Neon – Episode 2 “Opening Up” Recap & Review

Opening Up 

Neon episode 2 starts with Mia getting ready and heading to a club to speak to someone named Antonio/ Torpedo. She convinces him to allow Santi to open up for another famous artist, Jowell. Initially, Torpedo is hesitant, but Mia threatens him, and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Ness gets another job to help the group since their savings are quickly dwindling. She got a job at one of the famous supermarkets known as Eduardos. At the same time, Santi receives an email from Mia’s “assistant” inviting them to lunch. Ness advises him to play it cool and a bit hard to get, but they are unable to. 

At lunch, Mia invites them to a swanky restaurant where the creme del a creme of the industry goes. While there, she makes it look like she is close to another famous musician at their label, Lyanno. This impresses Santi even more, while Ness is excited about a music journalist, Celeste Rivera, being at the restaurant too. 

The group talks about the possibility of signing Santi. Mia says she is happy to sign him, but it will take time. She hopes to hear more from Santi and see him get out there through performances. She wants Santi to capitalise on his hit song popularity. Ness lies that they are taking care of it, and Felix brings up Ness’s job at the grocery store.

Mia realises the gang is stumped and acts like she is texting someone to move something along. In reality, she is replying to her boss, who is curious about her whereabouts.  He wants her back at the office pronto! 

Mia tells the group about the Jowell gig; everyone is excited and grateful.  Once Mia leaves, Ness approaches Celeste and tries to talk to her about Santi. She invites Celeste to Santi’s first gig and asks her to cover the story. However, Celeste is not convinced and declines the invite. Ness gets back to the team and lies that Celeste is a fan and will cover the gig. 

The trio heads over to a party to raise more hype about the gig. Sadly, no one there is excited to hear about Santi’s show; they thought he was an internet singer. Santi gets defensive and hurt by the things being said. He leaves the party early, leaving Felix behind.  Felix decides to airdrop the gig details for everyone at the party. He notices Mia with her boss and approaches her. 

He is surprised to learn that Mia is an assistant, not a label manager. He freaks out and threatens to tell Santi. However, Mia cautions him on how the news will affect Santi and asks Felix to keep it a secret. 

In the meantime, Ness stalks Celeste again and tries to convince her to attend the gig. To get Ness to shut up, Celeste agrees to attend the show.

Later, the trio meet at their apartment, and Santi confesses he is worried about not making it. He has no backup plans, no safety net or any other talent. He is also concerned about the event and if the crowd will welcome him. Ness and Felix assure him it will all be okay. Seeing Santi in this state, Felix decides to keep Mia’s secret. 

At the event, Santi starts getting excited for his big break. He starts getting ready to seize his moment, but there is a problem. He is opening the show, but only a few people are at the bar. The party starts late, so most revellers are yet to arrive. Santi is initially taken aback by the sight but pulls himself together. 

After his performance, he is more pumped up and proud of himself.  The party continues, and Santi meets with Celeste, who missed his performance. Santi, currently high on cocaine, gets on stage when Jowel is performing and disrupts him. Ness and Felix are shocked as Santi starts performing before being taken down by a bouncer. 

Later, Jowell meets with Santi backstage and forgives him. He says Santi reminds him of his younger self and promised to contact him when he gets back to Miami again. Mia, who was worried for Santi, is relieved. Thank God Jowell is a considerate man. Honestly, that was rude of Santi!

The Episode Review

Neon delivers two more celebrity cameos, which we love.  Who will we see in the next episode? 

Back to the trio, it might be good that Felix didn’t tell Santi the truth about Mia. Honestly, it was not the right time to do it. Hopefully, Mia will come clean after the show. She is not a bad person, but lying to the trio any longer will only hurt them more. By the looks of it, her boss is a lousy leader, and she probably deserves to be a label manager. 

Lastly, Santi was wrong to disrupt Jowell’s performance. He was giving  2009 Kanye at the VMA. He is lucky Jowell took it well. Otherwise, any bad blood between them could have ruined his career even before it started.  

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