Navillera – K-Drama Ending Explained

How Does Navillera end?

Navillera bows out its final episode with an emotional and poignant farewell.

When it starts to snow, Deok-Chool heads out for a walk, marveling at the snowflakes. Deok-Chool keeps asking when it will snow, which could well be a throwback to the moments where Chae-Rok danced for him before. Something in his brain is telling him that it’s important.

He looks across the train tracks and – lo and behold – there’s Chae-Rok. The two lock eyes, as Chae-Rok holds his hand out, instigating the first ballet move.

Deok-Chool remembers his old teacher, asking him “did you soar?” which is in reference to his ballet trip abroad. Deok-Chool raises his hands up to show he still knows the ballet moves.

As the credits roll, we see Deok-Chool leave himself a video message. “Don’t forget that you used to do ballet and that you had a dream.” He says, before hurrying off to practice with Chae-Rok.

What happens to all the other characters?

Seung-Joo eventually patches things up with So-Ri, tentatively handing over a ring box. The pair get married and that’s where we see them during the three year time jump forward. Mr Ki has definitely mellowed out and Swan Lake has helped him encourage more rookies to join the dance studio.

Meanwhile, Seung-Gwan decides to fulfill his dreams and become a doctor. He has realized that being a doctor is not about keeping people alive but actually about prolonging their lives. This, of course, is symbolically shown through the shoes he’s now changed.

Seung-San supports Eun-Ho’s future dreams, which includes a promising career at the radio station. She’s excited for each day and feels happy in the studio. Eun-Ho also rises up and manages to become a prominent member of the team.

Ho-Beom and Shin-Sang end up as friends, with our former bully now at peace and striving toward his dreams. Hae-Nam also seems to be handling Deok-Chool’s condition rather well, and she appears at peace with what has happened.

Does Chae-Rok become a big star?

Chae-Rok is now a star ballerino after a year of performing. His Father has been following his progress all this time, collecting up different newspaper clippings over time. Chae-Rok has achieved his dreams and managed to do what Seung-Joo could not – he has been patient, allowing his injury to heal up before competing again.

This has paid dividends and re-iterated an important life lesson – work hard and be patient. If you can do that, great things will happen.

Does Deok-Chool lose all of his memories?

Not all of them. He’s forgotten a lot it seems, and also not gone to a nursing home either. The family are looking after him and Deok-Chool seems to have regressed into a more subdued state.

Deok-Chool’s final scene with Chae-Rok shows he still has his muscle memory and hasn’t forgotten that. The video message appears to be a sort of mantra (like that video at the end of 50 First Dates) to remind him of ballet. This, coupled with Chae-Rok’s teachings, have allowed him to cling to the one thing he’s always loved in his life.

Deok-Chool uttering “Did you soar?” proves as much, with him showing that he remembers pockets of Chae-Rok’s life thanks to the falling snow and familiar dance moves. It’s a lovely way to end things but also does finish the series on a somewhat sombre and bittersweet note.


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  1. I loved this bittersweet ending of Navillera. This drama already had many emotional scenes, but they did not end it into a tear-jerking sad ending nor did they make it into a forced, happy ending.

    I’m glad you put Navillera and Move to Heaven in your top ten TV shows. Those were the best Koreans dramas I’ve seen this year. Different from the rest, both were not romantic dramas. They were both beautifully made, with many scenes that made you cry, without being too melodramatic. Thanks for your reviews. I always enjoy them

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