks like they are at the end of the road. Lucky for them, Santi gets a call from Daddy Yankee. The legend is happy to work with Santi and invites him to the studio. 

The Episode Review

The ending was predictable but still entertaining. Santi taking the stage and killing it was the highlight.  Isa’s face said it all.  To be fair, Isa had no right to claim the song as hers. It was also distasteful of her to use Santi’s story as hers when talking to the press. She is so two-faced; it is annoying. Hopefully, we will see what transpires and if the suit falls through if we get a second season.

Well, that is a wrap for Neon. Let us know your favourite celebrity cameos from the show and what song you had dancing. We always look forward to hearing from our readers!

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